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  1. I'm finally, finally playing through Final Fantasy XII (my favorite one, for the record). Long story short, my house wasn't hip to the PS2 until 2010 or so, when I started a run of XII and gave up somewhere about a quarter through. After an unfortunate incident with a BB gun while I was away at school, I was able to salvage it this summer and now I finally get to play through it! I've hit a wall at the Sochen Cave Palace but otherwise I'm flying blind without a guide. An even more enjoyable game than I remember.
  2. So I went shopping this weekend with my friend and it was tons of fun and I looked fabulous so yeah.
  3. I was very happy when she started banging on the drums.
  4. I told y'alls he was Mafia. and no i'm not wasting a shoe to amuse you
  5. Yeah, Seapug called first. I'm really into the Jagex idea, and I want a break, but I don't want to miss Bots vs. Humans. (Sorry, Seapug, not to say you'd host a boring game. )
  6. And I vote yes.
  7. Might as well. Also that Jagex-themed one is hilarious.
  8. I think a lot of people need a break from Mafia. I mean, you can run one and all, but I feel like overall we're kinda worn out.
  9. I'd say give him another day, but we gave him a week, so...
  10. I mean, no offense to him, but he could at least log into his account on another computer for like five minutes to let us know the state of things. If everyone else is going to bail, then that's the end of the game. Hard to play if people leave, but the town is SOL anyways.
  11. Oh No! - Marina & The Diamonds
  12. Ah, okay, that explains everything.
  13. Oh Greg, where art thou...?
  14. oh wait, it was? I can't even keep track anymore. Vote count would be nice, but for now, just in case, unovote Rose (you're next), vote kilvehk.
  15. Rose for majority's sake. if nothing else, the high and mighty "look at the beautiful mafia games that I have started here!" attitude is enough to boot her.