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How do I use the calculator?

To use the skills calculator, simply enter a starting set of experience and a goal, and the calculator will provide information on what must be done to reach the goal. Click here for more detailed help
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  • Basic Usage
  • Users can enter a username and retrieve their highscores stats by clicking the "Retrieve XP" button. Goal XP and Level requirements are automatically set to the next level for the given user when this is done. Please note that any stats that are not ranked on the RuneScape highscores will NOT be retrieved, and must be entered manually!

  • Actions
  • The calculator can determine how many trips are required of an action based on the amount of actions per trip. For example, 4 trips are required if mining 100 iron ore at 28 ore per trip.

  • Goals
  • Three types of goals may be selected from the dropdown box "Goal Target" -- a goal amount of experience, a goal level, or a goal number of actions. Goal experience and level will show the amount of actions and trips required; goal actions will show the final experience and level.

  • Ratios
  • Users can enter ratios after enabling them with the tickbox saying "Use Ratios". For example, farming 20 yew trees for every 8 papaya trees and 1 calquat tree. When using the Goal Actions function, this mode will show the experience gain from each type of item or action instead of the resultant total.

  • Progress Bar
  • On the left side of the calculator, a progress bar shows how close the user is to achieving a goal amount of experience or a goal level, starting from level 1. In goal actions, this is hidden.

  • Experience Bonuses
  • Just above the lists of action iterations and trips is an experience bonus dropdown list. For most skills, there is no bonus at all, but for some, notably the combat skills, there are experience bonuses. Note that for combat styles such as attack or ranging, this must be used to select the appropriate combat style; otherwise, the calculator will fail to provide all of the experience gain per action.

  • Extra Notes
  • Some calculators may have additional information that is provided beyond the information for each calculator. For example, the Runecraft skill calculator will display to users the amount of runes they will make while reaching their goal.

  • Color Ledgend
  • When looking at the list of currently-shown actions or items, the names are color-coded based on the user's level. Actions shown in green can be performed at the current level, even on free-to-play worlds. Actions shown in yellow can be performed, but only on a members-only world. Actions shown in red require a higher level. Actions requiring quests or other skills may erroneously appear green or yellow if one of the requirements have been met; an example of this is with armour stands in construction and smithing.