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  1. ew gratz
  2. SO after many many MANY years the anime Naruto is finally over (yes i know its been over for some time in the manga, but its now animated too now) Felt like they did a great job to give everyone they get ready to start up the Baruto anime in like April-ish.
  3. So....ummmm....ya....i think i done broke things.(wont stop me from buying more >;D) quick math to save you time, needle stack is worth based on ge price 2,597m in pic. add in the other two items, total in collection worth is 2,713m
  4. Should be able to make it.
  5. Was able to hit 100m needles before 2017 would like to see it up to 200m by end of next year but I'll be happy with 150m
  6. Be ready, the Santa cow is upon us all.
  7. As the holidays grow near the Santa Cow is soon to appear. Bring gifts aplenty to many who seek. For a WHOLE month he'll be bring great cheer. Come and join the fun this December for another hide and seek that will last four weeks! Event Details: More info about everything below Date: December 1st - 31st Time: Random World: member:60 F2P: 61 CC: RuneHQ more info: Date: i'll try to do one hide and seek prize a day, if i'm off work i might even do two or if i end up missing a day i'll do two the next. Time: i work a lot so my timing to do things is kinda all over the place, but i think that kinda works out for the Santa theme since you'll never know when i might show up. World: Simply put i just want to give everyone a chance at getting loot, so some day i'll be in f2p. Clan Chat: Here i'll be posting ~all~ my hints for my location during a hide and seek time. I hope a bunch of you guys join in for some fun and even walk away with the awesome loot. Expect the Santa cow in the first of the month <3 moo
  8. I blame Tri for edd missing WB too <33
  9. i dont see what you mean >.> <.< >.> <.< THERE IS NO HOPE AT THIS POINT ITS TOO LATE. BUY ME MORE
  10. HAHAHAHAHA NEEDLES! (btw 100m needle hype)
  11. I C HOW IT IS. Everyone runs off to OSRS to kill cows behind my back!
  13. needles (85m of them) and cabbages(501k of them).