What is it?

Essence running is a brilliant way to earn money or runes (or both!) with no skills required! (No, not even runecrafting.) There are many ways to essence run, but all are based around the same concept; that is, because the runecrafters can only carry 23-27 essence at a time (depending on what else they need to carry), they can't get much runecrafting XP at once. You, as the runner, are there to help them achieve more runecrafting XP, and in return, you will either get cash, runes or maybe even other items. You must trade the essence UNNOTED because noted essence are uncraftable. You must also trade them AT THE CORRECT TEMPLE because this saves your employer from having to run them himself (obviously that would be pointless).

For the locations of all the temples, check the Runecrafting Skill Guide.

There is a maze inside the chaos temple, for how to navigate it see the Chaos Alter Maze map in the Runecrafting Skill Guide.

Note: This guide is intended for essence runners but there is also some useful information in here for runecrafters.


All runecrafters have a different approach to essence running, some just want the XP and others also want a share of the runes. Some are also prepared to give a better deal in order to get more runners.

A few things to consider when picking an employer:

  • How much do they pay and what do they pay in?
  • Do they provide essences?
  • Do they like to run their own essences too? If they are not synchronized with you this could be a problem.
  • Are there bonuses for runners who do well or help them achieve their target level?
  • How many other runners do they have? From your point of view, the less, the better.
  • Obviously if they are abusive to their employees that is a problem; but that is uncommon.
  • Do they require their runners to have the appropriate talisman?
  • How many essence do they ask from you per run?
  • What is their runecrafting level? This is important for lower level runes, because at certain levels more runes can be made from the same amount of essences, and therefore you can expect more cash or runes for your trouble.

Tips for Runners

The first and most important thing to remember is TRAVEL LIGHT! Do not wear heavy armour when runecrafting, other than chaos and nature crafting where you may be attacked. For chaos and nature crafting, wear something like dragonhide which is light, or if you are tough enough don't bother with armor. If you have them, wear boots of lightness (see the Temple of Ikov quest guide for how to get them). These reduce weight by 4kg when worn. Pouches are allowed into the rune essence area, meaning you can mine 30, 35, 43 or 54 ess in a full inventory, depending on your runecrafting level. You can hold one of each pouch, meaning 1 small, 1 med, 1 large, and 1 giant.

Light Inventory

There is no harm wearing jewelry because it weights nothing. Any jewelry with teleport charges is useful for low level nature runners, and the amulet of glory is especially useful to law runners (see below).

Also, only take the bare essentials in your inventory. That is, essence plus the tally if you need it.

Nature Running

Nature running is slightly different from all other types of run. This is because, instead of banking to take out the essences, you instead sell them to the nearby general store as notes, and buy them back as items. Why? Because the nearest bank is in Shilo Village and this has several disadvantages, like the fact there are high level zombies guarding it, or that the route is slightly longer than to the general store, or that you have to do a hard quest to get there. If you have completed this quest, you can use Shilo as a place to bank if you wish but the general store is more convenient.

You sell each essence for roughly 2gp each and buy back for 5gp each or so, so bring some extra money (around 3 gp for each Pure essence). Sometimes people will try and steal your essence by buying it without them having to sell to the store, so you have to be quick. You could also try and steal some of theirs back if you are a spiteful person.

These are the items needed for nature running: Noted essence, cash, finished nature runes, unnoted essence, an antipoison, a single 4 dose should suffice, because there are aggressive level 32's which poison near the alter. For level 65's and over they are no problem because you are over twice their level.

Level 65+:

Level 64 and under:


If you wish to run 27 natures at a time, have lots of amulets of glory, have done the grand tree quest, and done heroes quest, you can operate out of the Al Kharid bank. What you do is you take your amulet of glory out and equip it, then run down to the Gnome Gilder, then let the gnome take you to the grand tree (Ta Quir Priw), and then to karamja (Gandius). After that run to the temple and trade the essence for natures. Then unequip the amulet and teleport back to Al Kharid to start over. It's also a good idea to pull out a ring of dueling whilst running like this because if you do it often, once in a while you will for get to swap amulet of glories whilst running and its a long walk back.

Another method is the use the Nearby Fairy Ring. To use this method you must however have permission to use the fairy rings (Fairy Tale Part II Quest) and be able to enter the Lost City (Lost City Quest).
Start at the Lost City bank and take out a Dramen Staff then wield it, now take out 27 Pure essence (depending on what the Nature Rune Maker is payign you for the running). Run east until you see the fairy ring, step on it and enter the CKR code to be teleported just north-west of Shilo Village, walk to the Nature temple and trade with the Nature Rune Maker, he will give you your payment. Repeat this until your out of Pure essence, had enough of it, or have simply reached the amount of nature Runes wanted.

Note: for lots more info and methods for Nature Running please visit our Nature Running Guide in the special reports section.

Law Running

Again, for law running, you can use amulets of glory to save time. They halve your journey time. The number to buy could be anything between about 5 and 29. Anything below 5 and you will waste more time recharging than you save on the journey, and if you get more than 29 you will have to make more than one trip to recharge (with 29 you can carry 28 in your inventory and wear the other).

This also works to a lesser extent with chaos running by using the amulet's Edgeville teleport, but this does not take much off the journey (only worth it if you already own amulets for law or nature running). To make the journey to the Heroes Guild quicker you can use one of the teleports on a games necklace.

What can you use these runes for?:

If you are getting paid in runes, make sure that what you are running is a type of rune you will use.

The four elemental runes air, water, mind and fire are used in all kinds of spell. For lower level mages airs are often the best because most offensive spells use them. For higher level mages fires are best because they are used in the god spells and you cannot use a fire staff to cast them.

Minds and chaos are also useful for lower level offensive spells. Bodies can be used for stat reduction spells.

Cosmics have limited use for enchanting jewelry and powering orbs. Normally you will only need a few of these though unless you do a LOT of crafting.

Natures are one of the most useful runes, because they are used for high alchemy. High alchemy gives both mage XP and cash! Different items give more cash, yew longbows and steel platebodies are popular items. Other uses for them include superheating (a great time saver for miners and smiths) and bind spells which are a favorite of PKing mages.

Finally, laws are good for pure mages as they are used in teleport spells which raise magic level without raising HP.

How much do runes sell for?

Item Name Street Price
Air Rune 10-20gp each (can go as low as 4)
Mind Rune 18-30gp each (can go as low as 10)
Water Rune 10-15gp each (can go as low as 5)
Earth Rune 7-12gp each
Fire Rune 6-15gp each (can go as low as 5)
Body Rune 10-50gp each (difficult to sell large amounts at once)
Cosmic Rune 100gp each (difficult to sell large amounts at once)
Chaos Rune 150-200gp each
Nature Rune 200-400gp each
Law Rune 1k when sold individually, 300-350gp each when sold in large amounts
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