Table of Contents

- Abyssal Notes
- Ancient Book
- Arena Book
- Astronomy Book
- Beaten Book and Scroll
- Big Book o' Bangs
- Binding Book
- Bird Book
- Book on Chickens
- Book of Folklore
- Book (Rat Pits)
- Book (Shield of Arrav)
- Book on Baxtorian
- Book on Chemicals
- Brewin' Guide
- Burnt Diary
- Cadarn Lineage
- Cocktail Guide
- Crumbling Tome (Legend of the brothers)
- Crystal of Seren
- Dagon'hai History
- Demonic Tome
- Diary (Diary of Herbi Flax)
- Diary (Lighthouse)
- Diary (Witch's Diary)
- Eastern Discovery
- Eastern Settlement
- Embalming Manual
- Farming Manual
- Feathered Journal
- Ghrim's Book
- Gianne's Cookbook
- Glassblowing Book
- Glough's Journal
- Goblin Book (The Book of the Big High War God)
- Goblin Symbol Book
- The Great Divide
- Guide Book (Tourist Guide to Ardogune)
- The Guide to Construction
- Herman's Book
- History of Iban
- Journey (Lighthouse)
- Manual
- Instruction Manual (Dwarf Multicannon)
- Old Journal (The Journal of Randas)
- Party Pete's Bumper Book of Games
- Pie Recipe Book
- The Book o' Piracy
- Prayer Book
- Priddinas' History
- Queen Help
- Red Axe Employee Records
- RuneScape Account Security
- Shaman's Tome
- Slashed Book (Elemental Workshop)
- Strange Book
- Stronghold of Security - Notes
- Translation
- Translation Book (Gnome-English Translation)
- Varmen's Notes

Abyssal Notes

Where found: Obtained from Zamorak Mage during the Abyss mini quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


A Compendium of Research in Chaotic Space.

Author Unknown.

The strange dimension that we have named 'Abyssal Space' is something of an enigma. It was first discovered during a routine teleportation experiment that seemingly went wrong. We are still not sure as to what caused this teleportation failure, but the discovery of a previously unknown dimension led to a flurry of research from the Zamorakian Magical Institute. (Henceforth known in this document as the Z.M.I.) Under direct orders to examine this dimension I feel I can accurately state the following conclusions.

Conclusion One

Abyssal space is not a dimension in the way we understand the term from examples such as Zanaris and Feneskrae.

Rather, it is the name we have given the dimension that exists between other more developed dimensions - the 'glue' that keeps each dimension together, but separate, if you will.

The Abyssal space's existence at the 'fringe' of reality, means that it does not conform to the same guidelines of space and time a Gielinor does; you may enter it and then leave it from an identical spot, but appear many hundreds of miles at your target destination. (The 'teleportation' phenomenon we use daily)

From this basic concept, I have extrapolated that all teleportation magics in fact use the Abyssal space to make the passing of great distances occur in a very short amount of time, from our perception.

What is actually happening, is that the spellcaster is entering abyssal space, and then immediately leaving again, with certain values such as speed and direction being taken care of in our spellcasting to allow some degree of precision in these teleports.

More worryingly, it seems apparent that barriers between our dimensional space and abyssal space have become somewhat weakened through excessive use. There have been isolated reports within the Z.M.I. that creatures not native to our dimension have entered Gielinor through abyssal space, as well as the teleportation malfunction that first resulted in our discovery of this dimension.

I strongly recommend that more research be taken - if the barriers between these dimensions are sufficiently weakened, there may exist the possibility of an alternative method to proceed with Operation: Transient without alerting the other dieties to our plans.

Conclusion Two

When we have accepted that Abyssal space is somewhat of a tesseract or a hypercube with a direct relation to our dimension, then the benefits of exploiting this resource become more obvious.

Certain creatures of the abyss contain unnecessary surplus organs that may be harvested to provide carrying pouches for various magically-unstable objects. I ran some experiments XJ13 (also known as 'rune essence') and managed to place six parts a place that would seemingly only hold one.

Continued experimentation with these stolen samples showed that moving items between our dimension and abyssal space degraded the use of these pouches, but a simple transfiguration spell when cast within the abyss upon these pouches restored their usage back to the original results.

Should we ever locate the source of these 'essences' that the Wizards Tower seems to have an endless supply of, I would strongly recommend the harvesting of these creatures for their organs so as to maximise efficiency of our rune manufacturing process. Some degree of caution will be necessary, as the creatures of the abyss are seemingly very aggressive.

Conclusion Three

Our first discovery of the abyssal space was somewhat of a fluke - and a not easily repeatable fluke at that.

It proved exceedingly difficult to find the correct mystical resonance for this dimension, due to my original belief that Abyssal space is not a fully fledged dimension of its own, so we had to resort to unusual measures to gain permanent access to this realm.

We took a large number of initiates and gave them each supplies to cast a portal spell. Then we had them repeatedly teleport to different locations, seeking to replicate original error that caused the first entry into Abyssal Space.

One of our initiates managed to 'fail' his teleport and appear in Abyssal Space, he was then charged with remaining there and holding a portal spell open, so that more senior members of the Z.M.I. could gain entry via his portal.

This initiate is still there, and due to the intense concentration required to keep the portal open, it is my recommendation that we leave him there holding the bridge open for us.

As an initiate he is always expendable should something go wrong and the slow passage of time within the Abyssal Space means we don't have to worry about feeding him or anything.

At the time of writing this portal is still active, and will allow us to teleport people at will into Abyssal Space.

The only downside to this method of transportation is that we are using magic provided to us by our Lord Zamorak himself, so anyone who uses this teleport will inevitably be marked by him - or become 'skulled' as the common folk put it.

An interesting side effect of this portal, is that various teleports within the abyssal space were opened up by its casting. These teleports seem to lead to mysterious temples dedicated to various magical elements, which I believe are directly related to the rumours we have intercepted of the rediscovery of Runecrafting by the Wizards Tower.

Sadly, we must conclude from these temples that the rumours are true, and that the destruction of the Wizards Tower had been in vain, as was the sacrifice of those who died to try to prevent the meddling Saradominists from gaining access to the creation of magical runes.

I have detailed my findings relating to Runecrafting in a separate document and passed it along to my superiors, along with my recommendations on how best to thwart research further.

Until a final decision is taken, I suggest we make the best of a bad situation, and increase our own rune production to full manufacturing capabilities.

I have already ordered buyers to purchase as much Sample XJ13 as can be bought, and to hire some mercenaries to sabotage the research efforts of the Wizards Tower, or failing that, to provide us some insight into where their steady supply of essences are coming from.

Until my next report, I remain as ever a loyal servant.

Strength Through Chaos!

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Ancient Book

Where found: In Aid of the Myreque Quest, and Library, at Temple on the Salve
Available in POH bookshelf?: No
Chapters: None

The Sleeping Seven

Though little is known of the fourth age, especially in the land now known as Morytania, some small details of that dark time do yet remain. This work is as complete an account as can be mustered by the author. Its purpose is to straighten the times and tales of those would-be heroes buried under Paterdomus.

The datum here are vague at best and no truer gauge could be hardly best sought. The least hope of the lowly author here in lies; to recount what small morsels of truth remain in the minds of those that still live and entreat those very same to paper lest they forever be forgotten. With my rudimentary abilities I prevailed to update the place names of those dark times and instead use those which are in common use so as to give meaning where previously there was confusion.

Eight centuries and a score into the history of our land there came a darkness which fell about the land once called Hallowvale. The Queen of that sad time, an Iycene of once formidable power, became to be deposed by 'his-dark-self' and his hordes. Against all her considerable will she was forced to kneel and attend 'his-dark-self' in order that she might save her loving husband Ascertes.

The darkness which 'his-dark-self' brought with him at that time writhed through Hallowvale and wrought its way ever onwards into Misthalin. Though many men did slow its passage to what is now called Varrock, none did manage to halt its progress proper and many brave warriors so employed did die a most painful and lingering death.

Fearing the darkness would sweep Saradomin's glory from the land, some odd collection of priestly advocates and pious followers of brave virtue stood forwards to steel the hearts of the village fighters and town militias, the last defence against the evil now fresh from Hallowvale, and from that time till now called Morytania.

This collection of priestly valour did cast Saradomin's blessings upon the untrained and fearful fighters of Varrock and those of her outside villagers. This did raise bravery, courage and righteousness in the hearts of these brave young Misthalanian knights.

At long last it came the time that the rabble of the Misthalin defence started to bite and the tide of evil from Morytania became smashed and torn on their pikes and staves. All caught courage from the seven priestly warriors whose names shall be disgorged forthwith.

1: Iriandul Caistlyn - A true leader of the holy seven, though rarely ever a footfall in front of Ivandis, who was ever eager to smash the evil and force the tide back into Morytania.

2: Sarl Dunegun of Edgeville - A pious yet brutal man. When wielding his mace he led many fighters on skirmishes to keep the evil from spreading and outflanking the group.

3: Friar Twilblick of Taverly - A devout man of worship whose brave talks and uncommon speeches raised the spirits and abilities of men above that of mortals so they fought as though Guthix himself were at their side, redressing the balance that 'his-dark-self' had spoilt.

4: Derygull Templeton of Falador - A great oak of a man, so well imbued with Saradomin's will and martial ability that he fair commanded people's respect and admiration and they eagerly followed him into battle. His booming voice rallied men in times of fierce fighting, this allowing them to regroup and focus their brutal, savage violence and force capitulation from the writing , cowardly, evil hordes.

5: Ivandis Seergaze of Lumbridge - A deft and well skilled man of unusual appearance, he held a most bizarre control over some powerful minions of Drakan's horde. A rod of staff helped imbue him with such power. Then with the aide of a Guthix serum he would turn the vile entity, often times destroying the creature instantly or reverting it to an original incarnation or worst of all enraging it greatly, much to the chagrin of his holy brothers.

6: Erysail the Pious of Rimmington - A woman of such noble and just nature that she commanded the will of the Misthalanian fighters high and right, ever at the front of the battle displaying courage and aiding those in need.

7: Essiandar Gar of Draynor - A fearless woman even at such a worthy age. It was said that her indignation at the evil scourge was enough to make the most cowardly of men in her ranks act like lions in the fiercest fighting.

And with these seven priestly warriors all together committed to this act, they brought the furious intent of Saradomin's will and forced the evil tide from Morytania back into those very same dark lands. The fighting became fiercest at Salvarea and they stood side by side to prevent the evil from entering Misthalin again.

The very spot where Paterdomus now stands is near the final battle ground for the saving of Misthalin. The temple stands even now as a contentious reminder to those evil minions who would seek to wreak havoc in the land of Saradomin. As the priestly brothers and sisters fought on, some of them cast blessings into the Salve and sealed in it the vengeful power of Saradomin who would act as Misthalin's guardian against 'his-dark-self'.

Upon this foundation of holy power Paterdomus was built. Within its holy eminence the saintly remains of those seven priestly warriors, it is believed, now rest, though there is sometimes discord about one such burial. It was through happenstance that the author became aware of a document which I shall herein duplicate without any additions or omissions. It is said to be written by the brothers arms of Ivandis Seergaze, the even eager:

'The resting place of Ivandis Seergaze of Lumbridge is easily missed for its simpleness and trivial appearance. In the midst of Mort Myre lies a long cavern running from North West to South East, with three caverns along the South Western wall and two caverns on the North Eastern. Ivandis was put to rest in the smaller of the two caverns along the North Eastern wall with his worldly possessions. Appropriate preparations were made to ensure the safety of his mortal remains and the cavern that formed his tomb was sealed up with boards. I, Keorgius Feryis, along with his many other brothers in arms did score marks into the sides of the wall next to the cavern in order to mark it out for later recovery and to deter possible intruders by making the marks look like those of some fearsome beast.'

Though I have made but preliminary and trepidatious journeys into Morytania thus far, the 'proposed' location of Ivandis' primitive tomb has evaded me. It is with the author's most delicate and humble of suggestions that this 'primitive' tomb be cast from the reader's mind as it is, in all likelihood, a trap made by evil minions to beguile the unwary into Morytania.

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Arena Book

Where found: Obtained from the Entrace Guardian in the Mage Training Arena
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

The Arena's History

As the manufacture of runestones intensified at the start of the Fifth Age, the magic arts became available to people of a great varying age and background. It soon became evident just how dangerous this was, with a great many tragic accidents occurring due to inexperienced wizards. Wizards and victims alike were calling for something to be done, but it was only due to a tragic accident involving one of the leaders of that time that the training arena was constructed. Established with all skills levels in mind, it was used for a great many years until it was destroyed due to conflict of opinion. There were many warriors of melee and ranged combat that took offence to this new art of magic, and taking matters into their own hands, they destroyed the arena. At the time of the writing of this book, a collection of Wizards took it upon themselves to resurrect the building along with all Guardians of Magic that were destroyed with it. These Guardians were created out of the very same essence as runestones, embodying the magic power and authority needed to oversee the arena.

The Pizzaz Points System

The arena wants to reward mages for their perseverance in such a complex skill. Four types of Pizazz Points can be earnt from the four areas in the arena. There are:

  • Telekinetic Pizazz Points
  • Enchantment Pizazz Points
  • Alchemist Pizazz Points
  • Graveyard Pizazz Points

By earning points for performing the tasks in the four areas, a mage can prove his adeptness at the different skills, and claim items to display his skill. In order to keep track of the mage’s progress, a special type of hat was commissioned. Carrying this chap around, and by talking to it nicely, he will keep track of a mage’s Pizazz Points for future record. The best way to please the hat is by collecting points, by which many astute students have noticed the visual change in the hat. However, there is a limit to the total number of points that can be collected without spending them, but this won’t stop mages from continuing in their training.

Telekinetic Theatre

The ability to use magic to sense the existence of objects and then move them has a great many purposes in day-to-day life. This theatre employs the mage to use their telekinetic spell to move a statue around a maze. Standing on the side they wish to move the statue towards, the goal is to get the statue to the solution square. This also improves the awareness of the mage, assessing the consequences of casting the spell: just how will the object move? Once the maze has been solved, the statue will be brought to life, providing the option to move onto the next maze. Reward is given in the form of 2 telekinetic Pizazz points for each maze solved, and a bonus for every five mazes solved in a row.

Alchemists' Playground

The arena is free to all those that wish to train here, but it costs to maintain the building, and the Guardians don’t work for free! The popularity of the alchemy spell has become apparent over the years, and so in this playground of sorts, the art of alchemy can be practised by finding the most expensive items in the playground and converting them into coins. The money must be deposited in the receptacle opposite the entrance before leaving, otherwise it is taken upon leaving the playground without reward. Although we would rather trust the mages, some are just far too greedy and deceitful! Every 100 coins will reward the mage with one Alchemy Pizazz Point, and you’ll also get 10% of your coins back as an added thank you.

Enchanting Chamber

When the wizards first created the arena, they created special artefacts that would change shape and react to the attempt to enchant them. These artefacts could store the power from the spell and be used to drive magical devices. Hence in this arena, enchanting the various shapes will create orbs that can be deposited to help give power back to the arena itself. For every ten shapes enchanted, Pizazz Points are rewarded depending on the level of enchantment spell used, and for every 20 orbs given, an item of mage equipment is awarded. An extra Pizazz Point is also given for every shape enchanted as indicated by the Enchantment.
Guardian on hand. It’s also a good idea to watch out for rare dragon stones which share a similar properties as the shapes, but can be converted for extra Pizazz Points.

Creature Graveyard

A lot of death occurs around Runescape leaving remains lying around for all to see. The wizards took it upon themselves to tidy up this mess and put the bones gathered to a better use. Teleporting the bones into this graveyard, the Bones to Bananas spell can be used to create food which can be delievered to hungry beasts around Runescape. There are different types, which will reward you with, 1,2,3 or 4 bananas, as thus:

Image Number of bananas
Bones one 1 Banana
Bones two 2 Bananas
Bones three 3 Bananas
Bones four 4 Bananas

Different piles will yield different bones, changing type as people take from them. Mages can even practise to earn the right to learn a new spell – the Bones to Peaches spell, which can be bought from the Rewards Guardian above the entrance hall. A great many runestones are also found with the remains of bodies, and the wizards have gathered those as a reward for supplying food. There is a downside to the graveyard however: the bones are often teleported right on-top of the mages, and so the food may come in handy to recover from any damage received!

Good Luck!

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Astronomy book

Where found: Observatory house
Available in POH bookshelf?: No Chapters: None.

The Tale of Scorpius:

A History of Astronomy in Runescape.

At the start of the 4th Age, a learned man by the name of Scorpius, known well for his powers of vision and magic, sought communion with the gods of the world. So many unanswered questions had he that he devoted his entire life to this cause.

After many years of study, seeking knowledge from the wise of that time, he developed a machine infused with magical powers, infused with the ability to pierce into the very heavens - a huge eye that gave the user incredible sight, like never before.

As time passed, Scorpius grew adept at using his specialized skills, and followed the movements of the stars in Runescape, which he mapped and named, and are still used to this very day.

Before long, Scorpius used his knowledge for predicting the future, and, in turn, he called upon the dark knowledge of Zamorakian worshippers to further his cause. Living below ground, the followers of the dark god remained until the civilisation of Ardougne grew in strength and control.

The kigs of that time worked to banish the Zamorakian followers in the area, hiding all reference to Scorpius's invention, due to tis 'evil nature'.

Years after, when the minds of the kings lent more towards the research of the unknown, the plans of Scorpius were uncovered and the heavenly eye constructed again.

Since then, many have studied the ways of the astronomer, Scorpius, and in his memory a grave was constructed near the Observatory.

Some claim his ghost still wanders nearby, in torment as he seeks the secrets of the heavens that can never be solved. Tales tell that he will grant those adept in the arts of the astronomer a blessing of unusual power. Here ends the tale of how astronomy entered the known world.

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Beaten book and scroll

Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

This is the second book in a series which aims to preserve the knowledge gained by artisans of the early Fifth Age. A thorough grasp of the processes and techniques described in my earlier work, ‘Book of the Elemental Shield’, is necessary to comprehend the concepts involved in the more technical chapters of this book.

Some years following the original discovery of the elemental ore, further investigation was performed by a metallurgist called Vitruvius in collaboration with a freelance mage. Over the course of two years they did many tests on the ore and refined metal, aiming to optimise the process by which the metal was extracted from its impure ore. From the data they gathered, they discovered the optimum temperature and carbon/ore ration for the production of elemental metal of the highest quality. The quality of the resulting metal was assessed on the basis of its ultimate tensile strength, hardness (as compared to a standard diamond-tipped probe), magical absorption capacity per unit mass, grain size and elastic deformation modulus. Their most significant discovery in this period, however, was the novel technique of ‘priming’ the ore.

At the time, the significance of priming was not fully appreciated. However, the records kept by Vitruvius state that his apprentice, in an unsuccessful attempt to animate a small ingot of elemental metal as part of a student prank, accidentally installed his entire consciousness into the primed ingot. An unfortunate side-effect of this process was to reduce the apprentice’s body to a dead shell. Attempts to return his consciousness to his body were regrettably unsuccessful.

Vitruvius discovered that the mental energy was so firmly bound to the elemental metal that no dissipation was detectable. Similar experiments with unprimed bars initially yielded comparable results, but the metal energy quickly left the bars and dissipated within such a short period that no practical applications seemed feasible. However the primed elemental metal showed considerably more promise.

Researchers have continued to use the terminology defined by Vitruvius for this field of study. In his own notebooks, Vitruvius referred to his preparation technique as ‘priming’, and he referred to his apprentice as ‘Idiot’.

Scroll (Drops out of the book when read)

Pipe 3.

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Big Book o' Bangs

Where found: Acquired in Regicide Quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: No


In this book I will try to cover all the explosive reactions I witnessed on my travels. Let us start with one of the more simple reactions, one I'm sure you have seen yourself. When mining some gases are released. Once these gases are mixed with the air it only takes a small spark to ignite them. Unfortunately the result is uncontrollable. In the far east I found a recipe for a mix they called fire oil. This fire oil has an explosive capability but it also sticks to anything it touches and burns.


Quick Lime
This is a highly caustic compound and it is created by the endothermic reaction of limestone.

Known as 'Yellow Crystals'. Odorless, insoluble, and brittle as a solid. But as gas quite toxic, preventing respiration.

A colourless, flammable solvent. One of the more volatile fractions of the fractional distillation of coal tar.



Great care must be taken when making this. The brimstone, naphtha and quicklime may be mixed at anytime, but only light it at the last second. The tricky thing is the delivery method. A naked flame is required to light the concoction, the problem being that the resulting explosion will cover the area in hot sticky fire. The last bang in my list comes from a secret recipe digging compound base on nitroglycerin. I have seen the results but could not discover the ingredients. I'm told that the secret of this dig compound can be found out by becoming and archeologist.

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Binding book

Where found: Obtained during Legend's Quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

- A treatise on Demons -

Arcana : I

Arcana I: Use holy water to determine possession.
Slight apperance changes may be perceived when doused.

Legendary Silverlight will help to defeat any demon by weakening it.

Arcana II : Be way of any demon, it may have special forms of attack.

Use an Octagram of fire to confine unearthly creatures of the underworld - the perfect geometry confuses them.

Instructo : II

Instructo : Creation of holy water must be undertaken with determination and urgency.

Take to yourself empty vials free of all liquids.

Read warily the enchantment contained herewithin in order to magick the vial for the holding of holy or sacred water.
Take utmost care as you enchant them.
With great care and precision place the saacred water into a magicked vial and stopper it.

Defeati : III

Defeati... Ye dreaded demon will be of unholy power and abilities.
Present thyself before the possessed with good intent and ready manner.
With least obstruction and utmost solemnity hold open the pages of this great tome in order that the goodlight falls upon the victim completely.
Be thee prepared in every capacity, for the demon's tricks and wiles will outwit the unready man.
Attack with vigour and zest if thee homes to see another day.

Enchanto : IIII


Possessus valius emptious, projectus spellicus avoir valius magicus.

Castus enchanto avoir createur valius magicus holious avour defeati Demonicus Absolutus.

Extralias projectus Magicus Holarius

Attackanie Demonicus Absolutus distancie airus throwus armiues.


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Bird Book

Where found: Piscatoris; during the Eagles' Peak quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Crimson Swift

Crimson Swift
The crimson swift is a tropical bird that typically lives in dense jungle areas. Subtlety is not one of thus birds strong points, its striking red plumage ensuring it will be visible where ever it goes, making it a popular first bird for hunters and spotters alike.

Cerulean Twitch

Cerulean Twitch
This polar bird, found in the far Northern regions, can survive at impressively low temperatures. Although its long tail affords it great manoeuvrability, it is also the cause of a great deal of interest from collectors.

Golden Warbler

Golden Warbler
The golden warbler can be easily identified by its hideously annoying song. Although the warbler is prized by hunters for its fine feathers, it is probably caught just as much simply to shut it up.

Tropical Wagtail

Tropical Wagtail
This beautiful bird can be found in hot jungle climates where it expertly catches small insects for food. It is perhaps therefore ironic that it is usually caught for its bright plumage, which can be used in turn to make excellent fly fishing lures.

Copper Longtail

Copper Longtail
The copper longtail is found in temperate wooded regions and is one of the most common birds in the world. Although its appearance is unremarkable it is a graceful and successful bird that continues to fend well for itself.

Giant Eagle

Little is known about the giant eagles. There are reported sightings in many parts of the world, but the nests of these magnificent creatures remain elusive. The only record of such a nest being found is in the folk tale of the bandits of the golden claw. It is said that the bandits leader could talk to and befriend the eagles, and used the eagles’ nest at the top of what is now known as eagles’ peak as a hideout. The story goes on to hint at a secret entrance to the hideaway existing near the peak of the mountain, but until this day it has not been found.

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Book on chickens

Where found: Obtained from Draynor, Wise Old Man's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: No
Chapters: None

The Origins of the Bird of Evil

Many are the rumours and tales surrounding this foul beast.

The earliest of these tales seems to date back to the time of the Mahjarrat. It is a story about a mad mage, who attempts to summon a demon and bind it to his will.

Unfortunately his spell failed and all that appeared was one confused chicken. In a fit of anger at his failure the mage banished the chicken to the abyss. The chicken however appears to have survived and grown in power. Years later, when the mage cast another spell of summoning, the chicken appeared! The story does not tell of what became of the mage.

Another popular tale tells of a chicken of higher than average mental ability. Realising that it and its kind were prisoners in their coops he organised a rebellion against the human farmers. The farmers, of course, simply slaughtered the rebellious chickens. However, the Evil Chicken escaped. Blaming its bretheren for the coup's failure it swore revenge on all chickens and all humans.

The Chicken can strike anybody, anywhere. It is said that a coven worships this fell fowl and have even built a shrine to it. The exact location of the shrine is unknown, but it is rumoured to be in the fairyworlds. Further rumour suggests that his lair is guarded by some fearsome beasts, but it may be reached by making a tasty offering... whatever that may be.

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Book of folklore

Where found: Obtained from Draynor, Wise Old Man's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: Please submit
Chapters: None

The Myth of the Elder-dragons

Although the Elder-dragons are generally considered to be a myth, stories tell of an ancient race that dwelt on Gielinor before any other. In some arcane way their lifeforce was linked to the life of the world itself; it is written that, as long as the Elder-dragons continue to live, the world shall not end.

However, sceptics claim that the myth of the Elder-dragons was invented to cast doubt on claims this realm was lifeless until the gods first arrived.

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Book (Rat Pits Manual)

Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


Rat pit fighting is dangerous for the ill prepared. Lots of cats have died taking part in the past and many more will surely die in the future. This needless death can be avoided completely by adopting the correct precautions.


The aim of the rat pit fighting is to train your cat in a fun and profitable manner. Rules vary from pit to pit.

Each pit allows a certain type of cat fight there e.g. the Ardougne pit only permits kittens to fight in it.

How to challenge

To compete you must have the correct type of cat for the pit and have some spare change. If you have both of these, you can then challenge another cat trainer.

The player you challenge must also possess the correct type of cat and some money.

Before you proceed to the bidding stage tactics should be discussed with your cat.


Catspeak Amulet

A player should tell their cat what sort of strategy they should adopt. To do this competitors should wear an amulet of catspeak when initiating a fight and accepting a challenge.

Cautious tactics should be adopted by those who are unwilling to part with their cat.

Using these tactics will aid the cat in terms of increased defence bonuses but penalise them as their cats will get out of the pits faster rather than risking death.

Using no tactics or aggressive tactics will result in your cat fighting to the death. Aggressive tactics increase your cat's attack levels.


Once a challenge has been accepted and both cats advised on tactics the bidding takes place.

Both owners can place a small wager on the outcome of the match. This wager must be the same for both sides.

Winning and losing

Rules differ for each pit, in the kitten pits of Ardougne the first cat to kill 5 rats is declared the winner, this number varies throughout other pits.

If your cat dies during a fight or runs away your opponent is declared the winner.

Cats tire quickly and after a certain period of time become too exhausted to continue fighting, in this case the cat with the largest number of kills is declared the winner.

If both cats have killed the same number of rats, the match is declared a draw.


Winning a rat pit fight increases cats' happiness, matures them faster, improves their hunting skills and keeps them more active.

Even losing in a fight will benefit your cat (provided it doesn't die). As with everything in life, it's the taking part which matters.

Book (The Shield of Arrav)

Where found: In the Varrock Library
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

The Shield of Arrav
by A. R. Wright

Arrav is probably the best known hero of the 4th age. Many legends are told of his heroics. One surviving artefact from the 4th age is a fabulous shield.

This shield is believed to have once belonged to Arrav and is now indeed known as the Shield of Arrav. For over 150 years it was the prize piece in the royal museum of Varrock. However, in the year 143 of the fifth age a gang of thieves called the Phoenix gang broke into the museum and stole the shield in a daring raid. As a result, the current ruler, King Roald, put a 1200 gold bounty (a massive sum of money those days) on the return of the shield, hoping that one of the culprits would betray his fellows out of greed.

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Book on Baxtorian

Where found: Baxtorian Falls
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

The missing relics

Many artefacts of elven history were lost after the fourth age. The greatest loss to out collections of elf history were the hidden treasure of Baxtorian.

Some believe these treasure are still unclaimed, but it is more commonly believe that dwarf miners recovered the treasure at the beginning of the third age. Another great loss was Glarial's pebble, a key which allowed her family to visit her tomb.

The stone was taken by a gnome family over a century ago. It is believed that the gnomes' descendant Golrie still has the stone hidden in the caves under the gnome tree village.

The sonnet of Baxtorian

The love between Baxtorian and Glarial was said to have lasted over a century. They lived a peaceful life learning and teaching the laws of nature. When Baxtorian's kingdom was invaded by the dark forces he left on a five year campaign. He returned to find his people slaughtered and his wife taken by the enemy.
After years of searching for his love he finally gave up and returned to the home he made for Glarial under the Baxtorian Waterfall. Once he entered he never returned. Only Glarial had the power to also enter the waterfall.

Since Baxtorian entered no one but her can follow him in, it's as if the powers of nature still work to protect him.

The power of nature

Glarial and Baxtorian were masters of nature. Trees would grow, hills form and rivers flood on their command. Baxtorian in particular had perfect rune lore. It was said that he could use the stones to control water, earth and air.

Ode to eternity

A short piece written by Baxtorian himself.

What care I for this mortal coil,
where treasures are yet so frail,
for it is you that is my life blood,
the wine to my holy grail and if i see the judgement day,
when the gods fill the air with dust,
I'll happily choke on your memory,
as my kingdom turns to rust

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Book on Chemicals

Where found: Digsite Exam Centre during the Digsite Quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

Volatile chemicals - Experimental Test Notes

In order to ease the mining process, my colleagues and I decided we needed something stronger than picks to delve under the surface of the digsite. As I already had an intermediate knowledge of Herblore, I experimented with certain chemicals and invented a compound of tremendous power that, if subjected to a spark, would literally explode. We used vials of this compound with great effect, as it enabled us to reach further than ever before. Here is what I have left of the compound's recipe:

1 measure of ammonium nitrate powder;
1 measure of nitroglycerin;
1 measure of ground charcoal;
1 measure of ?

Unfortunately the last ingredient was not noted down, but we understand that a certain root grows around these parts that was used to very good effect...

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Brewin' guide

Where found: Trouble Brewing lobbies
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Mos Le'Harmless 'Rum'

Mos Le'Harmless 'Rum'




Scrapey Tree Bark

Coloured Water


Mos Le'Harmless 'rum' is based on the recipe fer Braindeath 'rum', with the main exception bein' that it is brewed from items found locally to the island.

Water and Coloured Water

Water and Coloured Water

The last two ingredients be the easiest to plunder; water from either the lake in the middle of the brewery compound, or from one of the pumps can be put into the correct hopper with nary a trouble. The coloured water be gained by placing the petals of rare flowers into a kettle of boilin' water. This leeches the colour from them, and the water can be siphoned off into bowls. It takes 5 buckets of water, and three bowls of coloured water to make one bottle of rum.



Bitternuts be foul tastin' but highly intoxicatin' nuts found inside the brewin' compound. The trees they are in be too tall to climb, especially with all the action goin' on in the area. Hence, tis the best idea to capture a monkey, and put it up the tree to get the nut for ye. However, the monkey will need to be dyed the same colour as yer team, or confusion will arise. Fortunately, a bowl of coloured water from the kettle will colour the monkey with only mild scaldin'. Some people tell tales that they can talk to the monkeys and persuade them to pass them the nut faster. Admittedly they say you need a magic amulet, but then again that sounds a little far-fetched to me. It should also be noted that if someone puts a different coloured monkey up the tree, then the two monkeys will fight over which gets the bitternut.



Sweetgrubs be vicious little grubs that live in mounds inside the brewin' area. They will go fer any meat nearby, so tis best to grab some rat meat and lay it on the mound. The grubs be very sleepy after they have eaten, and ye'll be able te scoop them up after they have devoured the meat. To get the best results, one load of sweetgrubs be needed fer every bottle of rum.

Scrapey Tree Bark

Scrapey Tree Bark

Scrapey Tree Bark is added to give the mix a little more body. There be a few Scrapey Trees in the area that ye can go fer, all ye need is an axe. Take a knife te the logs, and that'll get the bark. Mind ye don't get nay of the sap on yer hands, as it carries an annoyin' little disease.


While ye'll ned all these te make 'rum', ye'll also need to keep the boilers nice and hot. These are quite easy te feed. Just take some logs and put them in the boiler, then light them on fire with a tinderbox. Once it's burnin' it'll take up a few logs every now and again. So long as there are at least three burnin' then the 'rum' will be produced. It's always best to keep them fed though, as ye never know when they will run out.


Assumin' all the stuff is in the hoppers, and all the boilers are burnin' and all the pipes are nice and fixed, then the right amount of stuff will be taken out of the hoppers, and the brewin' will begin. This takes a litle while te do, but not too long though. When it is done, the rum will pop out on the conveyor belt, and all ye have te do is pick it up and put it in the crate.

However, it should be noted that if ye have not contributed enough to any bottle of rum, then you will not be able te collect it. To qualify, ye must add enough of any ingredient te the hoppers to make the light turn green. Hence, if ye add 5 buckets of water, ye qualify te collect 1 bottle, and if ye add five bitternuts, ye qualify fer 5. If ye add both, then ye qualify fer 6 bottles.

Sabotage and Repair

As it is against the Pirates Code, ye'll not be able te kill anyone in there directly. However, the stills are game. Most of them can be burned down with a torch, if ye try hard enough.

When some scum-sucking dog has set yer still on fire don't panic. Just take a bucket of water and douse the fire. Then, dependin' on what was burnin', use either a pipe section, lumber patch or bridge section on the burned bit to repair it. Pipe sections be used fer pipes and the water pump.
Water pump

Lumber patches
Lumber Patches fer the hoppers.

Bridge sections
Bridge sections be needed fer bridges.

Makin' More Repair Items

If ye run low on items (as will happen if yer enemy be in a fiery mood) then ye will need te make yer own items. This is quite easy, as there be a bench full of handy tools fer ye te uses to make more. Just take a log and use it on the table, and ye'll be able te craft up as many of the items as ye need.

The Steam Pump

If things be looking dreadful, then ye can use the steam pump to raise the pressure in the boilers, and then vent it through the damaged parts te put out fire and badly scald anyone lurkin' nearby.

The pump be quite stuff te work, and ye'll need a lot of energy te keep it goin'. Just haul on the lever fer a while until ye gets tired, and that will put up the pressure.

When yer base is under attack, and things be on fire, then vent the pressure te give them a nasty surprise. Be warned though, the steam will damage the pipes and hoppers as it comes out, so that might do more harm than good.


Well, ye've set things on fire, worked the steam pump and stashed the rum, and now the game is over. What do ye get? Plunder!

Ye will be awarded a number of Pieces of Eight depending on how well yet team did, and how hard ye worked during' the game. If ye have a word with Honest Jimmy, then he'll sell ye some nice items fer all yer hard work.

Tricorn hats are the latest in pirate fashions. They go well with any outfit and will make ye the envy of all the other pirates as ye walk down the plank.
Naval hat

Naval shirt
Naval pants
Nothin' says 'I lived the Navy lifestyle before deserting te make me fortune' like an old tattered Navy uniform, and Jimmy has plenty. all pre-tattered and authentic, get one today!

If ye save up enough Pieces of Eight, then ye can own yer very own surplus pirate flag! Jimmy has plenty on offer, including rare examply from the ghost ship The Phasmatys Pride!

Last but no means least, be The Stuff. Jimmy won't tell us where he gets it, as the Cooking Guild keeps threatening te reduce him te soup if he keeps sellin' it. It works by bein' sprinkled into yer ale before ye add the hops, and the effect means that yer a little more likely te get a mature ale by the end of it.
The goods

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Burnt Diary

Where found: Pages and book collected during Royal Trouble
Available in POH bookcase: Yes

Property of Armod Brundtson

Read at your peril!

If you steal this book, my dad will beat you up!

Year 3 of trials, day 20

We're doing really badly at the trials. Beigarth broke his lyre for the fifth time, Hild got lost in the maze again, and Reinn and Signy were both sick all over Manni. When are we going to finish these trials and become adults? My father keeps telling me to improve, saying that I should try harder to become a proper Fremennik adult.

Year 4 of trials, day 144

The trials aren't going well. I broke my arm while fighting a cow, and Beigarth almost fell into the furnace. Luckily, my father saved him and Signy from spilling molten iron all over the adults. Askeladden's already become an adult and he keeps making fun of us. He really annoys me.

Year 5 of trials, day 78

It's not fair! Father said that me and my friends might never pass our trials. They don't want us helping other people with their trials, either. And now he says we have to leave Rellekka! How can they exile us?

Year 5 of trials, day 89

Signy said she heard about two island kingdoms that had been at war for hundreds of years. If we go there and make peace, will my father finally agree that we're true Fremennik adults?

Year 5 of trials, day 93

Life's not fair!
We got to the island kingdoms and they said that an adventurer had recently made peace, by promising to marry the daughter of the king! Why does this always happen to us? If we'd just been a little earlier, I could have married the king's daughter.

Year 5 of trials, day 95

Beigarth says that just because they're at peace doesn't mean they always will be. He says he has a plan.

Year 5 of trials, day 95

Beigarth's plan is great! Now all we have to do is find the right armour, and a place in one of the caves. Father's going to be so impressed with me...

Year 5 of trials, day 98

The plan's worked! The kingdoms are at war again, and no-one knows we were those soldiers. All we need to do is make peace, and the council at home will be so impressed that they'll make us adults right away!

Year 5 of trials, day 99

Why did it go so wrong? We were just about to get the goods back, but there are MONSTERS in there! I'm not going anywhere near that giant snake, and I think the others agree with me. We're cold and hungry and can't go back to the town, because we got drunk in the inn and then couldn't pay. It's so bad that we've had to burn bits of my diary to keep warm.

Someone, please help us...

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Cadarn lineage

Where found: Found during the Rolving Elves Quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

The Cadarn family is one of the oldest elf clan names. Able to trace its blood line back to one of the eight families brought here by Seren in the 2nd age, it was the Cardarns' responsibility to protect the other 7 clans from any hostility encountered while colonising this new world. Not much is known about the first generations of elves to walk this land. The only remaining documentation is the ancestry records. It's not until the start of the 3rd age that we find surviving transcripts and these are few and far between. In the 3rd age there was constant battling gods and their followers. The need for protection in these troubled times made the Cadarn clan one of the most powerful in the elven domain. After centuries of fighting the war finally ended when the gods realised that they would destroy the very thing they were fighting over. The gods chose to agree on a pact of non-influence. With no great threat left the Cadarn clan found that their skills were of little use in Tirannwn. At the start of the 4th age the Cadarn family spearheaded an expansion into the lands east of Arandar. The occupation lasted for several centuries, before its final collapse near the end of the 4th age. With the death of Baxtorian Cadarn and his sons not yet of age to rule, the elven clan returned to Tirannwn leaderless. The Cadarn clan lost much standing within the elven council in this time. This led to a cessation of all exploits within the east land and the eventual closure of all routes through Arandar.

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Cocktail Guide

Where found: Given by Blurberry
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Cocktail Recipes

Blurberry Special
Chocolate Saturday
Drunk Dragon
Fruit Blast
Pineapple Punch
Short Green Guy
Wizard Blizzard

Blurberry Special

Blueberry Special


1 shot vodka
1 shot gin
1 shot brandy
Juice 2 lemons
Juice 1 orange

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into a glass. Add diced orange followed by chunks of lemon. Top the glass with a slice of lime and finish with some equa leaves.

Chocolate Saturday

Chocolate Saturday


1 shot whisky
1 sprig of equa leaves
Dash of milk
1 bar of chocolate

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker along with a crumbled chocolate bar. Shake well and pour into a glass. Warm it in an oven, then add fresh cream. Finally sprinkle with chocolate dust.

Drunk Dragon

Drunk Dragon


1 shot vodka
1 shot gin
Dwellberry juice

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into a glass. Add diced pineapple then top with fresh cream. Heat the drink briefly in a warm oven before serving.

Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast


Juice 1 pineapple
Juice 1 orange
Juice 1 lemon

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into a glass. Simply top with slices of fresh lemon to finish this light and refreshing mix.

Pineapple Punch

Pineapple Punch


Juice 1 lemon
Juice 1 orange
Juice 2 pineapples

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into a glass. Add chunks of pineapple followed by diced lime. Finish the drink by placing a single slice of orange on top.

Wizard Blizzard

Wizard Blizzard


2 shots vodka
1 shot gin
Juice 1 orange
Juice 1 lime
Juice 1 lemon

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into a glass. Add pineapple chunks to the drink.
Finally finish this magical concoction with slices of lime.

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Crumbling Tome (Legend of the brothers)

Where found: Barrows Farmer
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

During the great gods war there were six brothers who fought side by side against the forces of evil. Their fervour in battle was awed and feared by all who saw them. Nothing is know of their origins, only that they were first seen when the legions of evil were pressing their hardest into civilised lands.

It was the eldest who struck the first in that battle, hurling powerful battle magic into the enemies’ranks, opening a whole for four of the other brothers to charge through and into the heart of their forces. Little was known or seen of the sixth brother at the time, only that when one of the other brothers looked in danger his foe would be felled by a shower of crossbow bolts. It wasn’t until the dust had settled that those left could look on their saviours, the six brothers who stood proud with the bodies of the fallen at their feet.

For years these brothers fought hard against the enemy, throwing themselves into battle with little regard for their own safety and relying only on each other for aid. Stories were told around camp fires by soldiers of the fears they’d witnessed, they became legend long before the end.

Some say he’d always been there, but no-one really knows for sure. The first real tale was after an incursion deep into the dark lands, were once again the brothers proved their worth. It was after the battle that a bent robed figure was seen amongst the bodies of the dead. Most took him for a scavenger, but he moved towards the camp fires of the brothers with such directness that some at first thought him another companion. The brothers however reacted as with suspicion at his approach, drawing their weapons and rising from their places. The stranger merely stood before them, as though sizing them up before turning and walking back into the mists. Some say that it’s the first time they’d ever seen the brothers unsure.

As the campaign moved deeper into the dark lands the stranger appeared with greater frequency often appearing on a rise near a battle and watching over it. The most disturbing thing was how his presence started to affect the brothers; they became distracted and on occasion even received injuries that required attention.

It was deep in the heart of the enemies territory, in the falling light of dusk, that the enemy struck back. Great monstrosities swept through the camps tearing at all in their path, soldiers scattered like chaff in the wind before the onslaught. The brothers, valiant as ever, stood back to back before the enemy and fought with all their might. As dawn broke the enemy fled the battle, moving faster than any man could give chase. It was as the soldiers went about rebuilding the camp that the brothers collapsed at their camp fire, they lay as though yet breathing muttering in strange tongues. Their injuries were found swollen and infected, none of the physicians knew what to do, it was like no infection they had ever seen before. All through the day the brothers were tendered and cared for while the soldiers waited nervously for their heroes to rise once again. It was then, just as the sun’s last rays vanished behind the horizon, that all hope was lost.

As if on cue all the six brothers sighed one last breath and died. It was only then that the sentries noticed the stranger once again, standing on a rise just outside the camp.

That night the camp was surrounded by the great beasts of the enemy once again, but they didn’t attack, they merely baited the soldiers to come out and meet them. Once again at the break of dawn the enemy fled without a trace, leaving the soldiers tires from a restless night of worry and fear. That day the commanders decided to turn back, they could advance no further without the brothers’ aid. As was the custom at the time, out of honour and respect for the mighty fallen, they constructed six great barrows for the brothers. A crypt for each brother covered in a small hill of earth that would hold their remains undisturbed by predators. The work took many days, for each night the enemy returned and the soldiers had to flee back inside their camp to wait away the sounds of howling and scratching of the fences. But each day they resumed their work, their sense of duty to the surmounting their fear of the dark forces in the land.

On the last day the assembled the troops buried the brothers inside their stone tombs, then with great reverence, but little ceremony, they covered the tombs with earth. As the army broke camp and turned to march back to their lands the stranger was seen once again, standing atop the central barrow… standing tall against the falling light with his arms outstretched to the sky.

Not many of the original army made it back to these lands, many more had perished on the journey home, but the tales were told of how each night an unnatural glow could be seen on the horizon where they had buried the brothers. Even today there are stories told about these mounds of earth, and of the stories and sounds that have been witnessed nearby.

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Crystal of seren

Where found: Given to you by Ilfeen
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


This book is written to preserve the knowledge of crystal singing. It is by no means meant to cover the advanced concepts required to carry out a chant.

Chapter 1

What is a Crystal seed?

As you may know all crystal equipment is grown from a crystal seed. You may not know that all crystal seeds come from the same place; the ancestral home of Seren.

Reading the 'Cerddi' tells us that crystal seed is sentient, although no one has ever been able to converse with any crystal consciousness other than that of Seren. One of the ways we can see this consciousness in action is in the way that crystal equipment, when first used, becomes aligned to that person.

Chapter 2

Crystal chanting:

As far as we can tell there have always been those with the ability to chant crystal, these tend to be from the Ithell family, but it has been know for these 'Crystal Chanters' to be born to other families. The thing that makes these 'Cyrstal Chanters' special is their ability to vocalise perfect pitches beyond that which humans can hear.

The idea behind chanting is quite simple: different pitches can change the shape and size of any facet of the seed. This allows a practiced Chanter to make any number of shapes. It is also possible for particularly gifted individuals to imbue powers into these objects. The only problem with this process is that it is very costly and time consuming. The process can, however, be made more economical: the better the Chanter knows the person from whom they are creating items, the easier it is to make.

Chapter 3

Crystal properties:

Although crystal seeds are highly convenient they do have some drawbacks, the foremost of these is their brittleness. This will mean that any equipment made from a crystal seed will get weaker as it takes damage until eventually it reverts back to its original form, which can be reused to create any new crystal equipment. Unfortunately it is not possible to repair any Crystal items; it will need to return to seed before it can be made whole again.

Crystal Seed is one of our most valuable assets but with the loss of the 'World Gate' in the 2nd age access to this resource has been lost. Luckily there is no known way to destroy a crystal seed.

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Dagon'hai history

Where found: Varrock Library
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

'...In scarred lands and ruined fields, that circle flaming towers high, where cruel and cursed torments yield, the Dark of Man, the Dagon'hai.'

'The Prohecies of Zamorak'

...until the day that the Zamorakian Magi were welcomed among the human numbers. The Zamorakian numbers grew and some moved their order to the city of Varrock. These were the Dagon'hai. The practices of the Dagon'hai were looked darkly upon by the priests of Saradomin within the walls of Varrock and, thus, the Dagon'hai were forced into a hidden war, away from the eyes of the citizens of Varrock. Priests of Saradomin were found dead in the darkened streets and crumbling houses. Dagon'hai were cast into cells and tormented through purification. Varrock was torn between the followers of two warring deities. Yet, the people of Varrock did nothing...

...until the tower fell.

The famed Wizard's Tower in the south burned for what seemed like an age and the people of Varrock knew they had been misled. They turned upon the Zamorakian mages with murderous intent and the Dagon'hai, even with their skills in dark wizardry, were unable to confront such a vengeance-filled assault against their order, supported in full by the priests of Saradomin. The Dagon'hai were all but decimated. Their numbers were shattered and they hid themselves in the darkest houses in the most dimly lit of streets within the city. Those that survived the exodus delved deeper into the most evil of arcane magic, intent of exacting retribution upon the priests of Saradomin and the people of Varrock. Varrock may have fallen if not for the purestof chances. A young guardsman on patrol in the city happened across a dimly lit house in a corner of the city. Sensing something evil in the air, he cautiosly peered through one of the small windows and was aghast to see the High Elders of the Dagon'hai engaged in a sacrificial ritual. Sounding the alarm, the guard called for help and the Dagon'hai, knowing they would be slaughtered, fled into the night. The last remaining Dagon'hai were chased throughout Varrock to the great statue of Saradomin himself. Then, they all but disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to them, but some say they were set upon by creatures from the Wilderness. Others say that they teleported themselves away to a place of safety. A few claimed they saw men disappearing into the earth beneath the statue itself. It was as though the statue of Saradomin had claimed their lives in his name. The Dagon'hai never reappeared in Varrock, yet the people knew that one day they would return to have their revenge.

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Demonic tome

Where found: Temple of Uzer
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

I know that it is too late to prevent my execution, and I do not dispute the letter of the charges against me. I did read forbidden books, and I did perform unholy rituals forbidden by the Church of Saradomin. But I hope to show by this account that I did not blaspheme against holy Saradomin but rather acted in his spirit.

For as long as we know, those who worship Saradomin have fallen prey to demons, both those that are summoned by dark wizards and those that live wild in the desolate north. But even priests of Saradomin know little about these creatures, for all knowledge of them is suppressed by the Church. Should we not know out enemies? If we were to read the tomes of demon-lore, and yet keep the light of Saradomin in out hearts, might we not find new and better ways to fight these beasts?

It was with that thought in mind that I performed the actions for which I have been convicted. And, as I read about the various types of demon, I did indeed strike upon awa that unholy magic could be used for a holy purpose.

Not all demons are most dangerous when they are on our plane as physical beings. There is also a more subtle demonic influence that pervades our world, with demons working behind the scenes to cause natural disasters and accidents. The chief among these demons is Agrith-Naar.

If Agrith-Naar were to be removed from his own dimension he would be unable to work his magic on the world, and so I came to believe that summoning him would not be an evil act, but a good one. Therefore I secretly studied the forbidden books and conducted magical experiments, until I had discovered the means by which Agrith-Naar could be summoned. The process of preparation was complex, but the most important part was the construction of a sigil of the demon out of silver. The final act was for eight persons, each holding such a sigil, to recite the following incantation:

'Tarren Caldar Camerinthum Agrith-Naar Nahudu'

The ritual was a success, and the great demon Agrith-Naar appeared before us. We had prepared a magical cage, and with difficulty we imprisoned the demon.

However, we were unable to destroy him, though we tried every physical and magical means. Furthermore, the magical cage was weakening, and we feared it would not be able to contain him for long. Therefore we decided to

(The last pages of the book have been torn out)

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Diary (Diary of Herbi Flax)

Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

Some local townsfolk are worried about the mists coming from the North East. Ordered more fire logs from Razmire’s shop, must find a more reliable source of Fyreneght. That money grabbing Razmire didn’t know what I was talking about, had to explain they were ashes. Herbs like Harralander, Marrentil and Tarromin in short supply. I am hoping the latter will make solution 194 the best yet.

The remains of a primitive temple to the north have piqued my curiosity.

Not much happening today, though the stench from the east increases.

The people of Mort’on seem very depressed. Noticed several townsfolk just staring blankly into the air. I’ll keep further notes to aid my study of the effects from the Sanguinesti region.

Saradomin protect us.

Temple is likely early pagan and devoted to elemental power.

The townsfolk are quite short in temper and fight readily amongst themselves at the slightest provocation. I’ve been out with my assistant Liornish Stemplehair, she’s an able assistant, but preoccupied with her family life. How will she become a respected scholar in her own right? Temple was almost surely made of limestone bricks and show signs of heat damage in the centre.

Samples from Mort Myre inconclusive at this stage, more testing needed.

Horror of horrors! The local tradesman Razmire has started charging higher prices for everyday consumables. How will we live? He blames the lack of trade from the temple but I believe he just wishes to fleece us all before leaving the town.

Some further experiments have been inconclusive.

First test vials with Guam not successful. Senithiline process with water and Tarromin proving successful.

Temple to the north, is known to the locals as ‘Flamtaer’ holds an interesting story.

Local superstition talk about pagan rites and a sacred flame which could, ‘hold for permanence’ was said to be involved in marriage ceremonies due to ‘mystical aura’

Also have reports of supernatural activity with shadow creatures being seen!

Such utter nonsense.

The mists from Mort Myre are getting worse and the stagnation of the swamp is having an effect of the towns people.

Victims of the effect become vacant and unintelligible, though some words do seem familiar.

Only a few people have succumbed, but more fall into this state on a daily basis. No known cure at this stage. Heard some further superstitious nonsense regarding a ‘sacred flame’ where Flamtaer stood.

A small breakthrough!

A patient only slightly afflicted had a short recovery with solution 194, but this lasted only a few minutes. Although a small step, this gives me a hope that a cure can be found.

This new solution might last longer with Fyrrneght, but I must pack and leave soon before the affliction gets to me.

It’s too late!

I already show the signs of the affliction.
I’m saddened that my work will not reach the scientific community of Varrock. I’d have liked to have shown my work before my peers.
Ulsquire makes me laugh, he believes the pagan flame may still have power. Even with this strange affliction, I feel a quiet reservation that…

Must write this quickly as it’s hard to concentrate. Solution 198 was a change to 194 with added Snake-weed.
This had little effect though; solution 194 was still the strongest so far. Need to increase this effectiveness with further refinement of senithiline process and perhaps addition of other compounds.

Possible last entry…

Solution 194 revised to 207 which gives a longer term but still not permanent relief from the affliction.
Senithelene works best with added fyrrneght but lasts short time… Agitation and warmth should seal this..
This cursed affliction ahs some evil to it, a darkness I cannot fathom.
Laughing at Ulsquire before but his suggestion may have merit.

Ffssiies urgsl sikflv dfdsf…….

Urgll splats fysi rsil

Raditz ufus spokes to me wets lands in deis tinker



Index of solution

Content value (Scv)

Water Scv(100)
TarRomin Scv(94)
Fyrneght Scv(13)
Water + Tarromin Scv(194)
Fyneght + water Scv(113)

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Diary (Lighthouse)

Where Found: Lighthouse
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

I do not know why it is me that has been chosen by them... but I will not fail them!

Soft whispers, beckoning me at night... I know what you are!

I saw one today.

Magnificence. Is this then, what we all aspire to someday become? Are these beings even natural, or are they beyond what we think of as nature?

The beautiful chittering.

Dagannoth! I know thee! I call thee! For I too am of the ocean, I too know this land as home! Home? Perhaps. Where did you come from? Where do you plan to go?

You cannot leave. You MUST not leave. I will ensure it.

I find myself thinking often of the time when we can all be together as one in the deep sea.

Problems arose. Can you not see what I want? Can you not see how we should proceed?

I have no solution.

I sleep during the days now, my nights are only for you and your kind.

I am thinking of a door.

We cannot let everyone know of my plans!

I was buying food in the nearby town today, the idiot barbarians look at me as though I have lost my wits.

Ha! Like they know what wits even are!

Do they eve understand? Of course not they are just barbarians! Soon.

Things fall into place so quickly...

A door. Yes. Definitely a door. But how to keep my secrets secure?

Disturbing message from the council today, they feel that I am not fulfilling my contract to keep this lighthouse operative correctly.

Do they think I care?

Do I even care anymore?

Things proceed apace. I will being work on the door as soon as I can.

What can they do to me?

Your songs of the night call to me, always.

Always the chittering.

Did I name you, Dagannoth? Or did you tell me your name in my dreams of you? If I named you, did I also create you just by naming you? Am I then also somehow a part of you, or are you a part of me?

Things seem so strange nowadays...

The door is the key. But what should then be the key to the door?

I do not think I am well anymore, it is good to have company.

Stupid council! Always interfering! You do not know the dagannoth, you have no sway here!

I am the sea.

I see that I am.

The door. Dagannoth. Will I wake one day and find that my life so far has been naught but a dream, and that under my skin, under my bones, I too am dagannoth?

Such dreams I have in the days while I sleep.

The chittering is now always ringing in my ears... what are you saying to me???

The key IS the door! The red of flame, the blue of water. The white of air and the brown of earth.

Is this all? Can this be?

No, dagannoth, it isn't.

The colours are of deep significance, deep seas, deep thoughts, thoughts of creation, am I a creation, dagannoth? Are you? Then who by?

And what for?

The door is the key. The key to the door is key. Red and yellow and blue and brown and white and green, put them together and what have you got? The runes. Fire, air, water, earth. The other keys. Weapons.

I take two other parts of the mixture; the sword of the warrior and the arrow of the huntsman. Can this then keep you bound to this place, dagannoth?

We shall see.

We shall see the sea.

Days are a stream of people, buying, selling can you not leave me be?

I think I understand.

I come to thee tonight, dagannoth. I know not how this ends, but will now found out.

Farewell land, the sea is now my home, my place, my life.

I have not much time left in this place.

I return to you in the sea at night.

Dagannoth. Me. Can you become me?


Can I somehow... Become you?

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Diary (Witch's Diary)

Where found: Witch's bedroom in the Witch's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

2nd of Pentember

Experiment is growing larger daily. Making excellent progress now. I am currently feeding it on a mixture of fungus, tar and clay.
It seems to like this combination a lot!

3rd of Pentember

Experiment still going extremely well. Moved in to the wooden garden shed; it does too much damage in the house! It is getting very strong now, but unfortunately is not too intelligent yet. It has a really mean stare too!

4th of Pentember

Sausages for dinner tonight! Lovely!

5th of Pentember

A guy called Professor Oddenstein installed a new security system for me in the basement. He seems to have a lot of good security ideas.

6th of Pentember

Don't want people getting into back garden to see the experiment. Professor Oddenstein is fitting me a new security system, after his successful installation in the cellar.

7th of Pentember

That pesky kid keeps kicking his ball into my garden. I swear, if he does it AGAIN, I'm going to lock his ball away in the shed.

8th of Pentember

The security system is done. By Zamorak! Wow, is it contrived! Now, to open my own back door, I lure a mouse out of a hole in the back porch, I fit a magic curved piece of metal to the harness on its back, the mouse goes back in the hole, and the door unlocks! The prof tells me that this is cutting edge technology! As an added precaution I have hidden the key to the shed in a secret compartment of the fountain in the garden. No one will ever look there!

9th of Pentember

Still can't think of a good name for 'The Experiment'. Leaning towards 'Fritz'... Although am considering Lucy as it reminds me of my mother!

15th of Pentember

Oh, calamity! Oh, woe! My precious Fritz! He has been murdered by a wretched adventurer. I came out to feed him this morning and heard a noise. When I got to the shed, Fritz was dead. Oh, my poor heart aches. I will have my revenge on the cowardly person who did this. I notice that the ball has gone too. That pesky kid must have gotten someone to get the ball back for him. Well, I'm not beaten yet! I must plan very carefully.

16th of Pentember

I am feeling a lot better today than yesterday. Fritz is dead, but it may be for the better. There were some...anomalies with him that concerned me. The potion is not ready yet so I have decided to continue my work on it for now. I went to market today and saw the most astonishing sight! A gnome turned a ogleroot into a gigantic hulk of a vegetable! I must learn the secrets of that spell. I have captured him and put him in my cellar until he tells me the secret of the spell.

23rd of Pentember

I have had marginal success with my potion. It is struggling to allow the subject to grasp one solid form, so for now I have had to confine my little darlings to the sewers below to prevent them from being discovered by the local residents of Taverley. They have developed a taste for shrunken ogleroots, it would appear. These have become invaluable for a new potion I have concocted since those pesky mice have been pinching my jewellery again. It is a shrinking potion that will allow me to go into that wretched mousehole and retrieve my belongings.

25th of Pentember

I can't afford to lose the recipe for my shrinking potion so I have hidden it in my new safe in the basement. My new experiments are growing well. Unfortunately the new experiment has not worked as I had planned and they appear to have mutated into combinations of various creatures. I will need to keep working on the recipe. Fluffy, my favourite, enjoys throwing shrunken ogleroots back and forth with me in a playful manner. He's quite a character, that one...

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Eastern discovery

Where found: Bookcase in Lletya, in Arianwyn's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: No


This volume is meant as a historical document covering the period between 'The break out' and the creation of the eastern province. You will find the book is written from a third party point of view; this is in an attempt to make this literature more objective.

Chapter 1:
The break out

In matters of history it is always best to understand some background to the subject you are studying, so we shall have a brief explanation of 'The break out'.

After centuries of isolated development, after the god wars, it was decided that the Elven domain needed to expand. With their backs to the sea, there was only one way to go: East. After many years of hard work, a pass over the mountain was created. The creation of this pass is a long tale unto itself and we shall leave that subject for another time.

Chapter 2:
First impressions.

For the first time since Seren had departed, the Elven people could leave Tirannwn. They found a land in chaos; many of the races that had been dominant before the end of the god wars were on the edge of extinction or had simply vanished.

The Gnome city, which in years past had a good trade with the Elves, was now little more than a village. As for the Majharrat, who had never had good relations with Elves, there was no trace. The only sign anyone had ever been there was the sacred battle grounds. Seeing the vacuum in power the Elves elected to move quickly but first they needed some security.

Chapter 3:

Knowling how volatile the east lands can be, the Assembly of elders concluded that the safest way to proceed was to draw up non-aggression pacts with: the Gnomes to the north; the Humans to the east, and the Ogres to the south.

The Gnomes, having taken great losses at the end of the god wars, were more than happy to find a race who did not wish them harm and signed up to the treaty immediately.

The Humans, being of many different tribes were a little harder to get any agreement from. After much time and organization however, the tribes concluded that a non-aggression pact with the Elves was in all their best interest.

Lastly the Elves approached the Ogres and their kin to the south. Unfortunately, without Bandos' guidance which had held these races together for millenia, the nation had fallen into a bloody civil war, making any form of a treaty with each side useless.

The Elven people decided that two out of three treaties agreed upon was good enough to start the colonisation of the new lands. And so the eastern province was born.

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Eastern settlement

Where found: Bookcase in Lletya, in Arianwyn's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: No

  1. The first community.
  2. A time of peace.
  3. A time for war.
  4. Community


This volume is meant as a historical document to tell future generations about the settlement of the area to the east of Arandar. It is suggested that you read 'Exploration of the eastern realm' to give you grounding for thsi book. You will find the book is written from a third party point of view; this is in an attempt to make this literature more objective.

Chapter 1:
The first community.

After the Elves had completed their diplomatic negotiations with the neighbouring nations, the council felt it was at last time to use the land they had secured. It was decided that as the Ogre nation to the south was unstable, that the Cadarn clan should be the first to settle the newly aquired land, as they were one of the few clans able to defend themselves.

It was not long before the first Elven town in the eastern realm had grown, populated by the Cadarn clan's settlers.

Chapter 2:
A time of peace.

After the Cadarn family had secured the new realm, the other clans, seeing how much wealth was coming over Arandar, were quick to join them in the new realm. This was a time of great prosperity and profit for Elves, Gnomes and Humans alike. New trade agreements were being created with the Gnomes and Humans. Soon new Elven settlements started to be created.

Chapter 3:
A time for war.

Although at this time the Elves, Gnomes and Humans were living in peace, to the south, the war between the Ogres and their Goblin neighbours degenerated into an attempt at genocide of all Goblin races by the Ogres. This started a mass exodus of the Goblin races, and they started to emigrate north along the coast moving through the lands not yet settled by Elves.

Although the Goblin races were busy guarding their backs to the south and did not have the resources to start a war on two fronts, this did not stop them from forays for supplies into the Elven lands.

Chapter 4:

Within the few decades of 'The break out', the Elves had created many thriving settlements and a vast network of roads, despite the constant raiding from the Goblins.

The new realm continued to thrive for many years and I hope it will for many more.

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Embalming Manual

Where found: Obtained during Icthlarin's Little Helper quest in the Embalmer's house in Sophanem
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


Embalming is an essential part of Menaphite funerary practise. It is believed that the spirits of the deceased return to their bodies to find sustenance, however if their body decays or becomes unrecognisable then the spirit goes hungry and their afterlife is jeopardized. As an embalmer we seek to prevent this decay and offer our clients the best afterlife that money can pay for. As we are of a scientific persuasion I will only deal with the technicalities of the job. Prayers and other religious ceremonies will be left to the priests and acolytes of Icthlarin.

The Process

  1. Remove the body’s large internal organs
  2. Apply preservatives to corpse
  3. Wrap corpse in bandages
  4. Seal bandages
  5. Give final blessing

Canopic jar

1) Removal of large organs

Incisions are made in the body to remove most of the large organs. These are then placed inside large canopic jars. Each jar is blessed and put under the protection of one of Icthlarin’s minions.


2) Application of preservatives

Salts are applied to the body in order to dry out the body and reduce decay. Salt is a valuable spice but thankfully it can be easily obtained in the Sophanem area. However the process of creating it is slightly complicated. A small salt water lake exists to the North of Sophanem, water from this source can be evaporated off leaving a residue of salt. Natural evaporation is a long ant time consuming process. At the time of writing of this book a sun focusing device is being constructed in the South of Sophanem in order to speed the crystallisation process up.


3) Wrap corpse in bandages

For our executive customers we have added a new stage to the embalming process – that is wrapping them up in linen. This further decreases the decay of the body. Linen should be available from any half decent cloth merchant in the area as it is the cloth of choice for most Menaphites.


4) Seal bandages

To seal in all the bodies’ goodness sap is essential. The body can either be covered in this or the linen bandages. Sap is a sought after and expensive commodity for those who live in desert climes. This is because it is only obtainable from evergreen trees whose natural habitat exists far from the harsh dry desert climes. The smart embalmer should always try horde sap in times of plenty as they have little time to be travelling to distant lands. The process of collecting sap is a simple one though and all that is needed is a knife and an empty bucket. A small cut should be made on the tree with the knife and the sap collected with the bucket.

5) Give final blessing

The priests in Icthlarin then finish the process by carrying out a final ceremony where the deceased spirit departs their body and leaves for the afterlife. The details of this are of little consequence to the embalmer.

By Bod E. Wrapper.

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Farming manual

Where found: Obtained from My Arm during My Arm's Big Adventure
Available in POH bookshelf?: No

  1. Basics
  2. Disease
  3. Soil preparation


  1. Basics
  2. Disease
  3. Soil preparation


The aim of Farming is to sow seeds, help them grow into healthy plants, then harvest the crops. Although the trade can seem complicated, everything a farmer does is part of this simple process.

Most seeds can be planted directly into a suitable patch of soil with the aid of a seed dibber. The soil may first need raking if it has become overgrown with weeds. When the seeds have been sown, they will grow slowly until they are fully grown. At that point the crop may be harvested with a spade.

All the tools commonly used by farmers are sold in Farming shops throughout the land.


The greatest threat to crops is disease. Where crops become diseased, they usually die unless the disease is promptly treated in an appropriate way.

For small crops, a vial of plant cure should restore the health of the entire patch. Larger plants such as bushes and trees may be treated by cutting off the diseased leaves with secateurs.

Prevention, of course, is far better than a cure. Farmers are strongly advised to take all necessary steps to ward off disease from their crops. There are a variety of techniques for this:


If the soil is treated with compost before seeds are sown in it, the chance of the crops becoming diseased will be considerably lower. Supercompost has an even greater effect on the likelihood of disease.

Complementary crops

Certain flowers attract the pests that cause disease in vegetables and fruits. You may therefore be able to protect your crops in allotments by growing appropriate flowers in the nearby flower patches.
Marigolds protect potatoes, onions and tomatoes.
Rosemary protects cabbages.
Nasturtiums protect watermelons.


A scarecrow may be placed in an empty flower patch. This will repel birds, thus protecting any sweetcorn growing in nearby allotments from disease.


The simplest method of preventing disease is to hire a gardener to look after your crops for you. Throughout the lands, you will usually have little trouble finding someone willing to help in exchange for a few sacks or baskets of food.

Soil preparation

It is critically important that your crops be planted in the best available soil if they are to grow successfully. In general, amateur farmers are advised to do their farming within the farming patches available across the lands.

Where one is required to grow crops in some other place, the ground must be treated very thoroughly before any seeds are planted. The appropriate treatment shall depend on the nature of the existing soil and the climate.


Mix 2 buckets of dung and 8 buckets of supercompost into the soil.


Mix 6 buckets of dung and 4 buckets of supercompost into the soil. Finally, stir in plenty of water with a trowel.


Mix 3 buckets of dung and 7 buckets of supercompost into the soil.


Mix 10 buckets of supercompost into the soil. Pour a vial of plant cure over the soil and provide some means of drainage.

It is widely believed that camel dung surpasses all other creatures' dung in both fertility and stench. Keen farmers preparing soil for important crops should therefore aim to use camel dung wherever possible. It may be freely obtained in the desert lands south of Misthalin.

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Feathered Journal

Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

We’re all set for the raid on the Gnome Stronghold tomorrow. They must have something good in a place that well defended. We’ll sneak in over the west river while the gnomes are watching some big ‘Gnome ball’ match, whatever it is. This time Armen won’t be bringing his pet kebbit. That thing caused nothing but trouble last time.

The start to the so called ‘Gnome ball’ match appears to have been delayed; some sort of rubbish about bad light. Looks like we’re stuck waiting here for now.

I’m going to kill Armen, he assured me his kebbit was tied up safely. We were lucky to escape with our lives, especially Davey who got his foot caught in a rabbit hole whilst we were running away. Those long eared pests seem to get everywhere. Currently hiding in a cave in the mountains. The only ‘loot’ we managed to grab was a bag of refreshments from the gnome ball pitch. There’d better be something good in there, I could eat a camel right now.

Gnomes are still looking for us outside, might be in here for a while. Fortunately this cave system seems to go a lot deeper than we originally thought, although some of the noises coming from the darker areas concern me slightly. Barakur has been playing with mechanisms as per usual. He thinks he can rig up something to hide the cave entrance. Is this what dwarves do when they get bored? Armen said he saw some kind of giant bird. I’m sceptical, although this place does give me the creeps.

Gnome food again today. Worms, however they’re cooked, got boring after a while.

Okay, we all saw the birds this time. Typically Armen insists he can tame them; that guy is animal crazy.

Gnomes seem to have stopped looking for us, although with Barakur’s hidden entrance this would be a good place to stash loot.

Armen tried roping one of the eagles today; got dragged halfway to Al-Kharid apparently. Barakur seems to have taken the hideout idea to heart and is now designing an inner door.

A mysterious old man turned up today. Not sure how he got in. Kept pestering us until eventually Davey spoke to him, at which point he offloaded a load of spinach rolls onto us then left.

Grief Barakur’s door design is contrived; not sure I’ll be able to open it myself. However, Armen still insists that we’ll be able to use the eagles to get in and out.

First attempt at using the eagles in a raid today. Gave me the fright of my life. Armen guided the eagle over Ardougne market; managed to catch some loaves with a fishing net. We’ll be eating well tonight, at least compared to recently.

Barakur has completed two of apparently three parts of the puzzle for his second door. I’m sure he’d be making quicker progress if Armen’s kebbit didn’t keep getting in the way.

That mysterious old man has turned up again. We don’t have time for this, quite frankly, so we’re just going to ignore him, after all what could he possible…

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Ghrim's book

Where found: Advisor Ghrim on Miscellania
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Managing Thine Kingdom
- for Noobes
- by A. Ghrim

2nd Edition
Wherein is contained the TRUE and TESTED knowledge of the AUTHOR in matters pertaining to the RUNNING of one's KINGDOM.

Collecting Resources

Your loyal subjects will work hard to gather resources for you. When you wish to collect what has been gathered, talk to your Advisor so that they may deliver them to your bank. Remember to be patient! Rather than continually pestering your Advisor to check if more resources have been brought in yet consider what methods you can use to increase the amounts collected, which are set forth in the pages that follow.

Approval Ratings

Your approval rating has an important effect on the amount of resources gathered by your subjects; the more they love you, the more they will collect. If, Guthix forbid, your approval rating should ever drop to near 0, your subjects would be loath to gather anything at all!

Your approval rating will drop quite low over time if you do nothing to increase it. The surest way to improve your rating is to go and help your subjects with their resource-gathering tasks.

Even helping a single fisherman fish can be enough, for he will surely tell his friends and family how kind you were.

The Royal Coffers

Your subjects are rewarded for their work straight out of the contents of the royal coffers; should there ever be no money remaining in the coffers, your subjects will have to concentrate on satisfying their own needs and so will not be able to gather anything for you.

Each day, one tenth of the contents of the royal coffers are distributed to your subjects, up to a maximum of 75,000 coins. Of course, the greater this share, the more they will be eager to work for you, but be careful not to spend your riches too frivolously. The coffers will hold up to 7.5 million coins.

Division of Labour

You may decide at one time or another that you require large amounts of a certain resource above all others; or simply that you do not require any of a certain resource, and do not wish your subjects to gather any of it. By talking to your advisor, you may decide the amount of time and effort your subjects will devote to gathering each resource.

Etceterian Citizens

Etceteria has pledged some of its subjects to gather resources for you. If you help them with their tasks, they will be as willing as any loyal Miscellanian to aid you and give you the results of their work.

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Gianne's cook book

Where found: Given by Gianne jnr., can also be bought from Hudo in the Grand Tree
Available in POH bookshelf?: No

Gnome Bowls

Chocolate Bomb
Tangled Toad's Legs
Worm Hole
Veg Ball

Gnome Crunchies

Worm Crunchies
Choc Chip Crunchies
Spicy Crunchies
Toad Crunchies

Gnome Battas

Worm Batta
Toad's Legs Batta
Cheese and Tomato Batta
Fruit Batta
Vegetable Batta

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb

Knead a ball of Gianne dough into a gnomebowl mould. Bake this briefly. Decadently add four bars of chocolate to the bowl and top with one sprig of equa leaves. Bake the bowl in the over to melt the chocolate. Then mix in two big dollops of cream and finally sprinkle chocolate dust all over.

Chocolate is a relatively recent cooking ingredients for gnomes, having been imported from human lands.

Tangled Toad's Legs

Tangled Toad's Legs

Shape a portion of fresh Gianne dough into a gnomebowl mould. Bake this until it is slightly springy. Add to the bowl... 4 pairs of toad's legs 2 portions of cheese 2 sprigs of equa leaves 2 dashes of gnome spice 1 bunch of dwellberries. Bake the dish in th eover once more prior to serving.

Tangled Toads Legs was a special dish created by gnome chef Deelie to celebrate the first Healthorg the Great Day.

Worm Hole

Worm Hole

Starting with a gnomebowl mould, shape a portion of fresh Gianne dough into a rought bowl. Bake this until it is firm to the touch. Add to the bowl four king worms, two onions and a dash of gnome spices. Bake the bowl in the over once more. To finish the dish simply add a topping of equa leaves.

Worms are specially favoured by gnomes as they purportedly aid virility.

Veg Ball

Veg Ball

As with all gnomebowl dishes, throw a ball of fresh Gianne dough into a mould. Bake this as usual. Bake this briefly. Add to the bowl two onions, two potatoes and a dash of gnome spices. Bake the bowl in the oven once more. To finish simply top with equa leaves.

Vegetable dishes are seen as luxurious food, since for most of gnome history growing vegetables was harder than finding toads and worms.

Worm Crunchies

Worm Crunchies

Using a crunchy tray, form a portion of Gianne dough into small evenly sized balls. Heat these briefly in an oven. Mix into the dough balls two king worms, one sprig of equa leaves and a shake of gnome spices. Bake the crunchies for a short time in the oven. Sprinkle generously with gnome spices to finish.

Crunchies were invented accidentally by Pukkamay, who was Deelie's assistant before his sacking. He started a successful crunchy making business before dying in a bizarre Terrorbird accident.

Choc Chip Crunchies

Choc Chip Crunchies

Fill up a crunchy tray with balls of Gianne dough. Heat these briefly in a warm oven. Break up two bars of chocolate and mix these with the balls of dough. Next add a little gnome spice to each ball. Bake the crunchies for a short time in the oven. Top the crunchies with a sprinkling of chocolate dust to finish.

(A large chocolate stain covers the rest of the page.)

Spicy Crunchies

Spicy Crunchies

Using a crunchy tray, form a portion of Gianne dough into small evenly sized balls. Heat these briefly in a warm oven. Add a generous shake of spice and two sprigs of equa leaves to the dough balls. Bake the crunchies for a short time in the oven. Sprinkle a load more gnome spice over the cookies to finish.

The special mix of herbs and spices in gnome spice is a closely guarded secret. It is rumoured to contain (the rest is scribbled out)

Toad Crunchies

Toad Crunchies

Fill a cruncy tray with Gianne dough as normal. Heat these briefly in a warm oven. Mix into the dough balls two pairs of toad's legs and a shake of gnome spices. Bake the crunchies for a short time in the oven. Finish the crunchies with a sprinkling of equa leaves.

When Pukkamay first made toad crunchies, everyone thought he was mad. 'Chewy toads, in crunchies? It'll never work' they said - how wrong they were...

Worm Batta

Worm Batta

First take some fresh Gianne dough and place it in a batta tin. Bake the dough until it is lightly browned. Take one king worm, some gnome spice and a little cheese. Add these to the batta before briefly baking it in the oven once more. Finish the batta with a topping of equa leaves.

Battas are usually cooked by gnome mother during the cold winter months.

Toad's Legs Batta

Toad's Legs Batta

Mould some Gianne dough into a batta tin. Bake the tin until it is almost cooked. Next add some prime toad's legs, a sprig of equa leaves and some spice along with some cheese to the batta. Bake the batta in the oven once more and serve hot.

Toads legs battas are sometimes called Toad in the Hole. Apparently there is a similar human dish that uses sausages. How odd.

Cheese and Tomato Batta

Cheese and Tomato Batta

Place some Gianne dough in a batta tin. Bake it as normal. Top the plain batta with equal quantities of cheese and tomato. Place the batta in the oven once more until all the cheese has melted. Finish the dish with a sprinkling of equa leaves.

The combination of cheese and tomato was discovered by the explorer Wingstone while was visiting the human lands. Apparently it's used a lot in a strange flat human dish called a pizza.

Fruit Batta

Fruit Batta

Prepare Gianne dough in a batta tin as normal. Bake the dough for a short while. Top the batta with chunks of pineapple, orange and lime. Lay four sprigs of equa leaves on top of the batta before baking it in the oven once more. Finish the batta with a sprinkling of gnome spices.

Battas are normally savoury dish, and the fruit batta is definitely an acquired taste.

Vegetable Batta

Vegetable Batta

Place some Gianne dough in a batta tin and bake as normal. Add to the plain batta two tomatos, one onion, one cabbage and some dwellberries. Top the batta with cheese and briefly place it in the oven once more. Finish the dish with a sprinling of equa leaves.

There's no better batta than a vegetable batta.

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Glassblowing book

Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

Ultimate Guide to Glassblowing

Authors: Fritz the Glassblower

I can tell you now, the art of creating glass has long been a valued trade in RuneScape. Not many could get by without the use of some item made from this marvelous substance.

It’s within this book that we cover the basics of the art, in a hope to get you hooked on this popular pass-time and trade. To start with, you will need a few essential items:

Empty Bucket

An empty bucket.

These can be purchased from the majority of general stores and are required to carry the sand you will need to make glass.

Glassblowing Pipe

A glassblowing pipe.

Found on Entrana or often just north-west of the Ranging Guild. As it’s name suggests, this is used to blow air into molten glass.



Seaweed can be found on the shore in many places, but it is also a frequent find when fishing with nests. This you will need to create soda ash – an important ingredient to the process.

Soda Ash

Soda ash

Made by burning seaweed, you will need this to make glass. Other than making it yourself you can purchase it from other budding glassblowers.

With these items you are ready to begin! You’ll need to find a sandpit, and there are a few dotted around RuneScape. Try the island of Entrana or Yanille, for example. Use your bucket on the sandpit to fill it up.

Next, you need to find your way to the furnace. Turn your seaweed into soda ash by using it on a range before using the bucket of sand or soda ash on the furnace to create molten glass.

The last stage is simply to use the molten glass with your glassblowing pipe and, depending on your level of skill; you can create a variety of items.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, and please keep an eye out for more of my titles!

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Glough's Journal

Where found: In the cupboard in Glough's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

The migration failed!

After spending half a century hiding underground you would think that the great migration would have improved life on RuneScape for tree gnomes. However, rather than the great liberation promised us by King Healthorg at the end of the last age, we have been forced to live in hiding, up trees or in the gnome maze, laughed at and mocked by man. Living in constant fear of human aggression, we are in a no better situation now than when we lived in the caves! Change must come soon!

They must be stopped!

Today I heard of three more gnomes slain by Khazard's human troops for fun, I can't control my anger. Humanity seems to have acquired a level of arrogance comparable to that of Zamorak, killing and pillaging at will! We are small and at heart not warriors but something must be done! We will pick up arms and go forth into the human world! We will defend ourselves and we will pursue justice for all gnomes who fell at the hands of humans!

Gaining support.

Some of the local gnomes seem strangely deluded about humans, many actually beleive that humans are not all naturally evil but instead vary from person to person. This sort of talk could be the end for the tree gnomes and I must continue to convince my fellow gnome folk the cold truth about these human creatures! How they will not stop until all gnome life is destroyed! Unless we can destroy them first!

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Goblin Book (The Book of the Big High War God)

Where found: Goblin drop
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

The Creation of the Goblins

In beginning all gods have big war. Each god find army to fight for him.

Big High War God not have army. Big High War God go to beardy-short-people and ask, Will you fight in my army? But beardy-short-people say, No, we fight for God of Shiny Light.

Then Big High War God go to demons and ask, Will you fight in my army? But demons say, No, we fight for God of Dark Fire.

Then Big High War God go to tall people with keen blades and say, Will you fight in my army? But tall people with keen blades say, No, some of us fight for God of Shiny Light and some of us fight for God of Dark Fire, but none of us fight for you!

Big High War God very sad. He travel east and west, north and south, across land looking for army to fight for him.

Then goblins say, We fight for you! At that time goblins very weak, very small, soft skin. Not like goblins today! But Big High War God say, I will make you my army. So Big High War God train goblins so they very strong. He give them good armour so they not be harmed. He make them strong in spirit so they not afraid of battle. He give them commanders so they know which way to go. He divide goblins into twelve tribes and send them into battle!

Goblin armies fight very good! When other gods see this, they very jealous. So they say, We want goblins to fight for us too! So Big High War God take some tribes and sell them, one to God of Shiny Light and one to God of Dark Fire, and other tribes to other gods. But most still worship Big High War God who created them!

The Several Commandments

These are commands of Big High War God! Obey all commands all time or Big High War God kill you very bad!

Always to slay enemies of Big High War God. Enemies must die!

Not to run from battle. Cowards must die!

Not to show mercy. Merciful must die!

Not to doubt Big High War God. Doubters must die!

Not to make own plans. Thinkers must die!

The end of the war and the prophecy

The war of gods last many lifetimes. Battle is glorious and many heroes live and die! Then all gods leave world, leave their armies behind. But goblins still soldiers, still fight! Goblins fight against tall people with keen blades. But tall people build cities with walls, they not want to fight. They not true soldiers like goblins! But now goblins nto have enough to eat, and have no commanders to tell them who to fight. So goblin tribes fight one another.

At last all goblin tribes have big battle on plain of mud. Battle last many days and many goblins die, battle is glorious! But goblin corpses cover the ground and it look like all die.

Then Hopespear of the Narogoshuun tribe have vision of Big High War God. In night while soldiers rest he call leaders of all tribes together to give them message.

This is the word of Big High War God: Battle is indeed glorious and goblins are soldiers, but if there too much battle all goblins die! No more must goblin fight against goblin or tribe against tribe. Goblins must find other enemies to fight, but not fight each other!

And this is the word of Big High War God: Today I cannot lead you, but someday I will send a new Commander to lead you. Under new Commander goblins will conquer all of RuneScape, every race and every god! And then Big High War God will return and sit on throne of bronze and rule over all. War will end in victory and victory will last forever!

So leaders of tribes stop battle. And on plain mud all tribes build temple to Big High War God and offer sacrefices.

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Goblin symbol book

Where found: Varrock Library
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

A history of the Goblin Race

Goblin tradition holds that their race was created by a war-god in order to fight a war aganst the other gods.

(They never name their god, so whether it is the same as any of the gods worshipped by other races is unknown.)

The legends also speak of goblins fighting aganst goblins during the wars, so it is likely that gods other than their creators used them ad footsoldiers.

Although goblins are still warlike, its is probable that in earlier ages they were more organised then they are now especially if they were under the command of one or more gods.

This is corroborated by finds unerathed at various archaeological sites, inclding the large excavation east of Varrock.

Armour and weapons have been found, obviously made to fit goblins but far more well-made than their current equipment.

Almost every peice of ancient goblin equipment has one of a number of symbols on it and by correlating these symbols with the sketchy records that survive from the Third Age it has been possible to identify twelve distinct goblin tribes or regiments.

The seperate identies of the tribes has long since dissolved and no goblins remember the symbols, although their generals may still recognise the ancient tribal names.

In the following pages I present a list of the tribes and their symbols.

Image Tribe Description
Thorobshuun Thorobshuun Goblin of the Hills
Garagorshuun Garagorshuun Goblins of the Sea
Rekeshuun Rekeshuun Goblins of the North
Ekeleshuun Ekeleshuun Goblins of the East
Idithuun Idithuun Goblins of the South
Narogoshuun Narogoshuun Goblins of the West
Drogokishuun Drogokishuun Goblins of the Fierce Blades
Huzamogaarb Huzamogaarb Live-Flesh Eaters of the Chaos God
Saragorgak Saragorgak Footsoldiers of the Holy Wrath
Dorgeshuun Dorgeshuun Goblins of the Strong Spears
Horogothgar Horogothgar Eaters of Manflesh
Yurkologkh Yurkologkh The Flatulent

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The great divide

Where found: Bookcase in Lletya, in Arianwyn's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: No
Chapters: None

I should start by telling you about some of the events taht led up to the 'The great divide'.

For almost two millenia we lived in the eastern realm, then in the year 1930 we lost all contact with your people on the other side of Arandar. We found that the route over the mountains was impassable and our incantations were unable to penetrate a wall of static that now surrounded our homeland.

An emergency council was called, which I was lucky enough to take part in. We decided that before any major action could be taken, we needed to know what had happened. Many ways to re-enter Tirannwn were discussed. It was then that I reminded the council of an old cave system that linked up to the 'Well of Voyage'. It was an ancient device made by our forefathhers to give us access to the deep caves, though why anyone would go tht ath god forsaken place I have no idea.

Soon it was decided to send five members of the Cadarn clan through the 'Well of Voyage', to recover any information that could tell us what was happening. We chose to re-convene upon their return.

After a few weeks Adwr returned, the only one of the five scouts that made it back. A council was called to listen to his news. He told us of the chaos he had seen; Elves killing Elves in the streets of Prifddinas and the seizing of the 'Tower of Voices' by clan Iorwerth, their forces denying access to all those not of their bloodline. Hearing all this sparked a debate that continued for days.

Many plans were put forward of how we should deal with the problems back home. Ideas ranging from the assassination of lord Iorwerth to just leaving the western Elves to kill each other were suggested. It was as this suggestion that the Baxtorian quoted the 'Cerddi', telling all those present that 'Only together as the eight clans can we hope to survive in this hostile new world'. He then pledged clan Cadarn to stop the madness that had befallen Prifddinas and so started the Baxtorian campaign.

After three days of preparation, the Cadarn clan was ready to move. I also chose to join the Cadarn forced to keep records of what transpired. So it was that we made our way to the entrance of the cave system that eventually led to the 'Well of Voyage'. Travelling in such places is never easy, and this was no exception. To transport the whole army and our supplies through the cave system took us close to a week.

It was not until...

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Guide Book (Tourist Guide to Ardougne)

Where found: Near the Estate agent in Ardougne
Available in POH bookshelf?: No


This book is your guide to the vibrant city of Ardougne. Ardougne is known as an exciting modern city located on the sun drenched southern coast of Kandarin.

Ardougne: City of Shopping

Come sample the delights of the Ardougne Market the biggest in the known world! From spices to silk, there is something here for everybody! Other popular shopping destinations in the are include the armoury and the ever popular Adventurers' Supply store.

Ardougne: City of Fun!

If you're looking for entertainment in Ardougne, why not pay a visit to the Ardougne Zoo? Or relax with a drink in the ever popular Flying Horse Inn? And for the adventurous there are always rats in Ardougnes expansive and vermin-ridden sewers. There is truely something for everybody here!

Ardougne: City of History

Ardougne is renowned as an important city of historical interest. One Historic building is the magnificent Handelmort Mansion, currently owned by Lord Francis Kurt Handemort. Also of historical interest is Ardougne Castle in the east side of the city, recently opened to the public. And of course, the holy order of paladins still wander the streets of Ardougne, and are often of interest to tourists.

Further Fields

The area surrounding Ardougne is also of great interest to the cultural tourist. If you want to go further afield, why not take a look at the omnious pillars of Zamorack, the mysterious marble pillars are located just west of the city? Or perhaps the town of Brimhaven, on the exotic island of Karamja? It's only a short boat trip, with regular transport leaving from Ardougne Harbor at all times of the day, all year round.

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Construction Guide

Where found: Obtain from Real Estate Agent
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

How to build in your house

In order to build you will need to turn building mode on. This can be done on entering the house or using a button on the options interface. If you have a bank PIN, you must enter it when entering build mode.

In building mode the ghostly shapes of furniture and doorways you have not built yet will appear in your house. These are called hotspots. You can use these to build furniture and new rooms.

To build a piece of furniture, right-click the hotspot and select build. You will then be able to select the piece of furniture you want to build from the menu. Below each furniture icon there is a list of materials; to build the furniture you will need to have all these materials in your inventory. You will also need to have a hammer and a saw and the proper Construction level.

Nails work slight differently to other materials. You will sometimes find that you break nails,especially if you have a low Construction level, so you may need to bring more nails than the furniture requires. Nails made of stronger metals break less often.

You can remove a piece of furniture if you wish to build something else in the same space. To do this, right-click on it and select Remove. You will not get any of the materials back. Some pieces of furniture can be upgraded to better pieces of furniture without having to remove them first.

To build a new room, you must use one of the door hotspots at the edges of rooms or garden squares. Right-click on it and select Build. This will bring up a list of different rooms. Different rooms cost different amounts of gold and have different Construction level requirements.

If you select Build on a door hotspot that already leads to a room, you will be asked whether you want to delete that room.

Raw materials

The main raw material you will use to make furniture is planks. The sawmill operator north east of Varrock will turn logs into planks for you for a fee. The useful planks are wood, oak, teak, and mahogany. The sawmill operator also sells saws, cloth, and nails.

For higher level furniture you may also need limestone, marble, gold leaf, and magic building crystals. These are sold by the stonemason who lives in Keldagrim.

Some pieces of furniture also require materials not specific to Construction such as steel bars and soft clay.

Room types

Parlour: This is the lowest-level room and provides space for three people to sit around a fire.

Garden: The Garden is largely decorative but it also contains the exit portal.

Kitchen: This room can be used for preparing food. As you build better furniture in it you will find yourself able to prepare better meals in it.

Dining room: Eight people can sit around the tables you build in this room.

Bedroom: Some of the furniture in this room can be used to change your hair and your clothes. You will also need to have two of these rooms in order to hire a servant.

Halls: These are primarily used to connect to other rooms, but they also provide space to show off the owners skill and quest achievments.

Games room: Various games can be built in the room to allow friends to play and train together.

Combat room: With this room you can challenge your friends in a personal dueling ring.

Workshop: This room allows you to train Construction without modifying your house, by making furniture that can be sold to other players. It also provides space for you to train your crafting and smithing.

Chapel: This room can be dedicated to any of RuneScape's major gods, and the altar used to offer bones.

Study: You can use lecterns in this room to create clay tablets recording magic spells. The elemental sphere in this room can be used to change the element of an elemental staff.

Portal chamber: In this room you can build portals to various places around the world.

Formal garden: The formal garden can contain various plants and ornaments to beautify the grounds of your house.

Throne room: This room can be used to hold audiences with large numbers of friends. It also contains the lever that activates challenge mode.

Obuilette: If you build an obuilette below your throne room you can drop people from there into a cage which you can fill with various horrors.

Dungeon: Dungeon corridors and junctions can be built to creat and underground maze full of monsters traps and doors.

Treasure room: You can place a prize in this room for visitors to your dungeon to try to reach.


Once you have two bedrooms you can hire a servant by going to the Servant's Guild in Ardogune. You will have to pay when you hire them then the servant will periodically demand wages. Servants can take items to and from the bank for you and can also greet guests and serve food and drinks.

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Herman's Book

Where found: By searching Herman's desk in Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Available in POH bookshelf?: Please submit
Chapters: None

This world of Gielinor has always had its share of heroes throughout its history. Tales of the daring exploits of legendary figures such as Arrav, Camorra, Robert and Wally have held children spellbound for generations. But even in these modern times, the world still needs heroes. One such figure, stranding protectively between civilisation and the forces of chaos, is that of Dionysius. The young Dionysius was educated in Varrock, where records tell us that he regularly attended the local Saradominist chapel. Local tradition has it that Dionysius led a band of young men to graffiti a Zamorakian temple in the south of the city, although doubtless such things have happened often in the busy city that is Varrock. It was expected that Dionysius would become a priest, but he seems to have had other plans...

At the age of 15, the age at which children of that era completed their education, Dionysius is reported to have turned down a prestigious invitation to study on the holy island of Entrana. Instead he declared a wish to travel the world before settling to a permanent career. The path trodden by the young Dionysius is a winding one. The older dwarves living near Keldagrim remember a youth of that name travelling through their mines at that time. They claim that he gave them great assistance in defending the mines from a rogue tribe of trolls, eventually driving the trolls out of those mines completely. It is believed that the young Dionysius travelled amongst the mountain tribes after he left the dwarves. One tribe, now disbanded, used to tell of a strange mystical warrior named 'Deesus' - surely a corruption of 'Dionysius' - who helped defend their camp from the monsters that roam the northern lands. 'Deesus' was said to be an invincible warrior who wielded a powerful staff. Dionysius subsequently travelled across the seas to the tropical island of Karamja, where some of the oldest natives tell of how he brought with him strange herbs that increased their powers in combat. He is also remembered for venturing into the deep caves underneath that island, where very few dare to tread. One Karamjan family claims that a pale-skinned 'shaman' visited their village a few generations ago and told them to build a hut over the entrance to the caves and demand money from anyone wishing to enter; this 'shaman' may have been Dionysius.

Even in the depths of the Kharidian desert, some will remember a stranger who lived with the tent-dwelling Bedabin tribe for a while, studying the great mysterious pyramid of the desert. No-one could make him speak of what he discovered about the desert bandits who live near it.

By now an adult, Dionysius returned to the civilised lands and finally travelled to Entrana. Always a tough youth, he had now learnt great magical powers, and many on Entrana recall that they were in awe of his abilities, venturing fearlessly into the cave under that

The rest of the pages seem to be missing.

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History of Iban

Where found: Underground Pass, Kardia's chest
Available in POH bookshelf?: No


Gather round, all ye followers of the dark arts. Read carefully the words that I hereby inscribe, as I detail the heady brew that is responsible for my greatest creation in all my time on this world. I am Kardia, the most wretched witch in the land; scorned by beauty, the world and its inhabitants, see what I created: The most fearsome and powerful force of darkness the like of which has never before been seen in this world, in human form...

The History of Iban

Iban was a Black Knight who had learned to fight under the great Daquarius, Lord of the Black Knights. Together they had taken on the might of the White and the blood of a hundred soldiers had been wiped from the sword of Iban. Iban was not quite so different from those who tasted his blade: noble and educated, with a taste for the finer things available in life. But there was something that made him different: Ambition. This hunger for more went far past the realm of mere mortals, into the shadowy places of darkness and evil. Iban's ambition was almost godlike in its insatiability, but therein lay the essence of his darkness: at its most base Iban's fundamental desire was to control the hearts and minds of his fellow men, to take them beyond the pale of mere allegiance, and corrupt them into a force for evil. A whole legion of these Soul- -less beings, their minds demented from the sheer power of darkness that channelled through them... Zombies, void of emotions, without feelings or cares, Servants to their wicked master even unto death... But dreams were all they ever were. As a mere mortal, heroic through he was, this ambition Iban was unable to achieve. Meeting his demise in the White Knight's now famous Dawn Ascent, Iban died with the bitter taste of failure in his mouth. Little did he know that death was only just the beginning...

Iban's Resurrection

I knew of Iban's life, though of course I had not met him. Using the power of my dark practices, I vowed to resurrect this greatest of warriors. I would raise him again to fulfill the promise of his human life. To be a master...
...of the undead...

The Four Elements:

Taking a small doll with the likeness of Iban I smeared my effigy with the four elements that together bring existence into being. Essence of his darkness. At the battlefield where Iban lay, I had been able to steal a piece of Iban's cold flesh.
Clasping some in my hand, I smeared it over the figure of Iban, and chanted his name with mighty incantation.

I also needed blood, the giver of life force. By now Iban's body was but a hardened vessel, the blood drained empty. But these caverns are home to the giant spider, a venomous creature known to feed on the warm blood of humans. I found and killed one of these foul beasts, and wiped the blood from its vile body onto the effigy of Iban that I had fashioned.

Then came the hard part. recreating the parts of a man that cannot be seen or touched: Those intangible things the essence of life itself. Using mystical forces and under terrible strain, I performed the ancient ritual of Incantia, an undertaking so dark, and so powerful, that the life was nearby stolen from my body. When I recovered, I saw three Demons summonned, standing in a triangle, their energy focused on the doll of Iban. These Demons were the keepers of Iban's shadow, forever bound to him...

Finally, I had to make that most unique thing, the one element that separates man from all other beasts - his Conscience. A Zombie has no mind: a creature borne of bloodlust, destruction. But for all Iban's life he chose to take the path of darkness, the road to evil. Driven by this unholy ambition, his potential grew and now I could harness the residue of his existence, that remained trapped in the dark places, to the fullest.
Locked inside an old wooden cage sat a beautiful white dove. A symbol of peace, freedom and hope, but also oblivious to the darkness of the world, like a newborn child. Taking the dove with me, I cradled the thing in my arms, stroking its soft downy feathers. I looked into the eyes of the bird, and gently placing a kiss upon its fragile head, I then strangled the bird, taking its life between my callous fingers. Truly this bird would be the conscience of Iban: innocence corrupted by evil...
Taking crushed bones from the dove's body, I cast my mind's eye onto the body of Iban. My ritual was complete, soon he would come again renewed with life. I, Kardia, had done the unimagineable: Iban was resurrected, the most powerful evil to take human form. I alone knew that the same process that I had used to resurrect the soul of Iban could be used to destroy that very same evil. But now I was tired, as I closed my eyes, I was contented by the thought of the evil to be unleashed...

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Journey (Lighthouse)

Where Found: Lighthouse
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Bennath the 3rd

The mystery of what has happened to my uncle has still not been revealed, but I must dwell on it no longer.

It is slightly unfair that due to his absence the council have forced me to take up his job here at the lighthouse, but what can I say to argue against them?

They have allowed me to make a small income by selling items without the usual sales tax, but who is ever going to come all the way out to this forsaken spot?

Worse, I fear for my life, being between two barbarian camps! I have not had any particular problems with the locals so far but who knows what can set off a barbarian???

Bennath the 15th

My fears seem to have been unfounded, the local barbarians, who I have learny prefer the term 'Fremennik', seem to be decent and hard working people after all.

They certainly do not live up to the terrible things that I have heard about them before now!

I still do not have any clues as to what has happened to my uncle...

Some of the local folks have tried to suggest that he was eaten by a sea monster that they claim lives near here, but I hold no weight to their foolish superstitions!

He was always slightly eccentric, and I fear that he was simply overcome by the terrible loneliness from living out in this desolate lighthouse, and one night simply gave himself up to the sea...

Bennath the 23rd

It has now been almost a month since first I was sent to his forsaken and desolate spot.

I have no clue what happened to my uncle, and frankly, I have almost stopped really caring.

All I can think of is somehow getting away from this terrible place... it has been over two weeks now since I last saw another human face... I do not know how much longer I can stand the loneliness! I do not know if it is my mind playing tricks on me, but recently I have begun to hear something whispered on the wind... it seems to call my name as I fall asleep at night.

There have also been many strange noises from below the lighthouse, and from behind the strange metal doorway that my uncle had installed in the basement.

Perhaps this is how my uncle felt before he... No, I still do not know what has happened to him. I am filled with resolve to discover what exactly did happen - if nothing else, it will keep my mind from the voices that call to me nightly.

Raktuber 13th

It has been some time last I filled out this journal, for my spirits have been lifted greatly in recent times, and it is all down to a single person I encountered while working here!

Her name is Larrissa and she is a local Fremennik girl, who comes here to buy goods not for sale in her home of Rellekka sometimes.

To be honest, I would have tried to strike up a friendship with anymore who came by, for it is a terribly lonely job working at this lighthouse, but even if I worked in Varrock I could not have chosen a more pleasant companion! We really struck a chord together, and I think we may become more than friends eventually, but I worry what her family will think of me - from what I hear the people of Rellekka do not take kindly to strangers! I have also made some progress in my search for the truth of what happened to my uncle Silas all those months ago! I found a secret compartment with a diary hidden within it. I have placed the diary in the bookshelf for later examination. It is definitely his hand writing, and I hope that it may shed some light onto his eventual fate.

I cannot help but think that had he never come to this isolated place, that whatever befell him might have never happened...

Pentember 24th

Has it been so long since last I wrote in this thing? These last months have seemed like a glorious dream...

Larrissa and I have been slowly falling in love, and the torment that this lighthouse was to me when I first arrived here, is now the place where I have finally found true happiness!

All is not as perfect as I would like to believe it to be however.

I have still had no luck in understanding what happened to my uncle Silas, and his diary is so bizarre I cannot believe that the man who wrote it is the same man who used to take me on fishing trips to Karamja when I was a young lad.

The writer seems to have been driven horrible insane by living here, or by some even that he witnessed one day, and his diary is full of strange and cryptic passages...

I feel sure that there is some message here, but I just cannot find what it says!

My nights alone are getting worse too. During the day when I am with Larrissa, I am always filled with joy, but when she goes home to her family at night, and I am left here alone my mind begins to play tricks upon me.

Often I think I can hear... things... moving in the crawlspaces of the lighthouse.

Whenever the wind is to the North I can also sometimes hear the dreadful chittering noise. Is it voices? Or some creature of the night? I know not, but the sound disturbs me...

One night I even thought I heard my uncle's voice calling to me to join him, but the voice was distorted, and gurgled as though he were trying to talk through water.

I dismissed this as a bad dream, yet it did disturb me deeply.

I haven't told Larrissa of my concerns, for I would not wish her to worry about me, but I have decided to give her a spare key to this lighthouse, for I cannot shake this feeling that should I remain here much longer something terrible is going to happen to me...

Strange! I thought I heard a noise from downstairs just now! But with the front door locked, there is no way for anyone to enter the lighthouse!

I must investigate...

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Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Lightomatic Deluxe 500 Maintenance, Upkeep and Users' Manual: Second Edition

Thank you for purchasing the Lightomatic Deluxe lighthouse lighting equipment. The following is important user information, and should be read before you put your lightomatic into full use.

Section 1: Specifications

The Lightomatic Deluxe has a maximum viewing range of over 3 nautical miles, in optimal conditions. In foggy or wet weather, visible distance is reduced to approximately 1 nautical mile.

Section 2: Upkeep

The Lightomatic Deluxe uses and advanced system of a torch and lenses to amplify the ambient visible light levels produced by your torch. We recommend all lighthouse keepers ensure that they keep their lens clan and dust free to ensure optimal lighting conditions.

Section 3: Troubleshooting

We have included the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for users who may have problems with the installation or upkeep of the Lightomatic Deluxe.

1) My lightomatic does not fit its DPM (Deployment Point Mechanism) is there anything I can do to make it fit?
We suggest that users manually inspect their DPMs before purchasing a Lightomatic Deluxe, as you will require a specialist constructor to enlarge your DPM, or you may even need to upgrade your lighthouse to a newer version.

2) There does not seem to be any light coming from my Lightomatic Deluxe, help!
If users are not getting light coming from their Lightomatic Deluxe, there are a number of factors that could cause this. Firstly, check that your LSM (Light Source Module) has been correctly activated. If it is on fire, then it is at optimal functioning capacity. If it is not on fire, you will need to use a tinderbox to light it. If using a tinderbox on your LSM has no effect, your NRLSF (Non Renewing Light Source Fuel) may be at fault. Although we only recommend the use of official Lightomatic NRLSFs (purchased seperately) a make do solution can me achieved by using swamp tar on the LSM, which should be capable of restarting the flames when activated with a tinderbox. NOTE: Use of swamp tar voids your warranty.

3) My LSM works fine, but the visible light at sea is very weak! If ambient light is at optimal conditions, but is below expected viewable range, there could be a fault with your LALS (Light Amplifying Lens System). If this is the case, please do the following:
a) Ensure that the dark wrapping that the LALS is shipped in has been removed form your LALS. Failure to remove this wrapping can adversely affect your LALS performance.
b) If your LALS should develop a crack, this may affect performance. We recommend purchasing the official Lightomatic LALS Maintenance Pack, or using molten glass upon the LALS may provide a stop gap solution.
NOTE: The use of unauthorized molten glass on your LALS will invalidate your warranty.

Should you have any further problems with the operation of your Lightomatic Deluxe, then please contact our service center through our advertisements in the Varrock Herald. If your Lightomatic Deluxe is still under warranty, we will then send an ADE (Authorised Dwarven Engineer) to repair any damage for a nominal fee.
NOTE: By reading our advertisement in the Varrock Herald, you will invalidate your warranty.

Thank you for purchasing the Lightomatic Deluxe.

Lightomatic - the brand you can sometimes trust.

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Instruction Manual (Dwarf Multicannon)

Where found: Get during the Dwarf Multicannon quest
Available in POH bookshelf?:Yes

Constructing the Cannon

To construct the cannon, firstly set down the base of the cannon firmly onto the ground. Next add the Dwarf stand to the cannon base. Then add the Barrels. Lastly add the Furnace, which powers the cannon. You should now have a full set up Multi Cannon, to splat nasty creatures!

Making Ammo

The ammo for the cannon is made from steel bars. Firstly you must heat up a steel bar in a furnace. Now pour the molten steel into a cannon ammo mould. You should now have a ready to fire Multi cannon ball.

Firing the Cannon

The cannon will only fire when monsters are available to target. If you are carrying enough ammo the cannon will fire up to 30 rounds before it runs out and stops. The cannon will automatically target non friendly creatures.

Dwarf Cannon Warranty

If your cannon is stolen or has been lost, after or during being set up, the Dwarf engineer will replace the parts, however cannon parts that were given away or dropped will not be replaced for free. It is only possible to operate one cannon at a time.

By order of the members of the noble Dwarven Black Guard

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Name of Book: Old Journal (The Journal of Randas)

Where found: Underground Passage
Available in POH bookshelf?: No
Chapters: None

I came to cleanse these mountain passes of the dark forces that dwell here. I knew my journey would be treacherous, so I deposited Spheres of Light in some of the tunnels. These spheres are a beacon of safety for all who come. The spheres were created by Saradominist mages. When held they boost our

faith and courage. I still feel...

Iban relentlessly tugging...

at my weak soul...

bringing out any innate goodness to one's heart, illuminating the dark caverns with the light of Saradomin, bringing fear and pain to all who embrace the dark side. My men are still repelled by Iban's will - it seems as if their pure hearts bar them from entering Iban's realm. My turn has come. I dare not admit it to my loyal men, but I fear for the welfare of my soul.

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Name of Book: Party Pete's Bumper Book of Games

Where found: Comes with your house (build a bookshelf and it is there)
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


This word-guessing game was invented by Mad King Narras of Ardougne in order to encourage literacy among his subjects. Today it is played with an effigy rather than a real person, and it makes an amusing distraction for one or more players.

When the game is started, the hangman game chooses a word at random. Players take turns to guess one letter at a time. If they guess correctly, that letter is revealed, but if they are incorrect then the scaffold and effigy are built one step at a time until the effigy is hanged. Players can also guess multiple letters if they think they know the word, but if they guess incorrectly no letters will be revealed. The player to complete the word wins.

Fairy Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Fairies delight in hiding in human dwellings and watching in glee as people try to find them. While once this caused havoc throughout Misthalin, since then the fairies have turned this activity into a fun party game.

When summoned from her mushroom house, the fairy will hide somewhere in the house or its grounds. Each player is given a magic stone that will tell them how close they are to the fairy. The first player to use the stone while standing at the right place wins.


The jester is a cousin of the mime, but rather than summoning people to pass its test, the jester is happy to be summoned whenever a game is desired. It will perform gestures which the players must try to copy. The first player to get ten correct wins!

Elemental Balance

The Elemental Balance is a battle of wits and wizardry. When the sphere is summoned it is unbalanced on the two elemental axes, earth-air and fire-water. The direction in which it is most unbalanced can be seen by it's colour. To balance the sphere, players must attack it with spells of the opposite element. (So if it is red, for example, players must use water spells.) The winner is the player who casts the spell that puts it in perfect balance.

Attack Stone

This ancient game was once used as a means of resolving leadership disputes.

The Attack Stone is simply a pillar of clay, limestone or marble, carefully constructed to respond differently to stabbing, slashing and crushing. If it takes enough damage in any of these three forms it shatters, and the player who struck that blow wins.

Ranging Games

The stick-and-hoop, dartboard and archery game are all played using the same rules. Players take turns to throw or shoot at the target in order to score points. The range of points that can be awarded depends on the target: with the hoop there is only hitting and missing, with the dartboard the maximum is 3 and with the archery target it is 10. After all players have had ten shots, the highest scoring player wins.


The various combat rings have different restrictions on the weapons that can be used in them. No equipment can be worn in the boxing ring except for boxing gloves (although boxers may fight bare-fisted if they wish). Any weapons can be used in the fencing ring, but no armour of any kind can be worn. There are no restrictions in the combat ring. There are similarly no restrictions for the ranging pedestals, but since the combatants are separated only ranged weapons will be effective! The balance beam allows only one weapon, the pugel stick, and fighting on the beam is a test of agility as well as combat!

The combat rings are enchanted so that players cannot kill one another; the loser is simply ejected from the ring and healed.


If the games room has a price chest, and the owner has put money in it, then the winner of any of these games will be given a key to the chest so that they can claim their prize!

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Pie Recipe Book

Where found: Bought in the Cooking Guild
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Pie Recipe Book

Redberry Pie

Redberry Pie

Pour a hand full of Redberries into an empty Pie Shell, bake until the berries are soft and serve warm.

Meat Pie

Meat Pie

Line a fresh Pie Shell with Cooked Meat and heat until the pastry starts to bronze, serve with a selection of sauces.

Mud Pie

Mud Pie

Start with a Pie Shell and add a Bucket of Compost, then pour in a Bucket of Water to keep the consistency gooey. To finish, cover with Clay and bake until a good shell forms. Serve at maximum speed with a good over-arm throw!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Take a Pie Shell and Layer in Apple, cook until the juices start to bubble and leave to cool before serving.

Garden Pie

Garden Pie

Fill a Pie Shell with Tomato, then add Onion and top with Cabbage. Bake golden brown and serve with a steak.

Fish Pie

Fish Pie

Take one Pie Shell and fill with Trout, add a Cod for flavour, and then top with Potato for texture. Cook well until the potato turns golden and serve.

Admiral Pie

Admiral Pie

For a more upperclass fish pie, fill your Pie Shell with Salmon and then add Tuna for colour. Top with Potato and cook until golden.

Wild Pie

Wild Pie

Line a Pie Shell with Raw Bear Meat, then add Raw Chompy for substance, and top with fresh Rabbit Meat. Bake until the juices start to bubble and serve.

Summer Pie

Summer Pie

Into a Pie Shell, put Strawberry, then a layer of Watermelon, and top with Apple. Cook well and leave to cool before serving.

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The Book o' Piracy

Where found: Reward from Cabin Fever quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

The Little Book o' Piracy
By Cap'n Hook-Hand Morrisane
(an AMCE product)

Chapter 1: So you've decided to become a pirate

Piracy; a life of adventure and romance.

The stuff of legends and tales told all over the world. And you, humble reader, have decided to join these brave men and women in the exciting field of unlicensed privateering and wholesale plunder redistribution. I congratulate you on making the correct lifestyle choice.

While many consider pirates to be unwashed, ignorant, thieving brigands, the truth is that they are a valued and important part of the economy. Without them, the architects that design sea-defences against their attacks would be unemployed. The guards in sea ports would be laid off, and the honest merchants that buy their second-hand goods would lose a small portion of their income. So you see, by living a life filled with adventure, thievery, romance, plundering, danger and stealing, they are adding to the happiness of the community as a whole. Surely these brave individuals have nothing to be ashamed of for selling their hard-earned loot to respectable merchants in exchange for a reasonable sum of gold. I would go as far as to say it is their duty to redistribute such wealth that they come across in this way, so as to uphold the noble, ancient and profitable honour of the pirates.

Chapter 2: Looking like a pirate

First, to be recognised as a pirate, you have to look like a pirate. If you look like an accountant, then people will be confused when you begin talking about 'briny deep' this and 'plundering' that. It also saves time explaining at parties and other social gatherings exactly what you do for a living, allowing precious extra hours of plundering and looting.

Pirates must look nautical. This look can be achieved by wearing trousers made from old sails, usually striped. You can also wear an old, tattered naval uniform, as this makes you look like you have been trained by the navy before you left for your own, dark and grim reasons. I suggest you come up with at least two good reasons why you left, as customs and excise tend to alert naval officials to 'deserters'. Piracy is a dangerous profession, and can be hazardous to the pirates' extremities. Preventing such injuries with either a hand-covering hook or a patch to protect your eye is always a good plan. This also leaves you prepared for the eventual loss of the extremity, as you are already carrying a replacement around with you. Piratical accessories can also include (but are not limited to) cutlasses and scimitars, pirate hats, face masks, bandannas and flashy jewellery.

Chapter 3: Pirate -> Gielinorian Phrasebook

Arr -> Good Morning/Hello/I agree.

Scurvy -> 1.Disease contracted when sailing, caused by lack of fresh fruit and vegatables. Eg, 'Cap'n, the gunners be a bunch of scurvy dogs.'
2. Inferior/untrustworthy. Eg, 'Cap'n, the gunners be a bunch of scurvy dogs.'

Cap'n -> Captain.

Plunder -> Anything of value that can be traded with any honest Al Kharidian merchants for a reasonable sum of money.

Landlubber -> Non-Pirate.

Garr! -> I am going to attack you/Take this!/It is time for fisticuffs and no mistake.

I say we keelhaul 'em! -> I propose we do unpleasant things to them until they are dead, very sorry or both.

Aye aye! -> I am in emphatic or otherwise exuberant agreement with your statement.

Say that again and I'll kill ye! -> I deny the truth of your statement.

Ye/Yer/Ye'll/Ye've -> You/Your/You'll/You've

Want a sip of 'rum'? -> I would like to poison you.

Grog -> Alcohol, with the exception of 'rum'.

'Rum' -> 1.Anything poisonous/Acidic or caustic substance. 2.The concentrated, liquid form of all that is foul.

Go see Ali -> Travel to Al Kharid to sell loot and purchase top-quality products.

Broadside -> 1.To fire all cannons on one side of the ship at the same time. 2.A pirate of great size.

I'm not a pirate, I'm a privateer -> I am a pirate, and I'm getting paid for it.

Parle -> I have become tired of life, kill me at your leisure.

Widdershins -> A debilitating disease caused by eating mouldy biscuits for a month. Symptons include weakness in the limbs, spinning vision, spontaneous combustion and implosion of the earlobes.

Forbye -> A common greeting said (be)for(e) (good)bye. 'Forbye, Cap'n! Lovely day!'

Hornswaggle -> To swaggle (or cover with soft cloth) the ship's horn (or compass) to keep it safe and dry during storms.

Drivelswigger -> Small metal implement used for removing weevils from hard tack rations.

Abaft -> Direct polar opposite of avast.

Binnacled -> Condition relating to the consumption of excessive quantities of cheap alcohol, or small quantities of 'rum'. 'Sound the alarm Mr Bosun, pirates off starboard bow!' 'Not so loud Cap'n, I be feelin' a little binnacled.'

Duffle -> Somewhat like a seafaring goblin, only not.

Athwartships -> A period spent apprenticed to a pirate, learning piracy, getting drunk, and culminating in the loss of a leg, eye or hand.

Davy's Grip -> Popular drinking game involving mangoes, a hammer, and all the corkscrews that players can get their hands on.

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Prayer Book

Where found: Obtained from Edgeville Monastery Book Shelf during the Great Brain Robbery Quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: No
Chapters: None

Prayer of Deliverance from Poisons.

Being the full and proper prayer against morbidities of the flesh caused by venoms and potions of both a natural and mystical origin.

Take up your blessed symbol of Saradomin, cast in silver. Hang it about thy neck, where all may see it and thus know of your devotion.

Pray in a loud, clear voice to Saradomin for relief from that which ails you. Appropriate calls for aid should be accompanied by a sacrifice of Prayer energy, with deadlier venoms requiring a greater sacrifice.

Should the supplicant lack piety, they will not be cured.

Should they possess a measure of piety equal or even greater than that which assails them, the poison will be reduced or even cured, while a like amount of Prayer energy will be taken to do this.

Be wary: should the supplicant only partially remove the venom though the application of prayer, their body must still bear the brunt of its wickedness.

Also... (The rest of the book seems to have been vandalised, charred and slightly bled upon.)

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Prifddinas' History

Where found: Bookcase in Lletya, in Arianwyn's house
vailable in POH bookshelf?: No
Chapters: None

It is told that the first Elves to come through the 'world gate' found a world full of beautiful woodlands and terrible beasts.

It was Seren who told the eight families that if they were to survive in this hostile environment they must form a single community for mutual protection. Seren proceeded to show them all to a clearing in the forest, where she had already created 'The Tower of Voices', a place for all Elven Kind to congregate and the future home of 'The Assembly of Elders'.

Over the following days Seren imparted her idea for a new city, a city where all Elves have access to hear her words, a city where all Elves can live in peace, a living city made of the very same crystal that she herself was comprised.

It was decided that the city should be set out in an octagon with eight wall snad eight towers. Each of the eight clans would have its own segment of the city. Each segment would be edged on one side by a city wall with its opposing corner at the city center, where 'The Tower of Voices' is located. This would give each of the clans equal access to hear the words of Seren and equal responsibility for the city's protection in the case of a siege.

Seren then provided one special seed for every clan, telling them that each seed should be taken to the center of each clan's segment of the city. Once there, it should be planted where it will develop to form a tower. The eight clans did this, and soon there were 9 great towers in the clearing; each tower was different and had formed to meet the needs of the clan that planted it.

And so, the city of Prifddinas was born.

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Queen Help

Where found: Barbarian Assault
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


Pick up yellow egg. Pass to healer.
Take from omega egg from Defender. Load into turret.


Take yellow egg from Collector. Poison egg in pool. Pass to Attacker.


Take poisoned, yellow egg from healer. Add spikes from mushroom. Pass to Defender.


Take poisoned, spiked, yellow egg from Attacker. Dunk in lava. Pass to Collector.

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Red Axe Employee Records (NOTE: This is NOT an item in RuneScape!)

Where found: Bookcase in Red Axe Mines from Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf
Available in POH bookshelf?: No

Hreidmar, director of the Red Axe (employee #1)

Information classified.

Grimsson, the Butcher of Barendir (employee #4297)

Grimsson was once a soldier in the dwarven army and quickly made his way up the ranks, up to colonel. He served with the Black Guard at Ice Mountain and in Kandarin. He was present at the battle of Barendir where he fought against an army of trolls. It was here that he got his nickname, the Butcher of Barendir, as he mercilessly killed the trolls even as they retreated in defeat. Here, also, he got his distinctive scar running across his forehead in a hand-to-hand battle with a particularly ferocious troll. After this battle Grimsson became more and more aggressive, even to his fellow dwarves. Following a particularly vicious attack on a comrade, he was dismissed from the Black Guard. Soon after, he was recruited by the Red Axe. Here he's learned to control his rage and become even stronger. By now, he has become the right hand dwarf of the director. While he holds no official rank, he is still often affectionately referred to as 'The Colonel'.

Grunsh, Ogre Shaman (employee #38262)

Found lost and near death in the ice cold mountains above Keldagrim, Grunsh was nearly mistaken for a troll at first. Taken in by the Red Axe and nursed back to health, it turned out that he was in fact a powerful ogre shaman. Intelligent by the ogre standards, and steadfastly loyal to his rescuers, he has taken up a prominent position in the ranks of the Red Axe. This is primarily due to the fact that since dwarves cannot use magic, they must rely on other races as spellcasters. Grunsh fits the bill perfectly.

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RuneScape Account Security

Where found: General Stores
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Password Tips

A good password should be easily remembered by yourself but not easy guessed by anyone else.

Choose a password that has both letters and numbers in it for the best security but don't make it so hard that you'll forget it!

Never write your password down or leave it in a text file on your computer, someone could find it easily!

Never tell anyone your password in RuneScape, not even a Moderator of any kind.

Recovery Questions

Ideally your recovery questions should be easily remembered by you but not guessable by anyone who may know you or given away in conversation. Choose things that do not change, like dates or names but don't choose obvious ones like your birthday and your sister or brother's name because lots of people will know that.

Other Security Tips

Bear in mind that recovery questions will take 14 days to become active after you have applied for them to be changed. This is to protect your account from hijackers who may change them.

Never give your password to ANYONE. This includes your friends, family and moderators in game.

Never leave your account logged on if you are away from the computer, it only takes 5 seconds to steal your account!

Stronghold of Security

Location: The Stronghold of Security, as we call it, is located under the village filled with Barbarians. It was found after they moved their mining operations and a miner fell through. The Stronghold contains many challenges. Both for those who enjoy combat and those who enjoy challenges of the mind. This book will be very useful to you in your travels there. You can find the Stronghold of Security by looking for a hole in the Barbarian Village. Be sure to take your combat equipment though!

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Shaman's tome

Where found: Please submit
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

...scattered are my hopes that I will ever be releaesd from this flaming Octagram, it is the only thing which will contain the beast within. Although its grip over me is weakened with magic, it is hopeless to know if a saviour would guess this. I am doomed...

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Slashed Book (Elemental Workshop)

Where found: A bookshelf in Cameolt
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes Chapters: None

Within the pages of this book you will find the secret to working the very elements themselves. Early in the fifth age, a new ore was discovered. This ore has a unique property of absorbing, transforming or focusing elemental energy. A workshop was erected close by to work this new material. The workshop was set up for artisans and inventors to be able to come and create devices made from the unique ore, found only in the village of the Seers.

After some time of successful industry the true power of this ore became apparent, as greater and more powerful weapons were created. Realising the threat this posed, the magi of the time closed down the workshop and bound it under lock and key, also trying to destroy all knowledge of manufacturing processes. Yet this book remains and you may still find a way to enter the workshop within this leather bound volume.

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Strange Book

Where found: Bookcase in Wise Old Man's house
Available in POH bookshelf?: No

Perception and Reality

...which leads us to the new definition of knowledge as a belief that is both reliably generated and true.

Our senses tell us about the world, but to what extent are they reliable? One witness may perceive the weather to be hot, but another witness may consider it to be quite cold.

Perception of colour may be similarly affected, as the reader may demonstrate by staring at a piece of brightly-coloured paper. When the paper is removed, the reader may find that everything else appears to be a slightly different colour from normal.

We may conclude from this that, although we are sensing some intrinsic property of the object under examination, qualities such as colour and temperature are NOT intrinsic.

Henceforth we recommend that the reader consider them to be Secondary qualities. The quantity of caloric within the object that gives it this perceived temperature truly is intrinsic to the object, so this may be considered a Primary quality.

In the following chapter we will examine the implications of this distinction for the study of natural philosophy.

Certainty and Assumption

In this chapter we aim to examine the extent to which our senses give us a reliable impression of the world in which we live.

Although we may believe that we are seeing and hearing things that exist, we may be deceived by our senses, as every keen drinker will have experienced! But if your sensed may be deceived, what can we trust?

We may perhaps try to rely only on logical deductions and mathematical principles. Yet it is even possible that some fiend may have confused our minds to the extent that we are making false deductions without being aware of this.

We therefore present the following statement as the only piece of knowledge about which we cannot possibly be deceived: 'I EXIST'

Although all information gained through use of our senses and minds may be distorted, no self-aware being can be led to believe that it does not exist. It may not be the man or woman it believes itself to be, but it can never question its own existence in some form.

In the following chapter we will discuss ways in which one may attempt to demonstrate the existence of a world outside of one's own consciousness.

Graphical solution of mathematical problems

A simple graph containing an x-axis and a y-axis may be used to represent equations similar to the following:
x + 3y = 5

For every 'x' and 'y' that satisfy the equation (such as x = 2, y = 1 or x = 5, y = 0 for the above example), the points 'x,y' may be plotted on the graph, and it will be found that they form a line.

If a second equation of this form is plotted on the same graph, the two lines may cross at some point.

Any point where the two lines cross will be given by some 'x' and y' that fits both equations.

Readers are invited to create two such equations and try it for themselves!

Reader's Comments

... better now, walls look decent, nice and elegant. Those new lanterns were a rip-off, blasted dwarf craftsmen. Still, not a problem for me!

Even got my old Saradomin armour gilded, beautiful gold edges on it now. No-one else's going to have armour like that, that'll make them think, heh heh heh...

Lick of gold-leaf here and there, even my globe looks smarter now, maybe that bath screen was a bit much? No, I saw it, I wanted it, it's mine. Vidi, volui, mihi est!

Still don't know what that 'thing' is, but it look nice on my desk. Probably some kind of transport? Must run off hot air or dragon flatulence?

Running a bit short of runes now. Those wizards over the south always seem to have plenty, but will they spare me some? Bah! Not a chance, poxy mage scum!

Perhaps another little expedition is needed - they all look pretty weedy over there...

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Stronghold of Security - Notes

Where found: Found by searching corpse when first entering the Stronghold
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes


This stronghold was unearthed by a miner prospecting for new ores around the Barbarian Village. After gathering some equipment he ventured into the maze of tunnels and was missing for a long time. He finally emerged along with copious notes regarding the new beasts and strange experiences which had befallen him. He also mentioned that there was a treasure to be had, but no one has been able to wring a word from him about this, he simply slapped his head. This book details his notes and my diary of exploration. I am exploring to see if I can find out more!

Level 1

As well as goblins, creatures like a man but also like a cow infest this place! I have never seen anything like this before. The area itself is reminiscent of frontline castles, with many walls, doors and skeletons of dead enemies. I'm sure I hear voices in my head each time I pass through the gates. I have dubbed this level War as it seems like an eternal battleground. I found only one small peaceful area here.

Level 2

My supplies are running low and I find myself in barren passages with seemingly endless malnourished beasts attacking me, ravenous for food. Nothing appears to be able to grow, many adventurers have died through lack of food and the very air appears to suck vitality from me. I've come to call this place famine.

Level 3

Just breathing in this place makes me shudder at the thought of what foul disease I may contract. The walls and floor ooze and pulsate like something pox ridden. There is a very strange beast whom I narrowly escaped from. At first I thought it to be a cross between a cow and a sheep, something domesticated, but when it looked up at me I was overcome with weakness and barely got away with my life! Luckily I found a small place where I could heal myself and rest a while. I have named this area pestilence for it reeks with decay.

Level 4

On my first escapade into this place I was utterly shocked. The adventurers who had come before me must have made up a tiny proportion of the skeletons of the dead. Nothing truely alive exists here, even those beings who do wander the halls are not alive as such, but they do know that I am and I get the distinct impression that were they to have their way, I would not be for long! Death is everywhere and thus I shall name this place. There is one small place of life, which was gladdening to find and very worth my while!


After getting lost several times I finally worked out the key to all the ladders and chains around this death infested place. All ropes and chains will take you to the start of the level that you are on. However most ladders will simply take you to the level above. The one exception is the ladder in the bottom level treasure room, which appears to lead through several extremely twisty passages and eventually takes you out of the dungeon completely. The portals may be used if you are of sufficient level or have already claimed your reward from the treasure room.


Day 1
Today I set out to find out more about this place. From my research I knew about the sentient doors, imbued by some unknown force to talk to you and ask questions before whey will let you pass. I have so far passed these doors without incident, giving the correct answer seems to work a treat.

Day 2
I have fought my way through the fearsome beasts on the first level and am preparing myself to journey deeper. I hope that things are not too difficult further on as I am already sick of bread and cheese for dinner.

Day 3
I ventured down into the famine level today I was wounded and have returned to the relative safety of the level above. I am going to try to make my way out through the goblins and mancow things. I hope I make it...

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Where found: Obtained from the Archaeological Expert after giving him the tablet received from Terry Balando (Desert Treasure)
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

This is a rough translation of the stone tablet brought to me by courier earlier today.

The cuneiforms of this particular tablet are far different to anything I have previously seen in my career as an archaeological expert.

Where possible I have given as accurate a translation as possible, but some of the words I have attempted to translate hold different meanings depending upon their intonationa nd context; Due to my unfamiliarity with this language, I have given possible translations for these words wherever I have encountered them. Wherever I have a word in brackets, it is a word which has many meanings depending on the context, although the general meaning should be clear to even a casual study.

Hopefully this translation will help you in your excavations Asgarnia, and as usual I look forward to seeling what relics you bring back to the Museum of Varrock this time! Your friend, as always, Terry Balando

Translation Follows:

(There are some missing fragments here, presumably from a stone tablet preceding this one which you have not yet discovered)

...the permanent (exile/journey) of the people ended. And so it came to pass, that deep in the (fiery/uncomfortable) desert, the gods (argued/decided) amongst themselves that the (fortress/home) would be the (selected/chosen) place that would (imprison/conceal) the (wealth/power). Thus (guarded/protected) by the (unusually archaic word here, I believe it means either the sick or the dead depending on context) and (defended/trapped) by the (diamonds/crystals) of (this word is untranslateable). So it was that the gods left the four (diamonds/crystals) as the (key/secret). (Guarded/Protected) by the (again, this word has no modern equivalent) and held by the (worthy/strong) so that the (wealth/poer) might forever be (imprisoned/concealed).

There seems to be some further missing information continued onto a further tablet, but from this preliminary translation I think you may be onto something very big indeed!

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Translation Book (Gnome-Englsih Translation)

Where found: Given to you by King Narnode Shareen when you start The Grand Tree quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes
Chapters: None

Gnome-English Translation

written by Anita

This text contains the ancient Gnome words I have managed to translate thus far.

arpos: rocks
ando: gate
andra: city
ataris: cow

cef: threat
cheray: lazy
Cinqo: King
cretor: bucket

eis: me
es: a
et: and
eto: will

gandius: jungle
Gal: All
gentis: leaf
gutus: banana
gomondo: branch

har: old
harij: harpoon
hewo: grass

ip: you
imindus: quest
irno: translate

kar: no
kai: boat
ko: sail

lauf: eye
laquinay: common sense
lemanto: man
lemantolly: stupid man
lovos: gave

meso: came
meriz: kill
mina: time(s)
mos: coin
mi: I
mond: seal

por: long
prit: with
priw: tree
pro: to

Qui: guard
Quir: guardian

rentos: agility

sarko: Begone
sind: big

ta: the
tuzo: open

Undri: lands
Umesco: Soul

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Varmen's notes

Where found: Found on a shelf in the Digsite Exam Center during The Golem quest
Available in POH bookshelf?: Yes

Septober 19

The nomads were right: there is a city here, probably buried for millennia and revealed by the random motions of the sand. The architecture is impressive even in ruin, and must once have been amazing. One puzzling factor is the pottery -- there are fragments all over the ruins, surely too much for a city even of this size. We have set up camp and will do a proper survey tomorrow.

Septober 20

The meaning of the pottery was explained today in a most surprising manner. We found a mostly-intact clay statue buried up to its waist in sand, and as soon as we dug it out, it started to walk around! It is a clay golem, built by the city's inhabitants and dormant all this time. Its head is badly damaged and it is uncommunicative, but its existence tells us that the city's inhabitants were expert magical craftsmen. The huge kilns in some of the buildings indicate that at some point before its destruction the whole city was converted to the manufacture of these golems.

We have also examined the carvings on the large building in the centre. There are symbols depicting several of the ancient gods, including Saradomin, Zamorak, and Armadyl, but there is another prominent symbol that I cannot identify. As it seems we will need to be here for longer than I had thought, I have sent to Elissa for books on golems and religious symbols.

Septober 21

As we examine the ruins one thing becomes increasingly clear: most of the damage was not due to weathering. The buildings were destroyed by force, as if torn down by giant hands.

Septober 22

A breakthrough! e have found the staircase into the lower levels of the temple. This part has been untouched by the elements, and the carvings here are more intact, especially four beautiful statuettes in alcoves framing the large door. I have removed one of them. The door will not open. I am glad I sent for a book on symbols, as the unidentified symbol is even more prominent here, especially on the door.

Septober 23

Our messenger returned with the books I asked for from Elissa. It is unfortunate that the museum will not be able to finance a full-scale excavation here as well as the one closer to Varrock, although I am of course pleased that the other city has been uncovered. But with the books I am able to piece together more of the story of this city.

The unidentified symbol in the ruins is that of the demon Thammaron, who was Zamorak's chief lieutenant during the godwars of the Third Age. With that information I can say with confidence that these are the ruins of Uzer, an advanced human civilization said to have been destroyed towards the end of the Third Age (roughly 2,500 years ago). It was allied with Saradomin and enjoyed his protection, as well as that of its own mages and warriors. Thammaron was able to open a portal from his own domain straight into the heart of the city, bypassing its defences. With Saradomin's help the army of Uzer was able to drive Thammaron back, but the record ends at that point and it has always been assumed that a later attack, either by Thammaron or by Zamorak's other forces, finished the city off.

Examining the door again, I now see that it is exactly the sort of door that could be used to seal Thammaron's portal, I am suddenly glad I was not able to open it! I surmise that the army of golems was created in order to fight the demon, since Uzer's army had been wiped out and Saradomin's forces were increasingly stretched. However, this approach evidently failed, since the city was eventually destroyed.

The art of the construction of golems has been lost since the Third Age, and, although they are sometimes discovered lying dormant in the ground, no concerted effort has been made to regain it, thanks largely to the modern Saradomist Church's view of them as unnatural. This view is without foundation, as golems are neither good nor evil but follow instructions they are given to the letter and without imagination, indeed experiencing extreme discomfort for as long as a task assigned to them remains incomplete. Some golems were constructed to obey verbal instructions, but the main method of instruction was to place magical words into the golem's skull cavity. These were written on papyrus using a naturally occuring source of ink, and their magical power derived from the use of a phoenix tail feather as a pen. These would be used for long-term or important tasks, and would override any verbal instructions.

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