What does this calculator do?

This particular calculator is the Prayer Drain Rate Calculator. It is used for finding how long it takes for your Prayer Points to deplete. Drain rates are based entirely on your prayer level and the prayer bonus of your equipment. You can also enter more than 99 prayer, as some people use prayer potions and super restore potions to boost the longevity of their prayers.

How do I work the calculator?

If you are RANKED ON THE HIGHSCORES, then all you have to do is type your username in the box on the calculator, click the "Retrieve EXP" button, and the calculator will get your experience for you. It will also automatically set your goal level to the next levelup.
If you are not ranked on the highscores, usually when your level is under 30, you must type your exact experience into the field given on the calculator. You can find your total experience by hovering your mouse cursor over the statistic when logged into RuneScape.
Most calculators, such as Fishing and Fletching, contain too many items to fit on the screen at once. For these calculators, you will have to use the buttons found in the TOP RIGHT of the calculator to change pages. Please do not report bugs that you cannot see Lobster or that you only got half the experience for fletching bows, as all you have to do is go to the right page on the calculator.
In all skill calculators, there is a color coding scheme to show when you can or cannot perform a certain action. Items in Red cannot be done by anyone at the current level entered. Items in Yellow are members-only parts of a skill available to nonmembers. Items in Green can be done by anyone at your level. Please note that this does not ever mean nonmembers can perform members actions!
In most calculators, you may also enter an EXACT experience goal by clicking the button in the top middle of the calculator. Please note that this is not possible in "special calculators," such as Energy Restoration or Combat Level. If there are any errors or issues with these calculators, please use the submission form at the top of this page.

This Calculator was written by Oblivion590. Thanks to uponthesun for corrections.
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