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Welcome to the RuneHQ "Meet the Staff" page! Here you can find out who our current staff members are, how long they've been here, what they do, and more! Click the Group names below to swap the visible staff members! While Advanced Members are not technically staff we list them here as an added benifit because they pay for membership to support this site.

Site Admins
Alfawarlord · Contact Via PM
Avatar Member Title: Site Admin / RHQ Clan Owner Alfawarlord
RuneScape Name: Alfawarlord
Real Name: Alfa
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 15
Country: Country Flag
Joined: January 16, 2006
Clan: RuneHQ
About Me (Read on forum):
I'm Alfawarlord.

If you wonder why the name. Alfa refers to the name of the student club I was in during my years in college. I picked the warlord part because runescape is a medieval based game and the term gives my name something powerful.

Current Rank:

Site Admin/RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Owner)

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My RuneHQ History:

Jan 16, 2006: Joined RuneHQ Forum
Aug 07, 2006 - Sep 28, 2006: RuneHQ Price Editor
Sep 28, 2006 - Dec 05, 2006: RuneHQ Submissions Editor
Dec 05, 2006 - Mar 21, 2008: RuneHQ Site Editor (PIM)
Mar 21, 2008 - Apr 02, 2008: RuneHQ Site Editor (Guides)
Apr 02, 2008 - Oct 12, 2008: RuneHQ Site Manager
Oct 12, 2008 - Feb 09, 2009: RuneHQ Site Manager/Ventrilo Staff
Feb 09, 2009 - May 01, 2009: RuneHQ Content Manager/Ventrilo Staff
May 01, 2009 - Aug 22, 2010: RuneHQ Content Manager/IRC/Ventrilo Staff
Aug 22, 2010 - May 10, 2011: RuneHQ Content Manager
May 10, 2011 - Mar 14, 2012: RuneHQ Content Manager/RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Deputy)
Mar 14, 2012 - Jun 15, 2012: RuneHQ Content Manager/RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Owner)
Jun 15, 2012 - Mar 17, 2014: RuneHQ Content Manager/IRC Staff/RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Owner)

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Darkblitz · Contact Via PM
Avatar Member Title: Site Admin / RHQ Clan Deputy Owner Darkblitz
RuneScape Name: SirDarkblitz
Real Name: Oliver
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 1, 1990 (age 23)
Country: Country Flag
Joined: October 3, 2011
Clan: RuneHQ
About Me (Read on forum):

I'm Darkblitz and I've been with RuneHQ since 2006. Most of my time was spent hanging out in the Submissions area helping out with anything I could. Most of my submissions were maps and I take pride in what I've done to help keep this place up to date for all these years.

At the moment, I am a Site Admin (Technical / Community) in charge of the Developers and the Community Crew. This means that I help push out awesome new features and updates for the site and spread the great word of RuneHQ out to the community.

I am also one of the Deputy Owners for the official RuneHQ Clan. I look after the Clan Staff and help make decisions and progress to benefit our community.

Previously, I have been a Content Manager, which meant I took care of the Content Editors while also keeping RuneHQ up to date. I helped out with the Events Team representing Asia-Pacific friendly timezone events, contributing to events planning and execution. While the Newspaper was active, I also led the Newspaper staff and was responsible for releasing our newspaper to the public on time. It has since been removed.

If you'd like to find out more, please feel free to drop me a PM on the forums. :)

Current Rank:

Site Admin / RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Deputy Owner)
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Past Titles:

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Jun 08, 2006: Re-joined after forum upgrade
Mar 20, 2007: Database Contributor
Mar 13, 2009: Advanced Membership
Mar 23, 2010: Elder
Dec 12, 2010: Content Editors (PIM)
Jan 22, 2011: Content Editors (Guides)
Aug 07, 2011: Content Manager
Mar 05, 2012: Content Manager / Developer
May 14, 2012: Content Manager / Developer / RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Deputy Owner)
Sep 03, 2013: Content Manager / Developer / Events Team Member / RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Deputy Owner)
Jan 27, 2014: Content Manager / Developer / RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Deputy Owner)
Mar 16, 2014: Site Admin / RHQ Clan Staff (Clan Deputy Owner)
DRAVAN · Contact Via PM
Avatar Member Title: Not customized DRAVAN
RuneScape Name: DRAVAN
Real Name: Tim
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 6, 1972 (age 41)
Country: Country Flag
Joined: October 30, 1994
Clan: None
About Me (Read on forum):
James · Contact Via Skype <jrhodes2099>
Avatar Member Title: Events Admin James
RuneScape Name: James Rhodes
Real Name: James
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 30, 1991 (age 22)
Country: Country Flag
Joined: July 7, 2010
Clan: None
About Me (Read on forum):
Hello everyone, as you can possibly tell, my name is James.

Thanks for taking the time to read my About Me page, there's nothing much here but I'll give you guys some basic facts. I'm an amazing and relaxed guy who casually plays Runescape on a regular basis. As much as I want to no-life Runescape, alas real life is an exp waste, it has a thing called a job :(

Anyway, here's some basic facts about my Runescape and RuneHQ career;


Posted Image - RuneFest 2010 Attendee
Posted Image - RuneFest 2011 Attendee
Posted Image - RuneFest 2013 Attendee (They never had a RuneFest 2012)
Posted Image - Golden Scythe Owner

Posted Image - Player Moderator since September 2010

Posted Image - Max Cape achieved on January 2013

Posted Image - Completionist Cape achieved on July 2013


Posted Image - Joined RuneHQ on 7th July 2010

Posted Image - Joined the Events Team on 1st August 2010

Posted Image - Promoted to Events Team Manager on 5th December 2010

Posted Image - Promoted to Manager Group on 10th Feb 2013

Posted Image - Promoted to Site Administrator on 16th March 2014

That's all for now, I'll think of something to write later, hehe.

MrStormy · Contact Via PM
Avatar Member Title: Sluff Mcmuffins MrStormy
RuneScape Name: RHQMrStormy
Real Name: Gene Rowe
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 10, 1961 (age 52)
Country: Country Flag
Joined: October 30, 1994
Clan: None
About Me (Read on forum):

I'm 52 and never been kissed! yea right....I'm a perverted dirty little old man

I served in the US navy for 10 yrs as a Nuclear trained machinist mate and obtained the rank of E6 Petty officer 1st class. I traveled to Scottland, England, Nova Scotia as well as Puerto Rico while serving on a submarine stationed in Scotland. I also served on a Fast attack sub based in Grotton CT and traveled all over the east coast, mainly Florida for torpedo testing but hit several other ports also.

After the navy I got a job in a Commercial Nuclear power plant as a Radiation Protection technician. After a year I transferred to Chemistry and a little while after that was hired as a Rad Waste Shift Supervisor. Due to company restructuring I was moved to Fire Protection group while I looked for a permanent job. I gravitated to the computer field and finally landed a job with the computer support group.

I have been doing some form of computer related support ever since.

I started RuneHQ because there just was no real good help sites out there as far as I was concerned. I thoroughly enjoy running RuneHQ.

This section filled out thanks to Star for bitching at me for not having it filled out!

Stormys_Amazon · Contact Via PM
Avatar Member Title: The Queen of Gene Stormys_Amazon
RuneScape Name: Strmys_Amzon
Real Name: Deb
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 10, 1962 (age 52)
Country: Country Flag
Joined: May 5, 2007
Clan: None
About Me (Read on forum):
A lady never tells her age but if you can do basic math it is easy enough to figure out. B-)

I started working in healthcare food-service right out of high school and worked my way up to department head. The last 20-years of my food-service career, I spent working at a care facility for the mentally retarded running the kitchen.

In 2000 I started my college career taking as many online courses as possible so I could continue to work. I hold the following degrees:
2005 - Bachelor's degree in Management Information Sciences with a focus on Process and Project Management 2007 - Master's degree in Instructional Design for Online Learning (IDOL)
2010 - Completed course work and comprehensive exams for a PhD in IDOL: dissertation in progress

When I married Gene in 2007, I quit working and let him support me while I finished school. During this time I did some teaching at a local community college where I taught Excel and basic HTML and CSS along with Dreamweaver.

To gain a foothold into a big corporation, I began working for IBM Global Services in 2011 working as a TSM Administrator. I am currently trying to move into the training branch with IBM and hope to finish my dissertation in the near future.

I began playing Runescape in the early days of the game - around 2003 - 2004. My nephew and his friends got interested in it and he talked me into creating an account. Looking back, I think he just wanted me to pay for his membership, but this was also the first interaction I had with RuneHQ. Little did I know how this would impact my life in the coming years.
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