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Basics of Bankstanding:

To start training the skill of Bankstanding, you must find a bank that is available for your level to be bankstood at (See the list below). Deposit boxes and certain banks cannot be used to train this skill. Head over to that bank and start standing at the bank booth or staring at one of the bankers. You will receive a fixed amount of experience per minute of successfully standing at a bank.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your chance of successfully bankstanding for a minute. Idling in a clan chat and/or friend chat will increase your chances by a significant percentage. Other ways are performing emotes and wearing crazy outfits. Disrupting the above actions mentioned will result in a experience penalty.

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As the skill-name says, training the skill takes place at banks. As you level the skill more banks will become available to you. Only the banks below can be used to train the skill. Standing near deposit boxes or other banks will not result in an experience gain.


Bank Location Level
XP/Min Members
Lumbridge Top floor of the Lumbridge Castle 1 100 No
Varrock East and West of the square 5 250 No
Falador East and West of the square 10 500 No
Taverly Southwest corner of the city 20 750 No
Burthorpe Near the lodestone 30 1000 No
Al Kharid West of the palace 40 2500 No
Draynor Village Southeast of the market 50 5000 No
Edgeville Center of the city 70 7500 No
Grand Exchange West of the palace 90 10000 No


While you level the skill you will unlock a number of new banks. The location of these new banks are currently unknown. Among the other rewards are clothes and items that will allow you to bank a number of items before they need to be recharged. It is rumored that at level 95 you will unlock a spell that will auto-bank every item in your inventory during a certain timespan.

Cape of Accomplishment:

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Floral Pois, Master of Bankstanding, in the basement of Varrock's Western bank. She will sell you a Bankstanding cape for 99k Coins.

Skill cape

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