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  1. I don't know if any of you remember me but I'm Sir Lagoon & I'm back! =)

  2. I just found something cool: When you examine something, it pops up above the object/person. Oh I love it!

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    2. Sliver


      It took me 2 seconds to get used to it seth.

    3. Ammo


      I actually like it, tis pretty neat. :D

    4. Nightfirecat


      Is this only for members? I haven't noticed this.

  3. What are you currently listening to?

  4. Hello Iris! Long time no talk!

    1. Tammy E

      Tammy E

      Hey Lagoon.. How's it going. Yeah I haven't been very active lately. I need to get back on here.

  5. Hey guys! I'm back! I totally forgot about this place, I'm so sorry! I hope to meet new people again!

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    2. Joey Mayhem
    3. Khaaveren


      Better late than never, as the saying goes. Welcome back.

    4. Joey Mayhem
  6. I'm engaged! I'm very happy, and it's all thanks to this community! 8)

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    2. Ladylee06


      Gratz! But how come thanks to this community? Is she from RHQ?

    3. Tangerine29
    4. Joey Mayhem

      Joey Mayhem

      Someone on here, a close friend of mine, sort of introduced me. But no, she isn't from RHQ. She plays RS though.

  7. Real Life Pictures

    Jenn and Paige are still my limelight. I love their pictures! Jenn can skydive and Paige is in that book over their! (LOL!!) ---> Luv this community! Engaged as of Friday of October 7th, 2011!
  8. What are you currently listening to?

    Oh my god. I just started a thread about this.. and I just found another one My bad LOL!! La Roux - Bulletproof
  9. Real Life Pictures

    I don't have many pictures on my computer of me, because I'm not crazy about taking too many picture of me. I just got some really nice new glasses today; now I can see Edd riding his Llama on the red carpet without not being able to watch him grow up through his childhood.
  10. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Their annoying and the ruin the game for everyone. They outnumber us. Sadly, this is a True Story.
  11. Phishing; The Silent Enemy. The Do's and Don'ts

    Really nice guide, good work.
  12. I used to get hacked all the time for some reason. And I've been scammed before (I tried dicing, I was legit B) ) Now before I log out, I bank everything. B)
  13. Real Life Pictures

    ^Hey, who's that guy!? Me 8)
  14. New name- Sir Lagoon 8) So how is everyone today?