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Katalex : (Oct 01,2014 15:41) All set with the invite :)
Flashharriet : (Oct 01,2014 15:37) I was going to invite, but he is offline
Rednar : (Oct 01,2014 15:33) I would invite, but I'm off for tonight.
Rednar : (Oct 01,2014 15:33) Pm a general (gold star) or an admin (bronze cross)
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 14:19) still waiting for invite or are ya'll full
Sliver : (Oct 01,2014 13:18) Today's RuneHQ event is birthday month starting parade! Event is in 3 hours 42m, World: 60 FC: Sliver
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 11:11) I'll just wait for invite now
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 11:11) okay thanks
Bob : (Oct 01,2014 10:29) Also, the probationary wait time before being allowed to skill in the citadel is only one week (not two), but you can collect Anagogic Orts instantly upon joining. Please bear in mind you will lose all your orts upon leaving the previous clan.
Bob : (Oct 01,2014 10:27) You can pop in the clan chat as a guest and ask for an invite.

http://www.runehq.co...he-runehq-clan/ - the CoC is found here; your recruiter will tell you to read it (mandatory), but here's the link to save you time
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 10:20) so i'll leave and wait for invite
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 10:14) I use to play about 3 yrs ago started playing again and have forgot some and a lot has changed as well so really want to learn more
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 10:12) so would have to go through the 2 week wait again
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 10:11) Just made sgt in my clan didn't even know it very little communication in our clan would like to get involved with a more helpful clan
Amoa : (Oct 01,2014 10:08) You would have to leave your current clan to become a member of our clan, but you can also be a guest in our chat if you don't want to leave your current clan.
Ol Reb : (Oct 01,2014 10:06) so do I have to leave my current clan first to join this clan or just join and it automaticly switch me
Nick : (Oct 01,2014 10:03) They look so pretty :o
Amoa : (Oct 01,2014 10:01) Dyes for armour and weapons are coming with the Treasure Trail update. I'm in love with the Shadow drygores....Image Here (The purple area is animated!)
RoYALxBeARD : (Oct 01,2014 9:02) blasphemy!! still hasn't started....
Amoa : (Oct 01,2014 8:58) 4 new future updates are going to be teased on stream, starting in 2 minutes! http://www.twitch.tv/runescape


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So I found out today that at the end of the Black Ops 2 campaign, they animated the entire Avenged Sevenfold band to play the song they made for BO 2. (A7X is me favorite band =D) Updated 21 Nov · 1 comments

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