Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 55 Agility
Level 53 Farming
Level 59 Slayer
Level 72 Woodcutting
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Pot Lid, Plant Pot (with soil), Secateurs, Spade, Pot, Machete, Woodcutting axe, and about 1k gold for travel costs. A Ring of Charos (u) for a free boat ride and Shilo Gloves 3 for a Shilo Village teleport are also recommended, but not required.
Quest Points:
24k Farming XP, 40k Woodcutting XP, 23k Slayer XP, 15k Agility XP, a new vine farming patch, and a Jade vine seed.
Start Point:
Handelmort Mansion, East Ardougne
To Start:
Speak to Horacio
  1. Speak to Horacio outside Lord Handelmort's mansion, located a little north from the bank in East Ardougne. Ask who he is and then offer to help him. He will ask you to get a Jade vine, which only grows east of Shilo Village, and tell you to talk to Wizard Cromperty first.

  2. Head to the most northeastern building of Ardougne and talk to Wizard Cromperty. He will ask you to go to the RPDT depot.

  3. Proceed to RPDT the depot just south of Ardougne's east bank, and talk to one of the employees.


  4. You will now have to open the smelly package on the nearby table. In it, you'll find the severed hand of a a wizard.

  5. Go back and speak to Wizard Cromperty. After a short cutscene, he will ask you to make him a pot lid. The pot lid must be made after the cutscene; if you made it beforehand, it will not work.

  6. Talk to Wizard Cromperty once you have made the pot lid and he will tell you to go speak to Garth. He is the farmer near the fruit tree patch in Brimhaven.

  7. Speak to Garth and he will tell you how to get a cutting of the Jade vine. Make sure you have a pot, the pot lid, a machete, a woodcutting axe, a plant pot with soil, antipoison, secateurs, a spade, and a quick teleport in case you get in trouble. Garth will also remind you to seal the cutting in a pot as soon as you get it.


  8. Travel to Shilo Village and go outside. Head around to the northeastern side, and climb up the vines on the ground to enter the maze. Make sure you are ready for combat and have antipoison.


  9. Start by heading east and climbing the vines. Next head south and climb down. Now head northwest and climb down another vine to get back onto the ground level.

  10. Immediately to the south of you, you will see the vines forming some sort of gate, with smaller vines hanging from it. Cut through them and crawl through. Go through another one of these, then climb up the vine to the southwest.

  11. Climb up twice and you will find a platform with a Karamjan jungle eagle (the transport kind). Head east across the platform and climb down, then swing on the vine.

  12. Head north and climb down twice, then crawl through the two vines to the south. Do not go down the holes here.

  13. Climb up twice and then cross the vine over the river. If you fall retrace your steps and try again.

  14. Once across the river, climb down twice and crawl through the first vine, then climb up a vine. Do NOT crawl through the second vine or you will have to start over.

  15. Once on the vine, head west and climb up, go west and then down, and then northwest and up. You will find yourself on the other vine that crosses the river; cross it.

  16. Now go climb down two vines and you should find yourself next to some piles of loose soil.

  17. Dig from a loose pile to expose the vine, then cut it. Now put it in your plant pot and wait to see if it grows. If it does, quickly use it with your pot to seal it. If you fail just keep trying until you grow one.

  18. Return to the mansion in Ardougne and use the sealed pot with the patch. You will need a trowel to plant it (see the tool leprechaun nearby).

  19. The vines will grow out of control and you will have to kill it. Make sure you have some antipoisons, a woodcutting axe, and some food, then tell Horatio you are ready to fight it. During the fight, use the protect from melee prayer, but keep in mind that the vine attacks with both melee and magic.

  20. Once you defeat it, cut the vine and talk to Horatio to finish the quest.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    After the quest, you can plant the vine seed in the patch nearby. If you do not prune it regularly, however, it will try to kill you. If it does try to kill you, you can train slayer by killing it, even if it is not your assignment. You can alternatively have Horacio look after your vine for 10 wildblood hops, although he doesn't have a "Pay" option. Speak to him after the quest to learn more about the vine. Every 24 hours the vine will grow, and you will be given two options: To attack and kill it for 3k Slayer XP, or to trim it with secateurs to get 350 Farming XP. You can repeat this process daily.

    Additionally, the creatures inside the maze will drop the Torso, Foot, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, and Right Leg of Clarence, the murdered wizard from The Hand in the Sand. Once you have them all, take them to Zavista at the Wizard's Guild and he will tell you to find proof of Sandy's involvement. Have him teleport you to Sandy's Shop on Karamja. Once there, search the table and pick up Sandy's Diary. After you unlock it, read the contents and return to the Wizard's Guild and talk to Zavista. He will then start the burial of Clarence, and you will see the cutscene of the ceremony. At the end you will get 10k Magic XP, 100 Law Runes, and 200 Blood Runes.
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