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How To Get There:

The map below lists the main, efficient ways of travelling to the Clan Camp. These are:

  1. Follow the road directly north from Rimmington or your Player-owned house, should you have one there.
  2. Follow the road directly south of Falador and head west as you leave the South gates.
  3. Travel west from Draynor Village.
  4. Travel north from Port Sarim and join up with the Draynor Village route.

How To Get There

Creating A Clan:

To create a clan, you must first speak to the Scribe to obtain a Clan charter. The Scribe is located at the southwest end of the Clan Camp.

The Sribe

Once you have obtained a Clan charter, you must first acquire yourself four founders, excluding yourself. These could be friends or even strangers with whom you wish to create a clan! To receive the signature of a founder, you need to click on the Clan charter and then click on the player you wish to be a founder. Once you have your four founders, return to the Scribe and hand back your Clan charter If you continue to speak to the Scribe, and are the creator of the clan, you may design your clan's Vexillum (flagstaff) which your whole clan may obtain by speaking to the Scribe or right-clicking on him and pressing 'Get-vexillum Scribe'. But what's a clan without a cloak?! To obtain one, travel east and speak to the Captain of the Guard.

The Captain of the Guard

If you are the creator of the clan, you may speak to the Captain of the Guard to design your clan's cloak. This can be obtained by any member of the clan by speaking to him, or right-clicking on him and pressing 'Get-cloak Captain of the Guard'.

The Meeting Room:

The Meeting Room is a place that your clan can gather to discuss matters.

The Meeting Room

You may join a public meeting in which anyone, no matter what clan they are in, may speak to each other. Or, if you are rank Admin or higher of a clan, you may choose to start a private meeting. In doing so, every member of your clan will receive an invite to enter. Only members of your clan may join your private meeting.

Joining A Meeting

If you travel inside the tent for a private meeting, you will find a poll-box in the right-hand corner. Anyone of rank Admin or above may start a poll (whether or not to start a war) here. You will not find this feature inside the public tent.

Rated Clan Wars:

Once your clan is all set up, you may war against other clans in a rated system. To start, anyone of rank Admin or above must give out Rated clan wars badges to each clan member. These are received by speaking to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or by right-clicking on him and pressing 'Badge Sergeant-at-Arms'. He is located left of the Meeting Room. Once the members have received these badges, the clan leader may challenge another clan. Note: To start a war, a clan must have between 10 and 500 members.

The Sergeant-at-Arms

Rated Clan Wars is located in the Clan Camp instead of within Gamers' Grotto and has fixed rules that even the clan leaders can't change! These are:

  • Each side can bring anywhere between 10-500 clanmates.
  • Matches last between 30-120 minutes, based on how many clanmates are in the battle.
  • Players respawn on death during this period and total kills are tracked for each clan.
  • Players respawn with 14 RCW chickens, which each heal 20% of your life points.
  • No weapon or combat types are prohibited.
  • You cannot leave the fight and come back in.
  • Matches are always safe.
  • If the match is held on a free world, all free-to-play rules apply.

Clan Citadel Portal:

This is the entrance to the Clan Citadels - huge, fully customizable fortresses made up of various skill plots, decorative features, meeting areas and pastimes such as a theatre and battlefield. Through this portal you can access your own clan's citadel or visit another clan's as a guest from any members world.

Clan camp portal

However, before you can visit and begin to work on the citadel, it must first be opened. Chat to Avalani, who is stood next to the portal, along with one clanmate stood on each of five ritual stones surrounding the portal and the creation ritual will take place.

Note: Clan Citadels are a members only feature and so the ritual must be performed on a members world.


For more information on Clan Citadels, please visit our guide here.

Other Features:

Vexillum stand:

These are around the perimeter of the Clan Camp. Here, you may place your Vexillum which contains all your clan information for every other RuneScape player to see! Only one Vexillum per clan may be placed on a stand at a time. The clan Vexillum can also be placed just about anywhere else on RuneScape. Simply equip the Vexillum, right click it, and select 'Place Clan Vexillum', and it will be placed in the square in front of you, providing that there is no obstacle in the way. However, when placing it, make sure there is no other clan Vexillum within close proximity (10 squares), as it will not allow itself to be placed if there is, and thus must be a good distance away, with the exception of placing your Vexillum on a stand in the Clan Camp.

Vexillum Stand


This is located to the north of the portal. Here, members of the clan may view upcoming clan events, set by anyone with rank Admin or higher in the clan. Anyone who falls into the category of Admin or higher may select 'Administrate Noticeboard' to set events which includes the time, date, world, whether or not a member must attend the event, and much, much more!


Clan Noticeboard

Other Notes:

Anyone ranked as Admin or above can, not just design the clan cloak/vexillum design, but can also change any settings in the Clan Chat setup feature.

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