To start the sagas you must unfreeze Skaldrun with a tinderbox and logs, or a fire-based spell. He will appear throughout the frozen floors that possess a complexity of 2 or higher. Once freed he can then be found on the surface of Daemonheim near Thok.

For a player to be able to do any of the sagas, you must first find a special item while Dungeoneering that has the ability to jolt Skaldrun's memory. You cannot find any of these items until Skaldrun has first been set free.

The sagas can be played multiple times, but you will only earn the reward once.

The abridged version of each saga requires only a Dungeoneering level. Completing the abridged version only gives the abridged tome.

The unabridged versions require other skills in addition to the Dungeoneering requirement. The unabridged version gives the entire storyline, and gives an abridged tome as well as the unabridged tome, which gives the player experience in Dungeoneering, as well as other skills respectively.

Three's Company:

Requirements (abridged): 11 Dungeoneering
Requirements (unabridged): 30 Attack, Magic, and Ranged
Memory fragment: Bearskin

The Three's Company sage is the first playable sage. The focus of this saga is the controlling the Signature Heroes Ariane, Sir Owen and Ozan, in order to catch Carn. This sage is started on the frozen floors 1-11. This saga currently is the only optional free-to-play saga.

Rewards (abridged): 75 Dungeoneering tokens, 750 Dungeoneering Xp
Rewards (unabridged) - 3,750 Attack, Magic, or Ranged Xp
Required for 100% (Secondary objectives):

  • Investigate a large pile of rocks to obtain ore.
  • Pick up a sword. It crumbles, leaving nothing but some ore.
  • Pick up a pickaxe and mine a rock for ore (The rock is in the room with the guard).
  • Pick up a gold charm and two heim crabs, and use them to summon a Gorajo at the summoning obelisk in the room with the bridge and two rangers. Talk to the familiar to teach the trio about Smithing techniques.


Requirements (abridged): 23 Dungeoneering
Requirements (unabridged): 55 Agility and Thieving
Memory fragment: Collection of swords

In this saga four adventurers travel to Daemonheim and leave all but one dead. The survivor is in the mood for vengeance. It can only be started on the first abandoned floors 12-17. And at this time is only available to members.

Rewards (abridged): 241 Dungeoneering tokens, 2,410 Dungeoneering Xp
Rewards (unabridged): 25,415 Agility or Thieving Xp
Required for 100% (Secondary objectives):

  • Find and talk to Agrax, allowing her to die peacefully or telling her to keep fighting.
  • Confront Korel about the key, either sparing him or punishing him.
  • Talk to Peleas after examining the remains of his lover Shianna, either lying to comfort him or telling the truth about her death.


Requirements (abridged): 30 Dungeoneering
Requirements (unabridged): 55 Dungeoneering, 45 Thieving, and 60 Attack
Memory fragment: Damaged Device

In this saga you will play as Moia, the half-human daughter of the Mahjarrat Lucien, in her quest to find Bilrach, the Mahjarrat creator of Daemonheim.

Rewards (abridged): 375 Dungeoneering tokens, 3,750 Dungeoneering Xp
Rewards (unabridged): 2,167 Dungeoneering tokens, 21,670 Dungeoneering Xp and 11,660 Thieving or Attack Xp
Required for 100% (Secondary objectives):

  • Completely collect Hearthen's, Toma's, and Yudura's memories.
  • Answer all of Toma's men and the Necrolords correctly.
  • Do not run out of portal power at any time.

Thok It To 'Em:

Requirements (abridged): 59 Dungeoneering
Requirements (unabridged): 70 Strength
Memory fragment: Scribbled notes

Thok speaks about killing beasts in novel ways. This saga can only be started on the second abandoned floors 30-35. At this time this saga is only available to members.

Rewards (abridged): 3,708 Dungeoneering tokens, 37,080 Dungeoneering Xp
Rewards (unabridged): 75,765 Strength Xp
Required for 100% (Secondary objectives):

  • Kill 'Coward with Bow'. Open the Silver crescent door using the Silver curvy thing. Attack him, but move away when he teleports to avoid his special attack.
  • Kill 'Bulky warrior'. Open the Crimson rectangle door using the Red block. Just attack him and move out of the way when he shouts "Charge!".
  • Kill 'Armoured Cow Thing'. Open the Blue triangle door using the Blue pointed thing. Grab the pickaxe and destroy the armor so that you can damage it.
  • Kill 'Gobby Demon'. Open the Orange shield door using the Orange stick thing. Attack him and move immediately when he opens up portals.

Thok Your Block Off:

Requirements (abridged): 71 Dungeoneering and completed Thok It To 'Em
Requirements (unabridged): 75 Strength
Memory fragment: Rock and twine bundle

Thok and his brother Marmaros compete for kills while chasing 'Bone Face', who happens to have Thok's sword stuck in his head, through the dungeon.

Rewards (abridged): 5,344 Dungeoneering tokens, 53,440 Dungeoneering Xp
Rewards (unabridged): 105,010 Strength Xp
Required for 100% (Secondary objectives):

  • Make the "Best Thing Ever" from promethium ore and soulbell and give it to Pretty Lass.
  • Fish Mini Marm and Mrs. Marm.
  • Kill more monsters than Marmaros (You must kill 5+ more enemies than Marmaros)
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