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Sliver : (Jul 25,2014 12:15) RuneHQ Kalphite King event is today!
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 12:10) *Live to Win by Paul Stanley plays*
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 12:09) And now for a citadel kiln montage
Deimos_XD : (Jul 25,2014 12:06) Grats Gator!! :elf:
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 11:26) WHOOOOOOOOOO 99 RANGED~~~~!!!~~~~!!!~~~
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:32) What is xp wastiiiiin, if you want to hop I'm with it
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:32) We're up all night to get Xp, we're up all night to get xp,
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:31) someone should do a get lucky parody in runescape Get Xp
3ter 1 : (Jul 25,2014 10:24) gotta gankem all, Pantheon!
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:08) I'm gonna fight them all. A seven nation waterfiend army can't hold me baaack.
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:01) oh oh ohh oh ohhhh oh ohhhhhhhhh
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:01) She dreamed of paraaa paraaaa paradise. Paraaa paraaa paradise, every time she clooosed her eyessss
The Cardinal : (Jul 25,2014 9:50) Nevermind found the fix
The Cardinal : (Jul 25,2014 9:34) Anyone else having trouble with Runescape? Mine hasn't been able to load since last night. Just gives me a blank screen
Bazzy : (Jul 24,2014 23:16) Nope Bazzy, don't reply in CC, you will only scare them off again.
Super Fly : (Jul 24,2014 23:07) Dat whip drop
Bazzy : (Jul 24,2014 22:54) OK, Streaming some Slayer. http://www.twitch.tv/RHQBazzy
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 21:29) yeah im still awake
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 21:28) whaaaaat??? You like HIS song but you dont like ANY of mine??? such disappoint. very offense.
2003 Veteran : (Jul 24,2014 21:04) Very nice Bazzy :D Love that song!


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So, about me...

As my info says, I'm Reece, age 20 and born and raised in Manchester, England. I'm currently in my second year of studying for a Biomedical Science degree in in London, England where I live with my fiancee.

I've been playing RuneScape for a little over 10 years and am currently aiming to get a Max cape by summer 2014 (20 levels to go as of writing this).

I've been using RuneHQ since 2004, but didn't really get involved in the community until 2011 after joining the official RuneHQ clan, in which I'm currently one of the Deputy Owners. I've been a Content Editor (the people behind the scenes who try to keep the site up to date) since February 2012 and hope to remain so for many more years to come.

Outside of gaming, I LOVE Heavy Metal music and spend far too much money going to live shows and festivals. I also played the drums for 8 years, but due to my current flat being tiny, I no longer have room for a drum kit so that's on hold for the moment.

You can usually find me in RuneHQ's IRC channel or in the Clan Chat and if you have any questions or concerns about content on the site, I'm always happy to help.

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