Vocabulary List

This is a reference guide of many of the acronyms, words, and/or phrases used during in-game chats or in the forums.

Abbreviation Word or Phrase
1337 Elite, or leet
2k (example) 2,000 coins. K represents 1000. So the 2 could be any number, for example 20k means 20,000.
2H Two-Handed sword
A2H Adamantite 2-Handed sword
Abby demon Abyssal demon
Abby whip Abyssal whip
Addy, Adam Adamantite
Afc Away From Computer
Afk, Aftk Away From (The) Keyboard
Alch Alchemy
alk Al Kharid
Ammy Amulet
ard, ardy Ardougne
ASAP As Soon As Possible
Atm At The Moment
Atk, Att Attack Level
axe Hatchet (woodcutting axe). Not to be confused with battleaxe or pickaxe.
B4 Before
B4N Bye For Now
BA, Battle, Baxe and b-axe Battleaxe
Barb vill Barbarian Village
Bask basilisk
BBL Be Back Later
BBS Be Back Soon
bc BeCause
Bf Boyfriend
BH Bounty Hunter
Bill Billion
Bnk Bank
Boon An experienced player who acts like a Noob
BRB Be Right Back
BRT Be Right There
BTW By The Way
BV Barbarian Village
BX Battleaxe
C See
Cammy Camelot
chain Chain (mail) body armour
Choob See Boon
Clw Clan Wars
Congratz Congratulations
Cw Castlewars
Cya See You
d2h Dragon two-handed sword
Def Defense Level
dm Deathmatch
Drag Dragon
d-long, d long. Dragon Long sword
Edge, Edgy Edgeville
Emmy Emerald
Ess Rune Essence
F2P Free to Play (non-member)
Fmod Forum Moderator
Fog Fist of Guthix
Fally Falador
FFS For (censored) Sake
Ftw For the win
Ftl For the loss
FYI For Your Information
g2g Got to Go
Ge,Gx,Gxc, and Xchange Grand Exchange
Gf Girlfriend
Gf (Duel Arena/Tournament and Bounty Hunter) Good fight
Gj Good Job
Gl Good Luck
Gn Good Night
Gobby, gobs Goblins
GP Gold Pieces (coins)
gr8 Great
grats, gratz Congratulations
Gtg Got To Go
Guth Guthix
Hally Halberd
Helm Helmet
Hits Number Of Hit Points
Hobs, Hobbys Hobgoblins
hp Hit Points
Idc I Don't Care
Idk I Don't Know
IMHO, IMO In My (Humble) Opinion
Jagex The company that makes Runescape
Jmod Jagex Moderator
jk, j/k Just Kidding
jj Just joking
K Thousand (as in GP)
kbd King Black Dragon
Kite Kite Shield
Kq Kalphite queen
l8r, ltr Later
large Large Helmet
legs Plateleg Armour
Lessers, lesser Lesser demons
lmao Laughing My *** Off
lo Hello
lob, lobby Lobster
lol Laugh Out Loud
long Longsword
ltns Long Time No See
Lumby, Lumb Lumbridge
lvl Level
M8 Mate
Mage Someone with higher magic than hits
med Medium Helmet
mill, m Million (as in GP)
Mith Mithril
Mossies, Mossy Moss Giant(s)
mp My Pleasure
newb Someone who is new to the game but is NOT acting annoying or obnoxiously
nfs Not For Sale
nm Not much, nevermind
noob, n00b Someone who is new and acting annoying or obnoxiously
Np No Problem
Nrn Not right now
nuke High Level Alchemy
Nvm Never mind
ofc Of course
Oic Oh I See
Omg Oh My Gosh
Owned Won easily
P2P Pay to Play (member)
PC Pest Control
P Ess Pure Essence
Pmod Player Moderator
Pick Pickaxe
Pk Player Killing (in the Wilderness)
pker Player Killer (one who pk's)
Pl0x Please
Pl8 Platebody armour (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamantite or Rune)
plate Platemail body
pm Private Message
poh Player owned house
Pot Potion
potter Someone who uses Potions in a DM or stake
Pwned Other word for Owned
Pwnage Other word for Ownage
ppl People
Prayer beast Someone with higher prayer than hits
Pure Someone whose hits are higher than combat; a player who specializes in one area such as Ranging or Magic
qp Quest Points
R Are
R2H Rune 2-Handed sword
Ranger Someone with higher Ranging than hits
Rc Runecrafting
RL Real Life
rofl, rotfl Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing
rs Runescape
Rune Runite
Sara saradomin
scimmi, skimmy, scim Scimitar
short Short sword
skirt Skirt Leg Armor
Sq, square Square Shield
stake Battle a duel in which you wager (stake) items
Str Strength Level
Str pot Strength potion
Swordy Swordfish
swp Sorry wrong person
syal, syl See You (All) Later
tally Talisman (for Runecrafting)
tbh To Be Honest
tele Teleport
ttfn Ta Ta For Now (Tigger's famous exit line)
ttyl Talk To You Later
ty, tyvm Thank You (Very Much)
U You
var Varrock
Wb Welcome Back
wc Woodcutting
Wd Well done
wca Woodcutting axe
wcs Who Cares
w/e Whatever
wdf What Da (censored)
wildy, wild Wilderness
willows willow logs/trees
whip abyssal whip
wp Wrong Person
wtf What The (censored)
wth What The Hell
wtg, w2g Way To Go
wuu2? What You Up To?
X Bow Cross Bow
y Why
yews yew logs/trees
yt you there?
yvmw, yw You're (Very Much) Welcome
Zammy Zamorak
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