What does this calculator do?

This particular calculator is the Quest Requirements Calculator. It can be used to see an overview of what quests a character can complete, as well as specific details on them or overviews of quests that require or reward certain skills.

How do I work the calculator?

To first retrieve your stats, type in a username and retrieve them from the highscores, or enter them manually skill-by-skill. If you have stats that are not ranked on the highscores, you MUST enter them manually! It is possible to save them by clicking Save Data; the calculator will then save the stats for the current username and you can retrieve them anytime by clicking Load Data. You can save stats/quests lists for any number of users, and whichever you have typed in or the most recent is retrieved if the current user cannot be found.
To select the quests your character has completed to get accurate totals, you can go to the overview and set them to be all completed or all incomplete, load saved data for a user (See above), or check and uncheck quests manually.
The quests overview selection allows users to see an overview of the quests they can/have completed, as well as a setting to show the combined skill requirements of all quests and which they have met.
The second setting, viewing quests, is the heart of the calculator and shows users all of the requirements and rewards of each quest, and is color-coded by how complete an entry is. Red entries cannot be completed. Orange entries have most requirements met, but still cannot be completed. Lime entries can be completed, but you have not checked off the quest as complete, or have not completed enough possible quests to achieve the quest points. Green entries have been completed. The dropdown menu for the quests is also color-coded for ease of use.
The final two settings allow users to see the quests that require and reward each stat, respectively. The quest requirements listing shows all the quests that require a skill, the level required, and its color shown when you view the quest directly, allowing users to see which quests they can complete that require a skill to be a certain level. The quest rewards page, equivalently, shows quests that reward skills along with its completion status.
PLEASE NOTE: Stat-boosting items shall NOT be added to the calculator, as it can be considered a way of "getting around" the requirements and as such, users who have done so cannot be guaranteed support -- consider it a reward to players who fully meet quest requirements. Please do not request a feature that allows the option of stat-boosting item use, as it shall not be added.
Happy Questing!
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