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Friends Chat

As the Friends Chat is open to anyone (depending on settings) it is ideal to be used for minigames and events where anyone is invited to join. They are also used by a lot of Distraction & Diversion groups for things like Penguin Hide and Seek, Shooting Stars and Evil Trees.

Everyone in game has their own Friends Chat that they can set up under their own name. A personal Friends Chat is more often used for general chat among friends and for using the Lootshare and Coinshare functions while boss hunting.

Note: It is not recommended to use a Friends Chat for any sort of proper clan. Instead, get a clan charter from within the Clan Camp and start a Clan Chat instead.

Using a Friends Chat:

Start by clicking the button with 3 green people on:

Friend chat tab

This will take you to the friend chat interface. To join a Friends Chat (either your own, or another), press the following button which is found in the bottom-left corner of the interface:

Join button

Once you've joined a Friends Chat, you'll see a screen similar to this:

Friend chat list

Notice how the green (+) "Join Chat" button has changed to a red (-) "Leave Chat" button? You can click this to leave the Friends Chat when you are done.

You can talk with people in the Friends Chat in three ways:

  • Click on the "Friends" isolation button below the chatbox. Doing this also shows only the Friends Chat in the chatbox, making it easier to follow the conversation.

  • To type a single line of text (from any chat window) simply type a / before your message. It will appear as normal (without the /) in the Friends Chat window.

  • To type continuously in the Friends Chat you can use the sticky Friends Chat function: /f. All chat will appear in the Friends Chat window until you use a different sticky function, or click on a different isolation button below the chatbox.

In the chat window the message will be pre-fixed with "[*friend chat name*] *your name*:" Instead of just your name. The text of the message will also appear in red as a default, but may be changed via the chat options button, within the game options panel.


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Changing your Friends Chat settings:

While in your own Friends Chat you can open your Friend Chat Setup window, by pressing this button:

Setup button

You will see a page like this:

Friends Chat setup display

Using this page, you can name your Friends Chat, set permissions in your chat and give ranks to people who are on your friends list. To name your Friends Chat, simply click the button named 'Chat name', and enter the name you wish, within the 12 character limit. If you want to rank the people in your Friends Chat, use the right-hand portion of the screen. Simply find the person's name in the list, right click it, and select the rank you wish to give them. Ranks are explained in more detail below.

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Ranks and Permissions:

On the setup screen there are a few extra buttons extra buttons for setting permissions by rank.

Friends Chat Permissions

These permissions affect who can join your chat, and who can talk in it. If you have these permissions set to anyone, anyone that knows your name can enter chat, and talk in it. If you have who can enter set to anyone, but who can talk set to friends, anyone can join the chat and view what is being said, but only people on your friends list can speak. You can also set so that only certain ranks can talk, this is handy if you need people to see what is being said as it will stay in the chatbox for longer.

There is also a permission called "Who can kick". This determines who can forcibly remove people from your Friends Chat and is determined by a minimum rank.

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The Friends Chat Ranking System:

The Friend Chat system allow you to give users many different ranks, below is the list of them.

Priority Level is used when your friend chat is full. If a user that attempts to join a full friend chat, any user that has a lower rank than that user is kicked from the chat, and the higher ranked user given their place.

Note: There is also a rank called "Moderator" reserved for Jagex mods. They have full power over everyone in the clan chat.

Rank Image Rank Name Level Priority Information
Jagex Moderator Level 8 Jagex Moderators can kick or ban anyone
Leader Leader Level 7 The creator of the clan chat, can kick or ban anyone (other than Jagex moderators)
General General Level 6 The highest rank any clan member can recieve, can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Captain Captain Level 5 Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Lieutenant Lieutenant Level 4 Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Sergeant Sergeant Level 3 Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Corporal Corporal Level 2 Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Recruit Recruit Level 1 Lowest ranking available, can't be given kicking permissions
Friends Friends Level 0 People who are not ranked, but on your friends list
N/A Anyone Else Level 0 People who have joined your friend chat, but aren't on your friends list

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Keeping your Friends Chat under control:

There are always those people who like to bend, stretch, tear, or break the rules. Thankfully, the friend chat systems allows you some control over this. The simplest, but harshest way to do this is to use the permissions discussed above. These will make it impossible for certain players to join or talk in your friend chat, effectively stopping the problem before it starts. The less harsh, but still effective (assuming you have trustworthy people who use your chat) method is to give certain users kicking power. You can set which ranks have kicking powers using the permissions discussed above. After you do so, anyone with that rank, or above, can kick users from the chat. to kick a user, simply right-click their name and select "Kick user *name*" Kicking a user will remove them from the chat and ban them from returning for one hour, or until the chat becomes completely empty.

Note: You cannot kick someone that is equal to or above you in rank, even if you normally have kicking powers.

The final way of controlling your Friends Chat is through the Ignore List. Any users added to your Ignore List cannot enter your Friends Chat. This is a permanent (or at least until you un-ignore them) way to keep people out of your chat while still allowing others in.

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Friend Chat F.A.Q.s:

  • Do I have to let people into my friend chat, or can I just not use it?

    If you don't want your friend chat to be used, simply right click the box that lets you set the name for your chat, and select the disable option. Your friend chat is now unusable. To use it again, you must manually re-enable it.

  • Can I be reported for things said in a friend chat?

    Yes, speaking in a friend chat is just like speaking publicly, so if you break one of the rules, you an still be reported, and punished for the offence.

  • What is this Lootshare option?

    Lootshare allows a group of people in the same friend chat to share drops from monsters. All people who are in the friend chat and have lootshare activated have a chance of receiving the item from a monster when it is dropped. When they recieve an item, the become less likely to recieve an item next time, so each person lootsharing will get some drops.

  • What is Coinshare?

    Coinshare is an addition to Lootshare. When Coinshare is activated, high level Lootshared drops will be converted into gold, and sent to the Grand Exchange. Each player who is within the radius to have a chance to recieve the drop will get an even split of the money. The amount of GP that is dropped is based on the items minimum Grand Exchange price. High level drops include dragon items, godsword shards/hilts and more.

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Clan Chat

Clan Chats are the official clan channels for clans registered with the Scribe at the Clan Camp. You can only be in one clan at a time and must be invited by someone with appropriate permissions before you get any rank in the channel. As a member of an official clan you will automatically join this channel on login, but you can choose to remain hidden from your clan if you wish.

If you aren't in a clan or wish enter another clan's channel as a guest, you have to do so manually. Guests can not be given rank in Clan Chats. Clan ranks can decide whether their clan chat is open to guests or not and whether guests can talk or just observe.

Starting a clan chat

To start a Clan Chat, you must first start a clan. You can do this by obtaining a Clan charter from the Scribe in the Clan Camp and founding a clan with four other "founders". These can be anyone - friends or strangers. Once you've got yourself four founders (excluding yourself), hand the Charter back to the Scribe.

The Scribe

Congratulations, you've just started a clan!

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Naming your clan chat, designing your clan cloak and vexilium and ranking members

After you've handed in your clan charter, you may choose the design for your clan cloak and vexilium. Every member of your clan may have one of these.

To name a clan chat/rank members, press the following button:

Clan Chat Settings

You will be greeted by a screen similar to this:

Clan Settings

Naming a clan chat and ranking members is the same as it is for a friend's chat. From this screen, you may also edit the motto, motif and keywords of your clan, as well as several other features.

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Using a clan chat

To join a clan chat, you must first be invited to it by a member of that clan with ranking permissions. Once invited, you will see a screen similar to this:

Clan Chat Screen

In order to talk with people in the chat, simply type a // before your message. It will appear as normal (without the //) in the chat window. However, the messaged will be pre-fixed with "[*clan chat name*] *your name*:" Instead of just your name. The text of the message will also appear in pink as a default, but may be changed via the settings button (outside of the clan chat).

There are several new features to the clan chat.
The first is an invite button:

Invite Button

If you are an admin, you may invite players to your clan by clicking on the above button, then clicking on the player you wish to invite.
The next is clan details:

Clan Details

You can view any details set by the clan leader here, including name, motto and a description about the clan!
Another is a tool to kick/ban guests who may visit your clan chat. You can do this in two ways. First, you can scroll over the right of their name as shown in the first picture, or by right-clicking on their name, as shown in the second:

Clan Ban Button

Clan Ban Button If you have sufficient rank in the clan, you may kick or ban guests in your clan chat.
Next you can choose to leave you clan's chat channel:

Leave Clan Chat Channel

If you wish, you may leave your clan's chat channel. This is NOT permanent.
Fifth is if you wish to leave your clan for good.

Leave Your Clan

This IS permanent, and you may only re-join the clan if you are invited again.
The final new tools are these three buttons below:

Clan Buttons

The first, orange dot allows you to view the screen of the clan chat.
The second, green dot allows you to join a clan chat as a guest.
The final, red dot allows you to view the ban/ ignore list of the clan.

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Clan chat permissions

As with the friend's chat, there are several permissions an administrator can alter. These are:

  1. Who can talk on chat?
  2. Who can kick from chat?
  3. Who can enter chat?

All of the settings, by default, are set to 'Recruit +'

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The Clan Chat Ranking System

The Clan Chat system allow you to give users many different ranks, below is a table of them.

Rank Image Rank Name Information
Owner Owner Has the ability to kick and ban permanantly, the creator of the clan chat.
Deputy owner Deputy owner Has the ability to kick and ban permanantly, a founder of the clan chat.
Overseers Overseers Has the ability to kick and ban permanantly
Organisers Organisers Has the ability to kick and ban permanantly
Admin Admin Has the ability to kick and ban permanantly
General General Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Captain Captain Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Lieutenant Lieutenant Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Sergeant Sergeant Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Corporal Corporal Can be given kicking permissions by clan owner
Recruit Recruit The default rank for any clan chat member. They have no permissions.
Rated Clan Wars Leader Rated Clan Wars Leader Leads the clan in Rated Clan Wars
N/A Guest Someone who is visiting your clan chat as a guest. They have no permissions.

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A member of the clan of rank 'Admin' or higher may give out jobs to members. These are:

  • Administrator
  • Adventurer
  • Advisor
  • Ambassador
  • Ancienter
  • Archchancellor
  • Assassin
  • Assistant
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Auditor
  • Builder
  • Bishop
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Council
  • Counciller
  • Courier
  • Diplomat
  • Disciplinary
  • Druid
  • Duke
  • Duchess
  • Elder
  • Elite Clan Mate
  • Elite Guard
  • Empress
  • Event Leader
  • Event Organiser
  • Events Leader
  • Expert
  • Firemaker
  • Fisher
  • Forester
  • Formal Mediator
  • Forum Bumper
  • Forum Leader
  • Founder
  • Fresh Meat
  • Guide
  • Head Priest
  • Head Priestess
  • Head Seer
  • Hero
  • Heroine
  • High Council
  • High Priest
  • Honorary Clanmate
  • Honour Knight
  • Hunter
  • Inactive Clanmate
  • Inquisitor
  • King
  • Knight
  • Lady
  • Legend
  • Legendary Member
  • Lord
  • Low Council
  • Mage
  • Mayor
  • Mayoress
  • Melee Leader
  • Member of the Month
  • Mentor
  • Miner
  • Minigame Leader
  • Missionary
  • Monk
  • New Clanmate
  • New Clanmate Mentor
  • Newbie
  • Ninja
  • On Vacation
  • Paladin
  • President
  • Priests
  • Priestess
  • Prime Minister
  • Prince
  • Princesses
  • PvM Leader
  • PvP Leader
  • Queen
  • Range Leader
  • Ranger
  • Recruit
  • Recruiting Leader
  • Recruiter
  • Retired
  • Retired Leader
  • Rookie
  • Royal Knight
  • Runecrafter
  • Scapegoat
  • Scout
  • Scryer
  • Secretary
  • Seer
  • Skill Master
  • Skiller
  • Skilling Leader
  • Slayer
  • Smith
  • Soldier
  • Squire
  • Subgroup Leader
  • Summoner
  • Tank
  • Thief
  • Thug
  • Trainee
  • Treasurer
  • Troll
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Veteran Member
  • War Caller
  • Warlord
  • Warmonger
  • Warrior
  • Witchfinder
  • Wizard
  • Woodcutter

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Clan Chat F.A.Q.s

  • Can you be in a clan chat and a friend chat at the same time?

    Yes, absolutely! You may also visit another clan chat as a guest at the same time, so that's a total of three different chats!

  • How many Clan Chats can you be in at a time?

    Unfortunately, only one at a time. You may join another if you leave the one you are currently in, though.

  • Can I be reported for things said in a clan chat?

    Yes, speaking in a clan chat is just like speaking publicly, so if you break one of the rules, you can still be reported, and punished for the offence.

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