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- Introduction
- Lodestone - Banking (Shilo Village)
- General Store
- Glory Amulet
- Glory Amulet/Dueling Ring
- Abbysal Crafting
- Dueling Rings
- Runners
- Fairy Rings


Nature Rune Crafting: it is one of the more time consuming skills to work on in Runescape. Any runecrafter over level 44 will know the nature crafting temple well. If you are a prospective nature crafter and you have no idea where it is, below is a map of the island it is on: Karamja.

Nature Altar Map With Routes

No matter what method you use to craft nature runes, it will take some time. Whatever method you use, it won't be like crafting airs. Hereunder, I will list various methods people use.

  1. *Lodestone:*

    1. Transport yourself to the Karamja lodestone. This method is only a little bit further then other methods mentioned. 2. Run to the nature altar, make the runes and transport to any lodestone nearest to the bank such as AlKharid or Burthorpe, or Edgeville. 3. Bank the nature runes and take out more pure essence. 4. Teleport to Karamja lodestone and repeat as may times as you want.

  2. *Banking (Shilo Village):*

    The all-simplistic method of simple banking. You withdraw 27 Pure essence and your nature talisman (or Nature Tiara and 28 Pure essence). Exit the village and proceed the detour around the gates of Shilo Village. You then head into the altar, craft your 27 (or 28) nature runes and head back out of the altar. Afterwards you take the long walk back around the village and into the bank once again. This method takes an average of 5 and a half minutes (without running) per trip. This is indeed, the longest way you do this, unless you decide to take an hour long break inbetween your trip, or something. This is the method almost everyone tries the first time, and goes, "Okay. No."

    Which is why we personally devise our own ways of crafting nature runes. Some of us like it one way and others of us like doing this another way - it is up to you, but when you start out it is best to try out everything before finding a preference for yourself. Don't settle for the first method you try - try out every one you know of or are told about before settling in.

  3. General Store:

    One of the more common methods used to craft nature runes: this cuts off a minute - two minutes at maximum, compared to the banking method. It is natural to firstly take out some money (Depending on the amount of Pure essence you are wanting to craft, I take about 5gp per essence note, so if I'm carrying 1,000 Pure essence noted, I bring 5k, It might be safer to bring a bit more, but it is all up to you) and Pure essence noted depending on how many you want to craft, a nature talisman (or tiara) and 25 (or 26 if you have a tiara) unnoted essence in your invent to fill it up. You proceed to craft 25 (or 26) nature runes, and then you go off in a north-west direction and to the General Store, where you sell 24 (or 25) essence and buy them back. Sometimes there may be essence stealers there, and other times the shop will steal your ess. Essence stealers are people who camp at the store and buy the essence which other people sell. It is unethical and stupid, but people do it, so there's nothing much you can do about them. You then re-trace your path back to the altar and craft your nature runes. Repeat this process until you are done.

  4. *Glory Amulet:*

    One of the various methods which revolves around the gnome glider method. Your bank is at Al-Kharid. Basic requirements are, preferably 5 or more 'Glory Amulets (4)' ready to be used, and also you must have done The Grand Tree quest. Bank at Al Kharid - withdraw your nature talisman and 27 Pure essences. Make sure AND ALWAYS CHECK that you have a glory amulet (4) on you. For safety measures, I always bring a ring of dueling in case. You will learn why later. Head north towards the Gnome Glider. Fly to 'Ta Quir Priw' (The Grand Tree), and from there fly to 'Gandius' (Karamja). At the top of this guide is a map of the route you take to get to the Nature Altar. Craft your nature runes and then unequip your Glory Amulet (4). Rub it, click on Al Kharid, and voila. You find yourself in the Al Kharid palace, located adjacent to the bank. Equip your glory ammy (3) and proceed to the bank. Store your 27 nature runes, withdraw 27 essence, and head north to the plane. Repeat the process.

    After 4 trips, you will realize that you "have just used your last charge" of your glory ammy. No fret - when you bank, unequip your glory ammy and exchange it for a charged one you have. Many times, if you frequent this method, at least once in your lifetime you will forget to swap your uncharged for charged, and you find yourself stranded at the Altar: OH NO! WHAT DO I DO?! Well, there is no need to go berserk over it. Remember that ring of dueling you are wearing? Unequip it, rub it and teleport to Al Kharid Dueling Arena. Phew - back and safe in civilization!

    Important Notes: It is also possible to wear a Nature Tiara which will save 1 more inventory space, which means that you can carry 1 more pure essence and craft 1 more nature rune. Also, if you find your selfs standing at the Altar with a uncharged Glory and without a dueling ring, you can walk to Shilo Village and bank there to get a new Glory Amulet, or, walk east, over the river, then south-east and hop on the glider to fly back to Al Kharid.

    Gnome Glider To Karamja

  5. *Glory Amulet/Dueling Ring:*

    Same concept as above - in fact all these teleporting ones have the same concept. You still bank at Al Kharid, and you still take the plane, and you still walk to the altar - the only difference is the way you teleport back. Unequip your glory ammy, teleport to Edgeville, bank, and then teleport to Al Kharid Dueling Arena using your dueling ring, and take a short walk to the Gnome Glider. Repeat the process. Castle Wars to Duel Arena costs about 500 gp per time, it's just a bit slower than the Abbys, but safer. It's the best thing to do if you're level 90-105 (avarage pkers level).

  6. *Abbysal Crafting:*

    (a)This is the most dangerous, but also the fastest way of RuneCrafting. You take a Glory with you and teleport to Edegville. Bank there and go to the wonderful Zamorak Mage to teleport you to the Abbys. Make your way to the middle and exit through the Nature Raft. Make your Runes and get back to Edge. You'll get skulled and watch out for pkers!

    (b)If you don't want to risk losing your Glory Amulet just take a Dueling ring instead, it's the same process as above. Once you have crafted your Nature runes, take out your dueling ring and teleport to Castle wars, get a Glory Amulet out of your bank and Teleport to Edgeville, now bank the Glory and wear the Dueling ring, also don't forget to take out the Pure essence.

    Dueling Ring Teleport Options

    (c)One of the best methods to Nature Running is simply using the Abyss. If you are a Crafter, use whatever World you want, but if you are a Runner, use World 91, Crafters there give 40 Nature Runes for every 25 Pure essence. Because you'll have 3 free spaces, use Paddewwa Teleport if you can, as it cuts time and lessens the items you would use if you died to PKers.

  7. *Dueling Rings:*

    There are two methods people use when it comes to dueling rings.
    (a). Same concept as methods 3 and 4. The only difference is, as always, the teleporting back. This method incorporates the concept of rubbing the dueling ring and teleporting direct to Al Kharid Dueling Arena. Bank at either the Dueling Arena or Al Kharid city bank, and then take the gnome glider back.
    (b). Same concept as methods 3 and 4. The only difference is, again, the teleporting back. This method incorporates rubbing the ring and teleporting to Castle Wars Arena. Bank at Castle Wars, which is by far less time consuming than going directly to Al Kharid and walking to either of the banks. After banking at Castle Wars, have your nature talisman, your ring of dueling and 26 Pure essences. Rub the ring again and teleport to Al Kharid Duel Arena - then return to the Gnome Glider.

  8. *Runners:*

    A runner is someone who is paid, either by money, Pure essence, nature runes (or Pure essence and nature runes i.e. Free Nat Crafting) to bring un-noted essence (Usually 26 or 27 -it is dependable upon the crafter's request) to the rune-crafter. The trade is done, where the unnoted essence and the payment is exchanged. Afterwards, the runecrafter goes into the altar, makes the nature runes, and comes back out through the portal. (s)he waits for the next runner, or the same guy, to come back with un-noted essence. This is a great way to make money (for the runner) or get runecrafting experience (for the rune-crafter). So, the next time you go Nat Crafting, bear in mind the methods stated here. Maybe try out a new method, if you like. But if you are comfortable with the way you do it, keep at it.

  9. *Fairy Rings:*

    This is the last method in this guide. When you have started the members quest "Fairy Tale Part II" and gained permission to use the fairy rings, you can make use of the fairy ring transportation network to craft Nature runes. You will need to start this method from the lost city and be wielding your Dramen staff. From the bank in the lost city, head South-East to the fairy ring portal and enter the code CKR. This will teleport you to a point South-West of the Nature Altar and North-East of Shilo Village. Head to the Nature Altar and craft your runes then return to the lost city by the same fairy ring, Repeat this process until you have reached the amount of nature runes desired.

    Fairy Ring Code To Karamja

* = These methods revolve around using a teleportation item or banking. For these, it is optional to bring a pickaxe and mine the rocks to the north-west of the altar. There are 2 Adamantite rocks, 2 Mithril rocks, 2 Coal rocks, 1 Iron rock and the remainder few are Tin rocks. Since you are going to the bank after your nature crafting trip, you might want to take home a few ores for you. This increases not only your runecrafting level per trip, but also your mining (which can ultimately be used for smithing at a later stage, or selling to make some money).

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