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  1. I really need to stop going on hiatuses. Once again I have missed your return.

  2. Games You're Playing

    I'm finally, finally playing through Final Fantasy XII (my favorite one, for the record). Long story short, my house wasn't hip to the PS2 until 2010 or so, when I started a run of XII and gave up somewhere about a quarter through. After an unfortunate incident with a BB gun while I was away at school, I was able to salvage it this summer and now I finally get to play through it! I've hit a wall at the Sochen Cave Palace but otherwise I'm flying blind without a guide. An even more enjoyable game than I remember.
  3. I'm just trying to prove to Tri that i'm real, honest.

  4. miss u claudia <3333

  5. Hey! You came back... when I wasn't paying attention to RHQ... :(

  6. Real Life Pictures

    So I went shopping this weekend with my friend and it was tons of fun and I looked fabulous so yeah.
  7. Feliz cumpleanos!

  8. Claudia come back!

  9. Haven't seen you in forever!

  10. You've disappeared again :(

  11. Hola! Como estas?

  12. Woo, back to RHQ after being MIA for a couple of days (I think). So far I'm not really sure what I want to major in college. Among the things I'm considering I'm also thinking of mechanical engineering, surprisingly. I mean I love building things, designing things, and seeing how things work, as evidenced by years of playing with LEGOs. The problem is that I have no idea how I'll be with physics. I averaged a B in the class but got a 2 on the AP exam.

    1. Doc


      I can't tell if I took physics before I was ready for AP classes or if physics is just not right for me at all.

  13. What are you currently listening to?

    I was very happy when she started banging on the drums.
  14. Actually, most of the time guitar's really boring. Everything is easy and we continuously learn about how to play each note, even though I'm fully capable of reading music. I also remember most of the chords, yet we continuously practice the same chords. Basically the class is mostly repetitive.

    1. Claudia


      it just sounds like a boring class, period.


      kind of like my spanish class, at least we have some weirdoes that make it entertaining