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Hendricks : (Oct 31,2014 17:22) have killed it sucessfully 3 times now.
Hendricks : (Oct 31,2014 17:22) again i have sucessfully did all 4 blast spells and have killed the creature but he regenerates without giving me peice of crest.....
senug : (Oct 31,2014 17:16) I'm pretty sure you have to use all 4 blasts on the demon, could be wrong though
Hendricks : (Oct 31,2014 16:59) Tri-killer, i did make sure that the spells hit and i do have the crest peices with me but when I kill it it just pops back up without dorping crest piece.
senug : (Oct 31,2014 16:14) Ummm. Still got a while for Easter Rednar :D happy halloween to you too Nick :)
Rednar : (Oct 31,2014 15:34) Happy Easter!
Nick : (Oct 31,2014 15:28) Happy Halloween, everyone.
senug : (Oct 31,2014 10:11) At the quest, I'm up to the point where I done the cauldron puzzle so that's a bit further on which is why I need help to write the guide
senug : (Oct 31,2014 10:10) Oh :D umm... Save it to a computer, use an image uploading program and post the image wherever you want (take off the url tags though, leaving just the img tags)
TheNoisyOyster : (Oct 31,2014 10:10) that puzzle is alot like a puzzle/game called mastermind
TheNoisyOyster : (Oct 31,2014 10:08) snip, image caputured with windows snipping tool
senug : (Oct 31,2014 10:06) That book puzzle annoyed me though :D
senug : (Oct 31,2014 10:04) A snip? What?
TheNoisyOyster : (Oct 31,2014 10:03) how can I post a snip of the correct order for stacking the books in broken home?
Bazzy : (Oct 31,2014 9:47) Happy Halloween all who celebrate the day of tricks, ghouls, devils in disguise and what not, and treats.
senug : (Oct 31,2014 7:55) Guys, if you have started or are doing the Broken Home quest, I need your help to write the guide since I'm probably in the middle of the quest :)
Sumurai8 : (Oct 31,2014 7:34) This is your daily service announcement: Sliver is a nub.
senug : (Oct 31,2014 7:33) Bxp = 'I need to finish the quest quickly and train some skills' :P
Rednar : (Oct 31,2014 6:41) OMG
The Cardinal : (Oct 31,2014 6:29) Bxp is here!


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