The Ouriana Altar (ZMI Altar) was released to allow players to randomly craft any rune regardless of their Runecrafting level.


How to get there:

The shortest route is using the teleport with Lunar magic which requires 2 Astral runes, 1 Law rune and 6 Earth runes (Magic level 71) to use and will teleport you to the entrance of the cave where the altar is located. For those who do not want or can not use that spell, the shortest way is to use a ring of dueling to teleport to the Castle Wars mini-game and walk north past the Observatory to the chaos altar where you can catch Red salamanders with the Hunter skill. Another possibility is the use of the Spirit tree at the Khazard battlefield (requires completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest).


Points Of Interest:

  1. Near the entrance of the cave, you will find a bank owned by Eniola. To use the bank you have to pay 20 runes of the same type (no difference is seen between e.g. earth runes or law runes).


  2. The start of the long but safe route. There are no monsters to attack you so there is no need to use protective gear or prayers when using this route.

    Long route

  3. At the end of the long route you have to pass through this crack to get to the Altar. There is no Agility requirement to pass through it. The crack only acts as a barrier between the short route and any monsters managing to get to the altar.


  4. The start of the short but (somewhat) dangerous route. When walking here you will be attacked by monsters. Boots of lightness, Penance gloves, Spotter/Spottier cap and Dragonhide armor are recommended as they provide a reasonable defence for medium weight. Prayer is highly advised for some players in less populated worlds because the monsters are aggressive and rangers can hit frequently if you are wearing Dragonhide armor. Prayer is optional in populated worlds since there will be a lot of people running back and forth so that the monsters will be attacking others rather than you all the time. It is recommended to turn auto-retaliate off.

    Short route

  5. This is the altar where you can craft runes. The chance of getting better runes increases with your Runecrafting level. All runes can be crafted here, from air runes to soul runes (not including any combination runes) The only type of essence that can be used is pure essence. You can NOT enchant tiaras at this altar.



Lunar Teleport:

When using the lunar teleport to the altar it works best if you teleport to the altar with filled pouches, craft your runes and then teleport to Daemonheim using the Ring of kinship. There, you fill your pouches again and take up runes to teleport to the altar. To activate the spell after completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest you need to speak to Baba Yaga.

Full Bank:

For this strategy a full bank is needed, excluding your pouches and Fire/Air runes. Withdraw all of your Air or Fire runes as a payment to bank and switch to the Lunar spellbook. Fill all of your pouches and withdraw your Pure essence. Run to the altar, craft your runes. Cast the Ourania teleport. Run back down to the stairs and bank your runes with the"Deposit all" option. If your bank is full, you won't deposit your pouch or fire/air runes. Repeat the process. Do not worry about the runes for the spell, you will usually get them back when you craft runes. It is advised to use Air or Fire runes because they they are are relatively cheap and easy to get.

Ardougne cloak 2:

Once you have earned yourself the Ardougne cloak 2, it is recommended that you have it equipped when using this altar. The cloak yields the chance of receiving 15% more runes from the altar. However, no experience iss gained from the extra runes.

Runecrafting Experience:

Rune Experience
Air 10
Mind 11
Water 12
Earth 13
Fire 14
Body 15
Cosmic 16
Chaos 17
Astral 17.5
Nature 18
Law 19
Death 20
Blood 21
Soul 22
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