Description: Deep beneath the desert town of Pollnivneach lies one of the most dangerous slayer training grounds, the Desert Slayer Dungeon. The bottom floor of the dungeon consists of of four rooms tightly locked behind mystic barriers. Each of these barriers is guarded by a boss. To gain access to one of these rooms, filled with a specific type of slayer monsters, you must defeat the corresponding boss. An army non aggressive Aberrant Spectres wander around in the center of the bottom floor.

70 Slayer

Smoking Kills quest

Items Needed: Slayer helmet or Masked earmuffs (either must be equipped at all times), a Mirror shield, some type of food, Super restore potions, Prayer potions, Super anti-poison potions, a good weapon and armor.

Items Recommended: Super attack potions, Super strength potions, and Super defence potions.

Rewards: 4K Slayer XP, full access to the Desert Slayer Dungeon, and ability to use the Slayer Portals.

Start Point: Bottom floor of the Desert Slayer Dungeon.

Mightiest Turoth (Level 180):

Mightiest Turoth

Bring a Leaf-bladed weapon (or Slayer darts or Broad tipped arrows/bolts), armor, and some Prayer potions. Once you pass through the barrier (Southwest) turn on protect from melee. The Mightiest Turoth is Level 180, and requires at least 55 Slayer to do any damage.

Kurask Overlord (Level 240):

Kurask Overlord

For this battle your supplies should consist of armor, Prayer potions, a weapon. A Leaf-bladed weapon, Slayer darts, or Broad tipped arrows/bolts are the only useful weapons. The Kurask Overlord is Level 240, and requires at least level 70 Slayer to do any damage. Upon passing through the barrier (Northwest) turn on protect from melee.

Monstrous Cave Crawler (Level 180):

Monstrous Cave Crawler

To defeat this large Cave Crawler a weapon, armor, Super anti-poison potions, Prayer potions, and food are required for this fight. Once you pass through the barrier (North East) turn on protect from ranged and drink a dose of your super anti-poison pot. The Monstrous Cave Crawler is level 180 and his poison corrodes the protection your anti-poison potion provides. Keep an eye on the status bar and take a drink of your Super Anti-poison potion as soon as you get poisoned. His poison can hit 12-15. Level 10 Slayer is required to deal with this boss.

Basilisk Boss (Level 240):

Basilisk Boss

Bring a single-handed weapon, armor of your choice, a Mirror shield, Super restore potions, and some food for this battle. We also recommend bringing some Super attack and Super strength potion. The Basilisk Boss is Level 240, and requires at least level 40 Slayer to do any damage. Before you pass through the barrier (South East) drink your super pots and turn on protect from magic. Once you pass through the barrier be keep an eye on your stats, even with a mirror shield the Basilisk Boss (will lower your stats. When you feel that your levels have dropped too low, take a drink of Super restore or Super attack/Super strength potion.


Each boss will summon several of his minions throughout the battle. The easiest way to defeat the bosses is to turn protect from melee/ranged on and concentrate your attacks on the boss. Attack the Monster Boss continuously. Do not worry about killing the spawned creatures. Once it dies, they will die as well. Remember to have your Masked Earmuffs or the Slayer Helmet equipped at all time.

Unlike the Basilisks and Turoth, only the Kurasks and Cave Crawlers will attack you when you have unlocked the access to their quadrant. The Abarrent Spectres do not attack you, simply because you are in a place that requires you to wear a different head gear, and it would be most unfair to be subjugated to either choking on the smoke, or the stat reducing effects of the Spectres.


With each death of a boss you earn a 1000 Slayer experience. This makes a total of 4K Slayer XP to be gained from this miniquest.

Note: You DO NOT get any drops, nor do you recieve slayer exp if you should kill any of these bosses when you do not have them as a task.

With defeating a boss you do not only unlock the access to one of the rooms or receive 1K Slayer XP per boss defeated. You also unlock the ability to use one of the 4 portals located in the quadrants on the bottom floor of the Desert Slayer Dungeon.


These portals take you to these locations, and are only One Way Teleports:

  • Turoth Portal - Teleports you to the Turoths in The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

  • Kurask Portal - Teleports you to the Kurasks in The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

  • Basilisk Portal - Teleports you to the Basilisks in The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

  • Cave Crawler Portal - Teleports you to the Cave Crawlers in The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

Dungeon Map:

For more information on floor of the Desert Slayer Dungeon, refer to this Map.

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