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      Advertising RS Gambling is Forbidden!   04/16/2017

        Advertising any kind of RuneScape gambling games (such as the popular flower game and dice game) will not be allowed in these forums.   This measure was taken by no other motive than your own protection as these gambling games are often scams.   As a friendly advice, we also recommend to avoid them while you're playing in-game. Some players will attempt to build your trust in order to scam a larger portion of your wealth off you. Be careful.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Forum Moderator.
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      Forum Rules   04/16/2017

        In this thread, you'll find an up to date copy of our forum rules. Please take some time to read these as it will ensure your RuneHQ Experience will be a good one!

      1. The most important rule we have on RuneHQ is respect. Do not do anything which may disrespect or offend another member of the forums in any way. Examples include but are not limited to: Flaming, being rude, trolling, or just intentionally being mean to other users. Swearing, or vulgar language. Acronyms that include swearing may be tolerated but only if they are being used in a positive sense, rather than being used to be rude or disrespect other members or RuneHQ staff. Opinions on subjects like religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, and politics which could be deemed offensive toward someone of different beliefs. Exceptions are made in the debate forum but any topic that starts a flame war will immediately be locked. Accusing people of lying, cheating, or anything similar. Begging for things from others; although not disrespectful in itself, it is rude to them to keep asking for things.   2. Use good posting etiquette. This is fairly self-explanatory, but examples of poor posting etiquette are: Spamming: posting the same topic or reply over and over, posts containing no content (one word replies), and posts that do not relate to the topic at hand. Bumping certain topics is acceptable as long as there is no more than one post made per 12 hours. Posting in the wrong board. Posting a duplicate topic or one very similar to an existing topic (does not apply to market). Double posting in a topic, even if it is not bumping; you should use the edit button instead. Posting in all caps. Creating “Activate my Runetrack” topics – You are more than welcome to add your Runetrack image to your signature, this will also work in the same way to activate your account. Backseat moderating will not be tolerated by anyone, staff included (Unless of course you are a Moderator, Manager, or Admin). Instead of posting telling users that they broke rules, use the report button to report the post to a Forum Moderator.   3. There are certain things on the forums that are not to be discussed or asked for. Most are fairly obvious, but some may not be. They are: Staff issues, these should never be discussed with non-staff, regardless of whether you or the other person is former staff. Any kind of material that is inappropriate for RuneHQ's age range; there are people under 13 here. Asking for new forums and categories should be via a PM to a Manager or Admin staff member only. Asking to be given a new rank or put in a new usergroup is not allowed to be posted on the forums. Asking to be made a staff member is not allowed to be posted on the forums. See this topic if you wish to become Staff.   4. All United States' laws apply and take precedence over national and international laws which also apply to this forum. Encouraging another user to break laws will not be tolerated. 

      Some examples are: Posting malicious content on the forums like spyware or viruses. Copyright infringement. Any type of file sharing discussion. Any form of plagiarism, including taking another users signature or avatar. If you are going to use an avatar or signature that was created by someone else for you, please make sure that you credit that person. Discussion or pictures of any illegal activity, illegal drug use or underage smoking or drinking.   5. Advertising other sites and outside linking is not allowed unless they are listed below as an allowed link.
      Approved links: http://www.worldtimeserver.com if you are hosting an event. Links to other GlobalGamingHQ sites are allowed. Links to runescape.com or jagex.com are allowed. Links to GeUpdater (created by former RuneHQ staff member, McSwindler) are allowed Links to Runetrack are allowed Links to Twitch are allowed Links to Twitter are allowed   The following links are unacceptable: Sites featuring people in various stages of undress, or anything that would be considered inappropriate for small children. Links to automatically attack other members in the battle system are not allowed. Outside links are only allowed in the following boards: Clans, RuneScape Pics and Vids, and The Lounge. These boards have specific rules regarding links, be sure and read those rules before posting.

      You may have outside links in your homepage field and in your About Me section on your profile, however, it must not link to another RuneScape fansite, or site which breaks any of RuneHQ's rules (excluding the outside link rule). If someone deems your content to be inappropriate you may find it removed and/or disciplines received.

      6. RuneHQ has general rules that do not fall into any other category: Making multiple forum accounts or using someone else's forum account is not allowed. You are only allowed to have and use a single forum account. All RuneScape and Jagex rules apply to this board. We also do not allow discussion of any RuneScape clients that are not endorsed by Jagex or RuneHQ.   7. Image, Signature and About Me Rules

      General image limits No image posted on RuneHQ forums may exceed 600px width! Topics with large image content, over 100kb in total filesize on a single page, need to have a large image warning. Topics are not allowed to be over 500kb in total filesize in a single page without first getting the permission of the manager of that forum (exclusions for Graphic Creations apply). Signature and About Me areas have the following limits: Signatures and About Me areas must follow all of the forum rules, including the rules about links, please be sure that your signature does not have embedded links in it unless these links are on the approved list. The total combined filesize of your signature cannot exceed 400kb. The total size of your signature, in pixels, cannot exceed 250 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide. Please note that the height and width limit includes text.   8. Communication Between the Staff and You

      At RuneHQ, our rules are something we take seriously, and if you break them there will be consequences. These will range anywhere from a friendly PM from a Moderator, Manager, or Admin reminding you of the rules to a warning, and possibly a ban from the forums depending on the severity of the rule broken and how many previous offenses you have had. If you have a question about the rules, please check the FAQs or feel free to contact one of our lovely Moderators. 

      If you have any problems feel free to consult the staff of the site. It's often a good idea to check with the people who work in the area you have a problem or question about.

      If you have a problem with a staff member or a discipline you receive, please contact a Manager with your issue and they will take care of it. A list of our Managers and groups they are in charge of can be found here. Please refrain from contacting the admins if at all possible unless it is an urgent matter.

      Our staff members may communicate with you through forum PMs. Normally if a staff member PMs you it is important, so please read the PMs you receive from them and if necessary reply back to them.   Warnings
      We use the built in warning system for all rule breaking. The first time you break a specific rule you will be given 0 points, and all times after you will be given 1 point. If, however, the rule broken is more severe, we may issue 5 points right away.

      0 points - Just a heads up that you broke a rule. It is also used for documentation purposes.
      1-2 points - Simple warnings helping you to remember our rules.
      3 points - All of your posts will be hidden until a moderator approves your content. This lasts for 14 days.
      4 points - You are unable to create new content for 14 days. For the following 16 days, all of your posts will be hidden until a moderator approves your content.
      5 points - You will be permanently banned from the forums.

      All points expire 30 days after earning them, but the offenses will remain on record.

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  2. Quote taken directly from oldschool.runescape.com
  3. Attack 99 #5

    Animal cruelty!!!!! Wait, are they actually considered animals? Dunno. Congrats on 99 attack!!
  4. Favorite Feature

    shhhh you're just jealous of how awesome we are.
  5. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  6. Attack 99 #5

  7. Favorite Feature

    this about features not teams
  8. May 23, 2018 - RuneScape Classic: Farewell

    Also guys/gals I just wanted to point out, it is my belief that over the final months of classic ALL members (p2p) will be able to access Classic. How is that any different than before? Before you had to have logged into Classic before they shut the servers down to new members. Why is this important? Well for starters you have that opportunity to play RS as It was when It all began. It Also means that ALL members (again ..p2p) have access to the Classic Cape. So whether you want to see it first hand or just want that cape to add to your collection, visit Classic while you still can.
  9. Favorite Feature

    I def have to vote calcs!!
  10. Favorite Feature

  11. Favorite Feature

    dunno bro, atm doesn't look like the vote agrees with your opinion also, it's asking which is YOUR favorite, not which is best team
  12. Favorite Feature

  13. ehhh actually i derped on the changing those coords.. leave the original in it.. as for an image.. I'll get one in a bit... and yes a zammy mage did appear @ksb single
  14. Last week
  15. Favorite Feature

    Despite not doing as much editing as I'd like, even above my vote (conversation) I would say my favorite part of RHQ is that not only does it help me, but I'm able to help it improve by contributing my time and effort! <shameless plug: we can always use more editors since Jagex is always updating, but I really do mean it, it's great being able to give back to the community!>
  16. Favorite Feature

    Since our last poll was made... a while ago and we haven't had any suggestions for a new one (do so here), it seemed like a decent idea to ask what your favorite part of RHQ is. I'm sorry if it's our polls that keep you coming back, I can only think of so many polls ;-; (seriously though, please make some suggestions). So pick your "poison" folks =D As always, feel free to post a discussion below! Note that choosing your favorite does not mean you hate all the others, nor is this any type of competition between the features. ALL of them are necessary to make RHQ the awesome place it is.
  17. Clue Overhaul Submissions

    @Telle also was this in Wilderness also? Did a Zammy wizard attack? Where is it located general description of where to find?
  18. Clue Overhaul Submissions

    do you have a picture of the new location?
  19. Closed: completed clue overhaul

    This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, feel free to PM me.
  20. Closed: completed clue overhaul

    to shorten the list some, completed overhaul submissions can be attached to this thread...
  21. File: minigame/treasure-trails Section: minigame Members: Yes Username: Info: The following coords have been changed by jagex 16 degrees 35 minutes north 27 degrees 01 minutes east (16.35 N, 27.01 E) The correct/updated coords are 16 degrees 30 minutes north 16 degrees 28 minutes east (16.30 N, 16.28 E)
  22. 85 herb

    Haha Congrats!
  23. solak xbows

    Im not feelin' it.
  24. 85 herb

    Hoard... hoard.... hoard.... Grats!
  25. Attack 99 #5

    Zoom! You're doing great! Keep it up :-)
  26. Strength 99 #3

    Very nice!
  27. Attack 99 #5

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