Note: All the color names may be typed in either upper or lower case for them to work. Type the color name (red, white, green, purple, or cyan) and a colon, followed by your text.

The default text color is just plain yellow.

red: makes your font red.

white: makes your font white.

green: makes your font green.

purple: makes your font purple.

cyan: makes your text cyan.


flash1: text quickly changes from yellow to red to yellow (repeats)

flash2: text quickly changes from dark blue to cyan to dark blue (repeats)

flash3: text quickly changes from light green to dark green to light green (repeats)

glow1: text color smoothly changes from red to orange to yellow to green to cyan

glow2: text color smoothly changes from red to pink to purple to blue to purple to red

glow3: text color smoothly changes from white to light green to dark green to light green to white to cyan

scroll: text scrolls across screen from right to left (like a stock market ticker or marquee)

shake: text moves like a wave, but the wave gets smaller until the letters stop moving

slide: text slides down from the top, stops in the middle, then slides down and disappears

wave: your text moves up and down like a wave (some letters are up and some are down)

wave2: your text moves in a wave left to right like a flag in the wind


When combining colors and effects, always have the color before the effect and do not put a space between the color colon and the first letter of the effect.

'color':wave: you get a wavey msg in that color

'color':scroll: you get a scroll that goes across in that color

You cannot use 'wave' and 'scroll' both in 1 text line


  1. Never combine 2 or more colors or 2 or more effects.
  2. Color always before effect.
  3. Never capitalize anything (it will automatically capitalize the first word of your text).
  4. Always place a colon after the effect name or color.
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