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Katalexx : (Aug 29,2014 1:48) Happy Birthday Graystar!
Smexy Sarah : (Aug 29,2014 1:23) Happy birthday my Graydot <3333
Dr Robotnik : (Aug 29,2014 0:58) I would have kept that Rain... the orange effect looks amazing..
Fading Rain : (Aug 28,2014 23:41) Hungry, but not sure if I can make it to the kitchen...
Super Fly : (Aug 28,2014 23:17) Merry birthday!
Flashharriet : (Aug 28,2014 22:22) Happy Birthday Gray!!! Wheeeeee :birthday: :banana: :banana:
Deimos_XD : (Aug 28,2014 22:06) Happy B-day Graystar!! :birthday:
Deimos_XD : (Aug 28,2014 20:05) Gratz Rain!
Smileur : (Aug 28,2014 19:53) Grats!!
Dark : (Aug 28,2014 19:52) very nice :o
Fading Rain : (Aug 28,2014 19:52) lucky subjugation garb. ty for the gree 6.5mil :)
Magick : (Aug 28,2014 17:37) I'll be at nex!
RichardRahl : (Aug 28,2014 17:17) Thanks for the reminder James! Going to see if i can attend them.
Dr Robotnik : (Aug 28,2014 12:38) Bossing workshop is back! Sorry about that ;) http://www.runehq.co...ssing-workshop/
Magick : (Aug 27,2014 22:46) *Devours cookies*
3ter 1 : (Aug 27,2014 22:25) *makes a bltbtllbtbbtlbtlbtb*
Deimos_XD : (Aug 27,2014 22:20) *Eats cookies and hands out bacon*
Dark : (Aug 27,2014 21:34) *hands cookies out in shoutbox*
Smileur : (Aug 27,2014 20:32) Letz draw doodlez peps c:
RS Black Jesus : (Aug 27,2014 19:38) <- Pro stick figure artist


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The name Luigi got sniped. But I still got Kunio :) Updated 28 Aug · 1 comments

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Hey paisanos! The name's Kunio, my bro is Midcore and plumbing's our game we're not like the others who get all the fame if your sink is in trouble, you can call us on the double we're faster than the others, you'll be hooked on the Brothers Unh! That's at least what I'd say if my bro also didn't have a life. I've been gaming since the age of 2 1/2. My first video-game was Metroid on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I also enjoy other sorts of Media. I really like Sci-Fi movies. I love to try new games and get people into new ones. I own a variety of game systems. Ranging from Nintendo to Sega to Sony and many others! I'm part of the "Shut your trap and let people play what they want on what they want Master Race"!
Everyone makes mistakes, and redeeming themselves is the hard part, I myself wish I was good at that.
-I'm a member of the Events Team. If you have questions or perhaps ideas, let me know. Also check with Sliver, he can give more detail than I can, but he'll also present more spelling errors. Good luck.
-I play RuneScape pretty much every day, but I usually keep my Private set off, so don't think for a second that I'm dead.
-I'm in the RuneHQ clan. Just like Luigi, I'm second bananas!
-Religion: Shrek
-Favorite Video-Game Character: Kunio-Kun
-Favorite Cartoon Character: Wakko Warner
-Favorite other fictional character: Shrek

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    Video Game Designing, Graphic Design, Gaming, Nintendo, Runescape, PlayStation, older Cartoons, Crab legs, Anime, Tennis, Creepypastas, mentioning how I use to play GTA V to PC elitists (Y'all can quit complaining, not that you'll actually play the PC version, you'll just mod it for your pony nonsense), watching movies, art related stuff, making people read the interests section, enraging bad fan-bases when necessary, Shrek, those honey pretzels... omg
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    Don't message me unless it's important.

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