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Zyneste : (Aug 01,2014 1:10) Happy 24th Oliver! :D
Deimos_XD : (Jul 31,2014 22:18) Happy B-day Oliver!! :birthday:
3ter 1 : (Jul 31,2014 21:49) btw, Str: 1366/6666
3ter 1 : (Jul 31,2014 21:49) vanilla orange
BellaDonna57 : (Jul 31,2014 17:45) The calendar mentions Penguin Hunting on Saturdays. Is anyone still doing this? I love peng hunting.
Sliver : (Jul 31,2014 15:29) This weekends events are Pyramid Plunder and Heist! Check out the forums for more details
McSwindler : (Jul 31,2014 15:12) What can brown do for you?
James : (Jul 31,2014 15:00) *ahem* BLUE!!!!!
2003 Veteran : (Jul 31,2014 12:18) Grats :) Keep it up twiz!
Zyneste : (Jul 31,2014 4:17) Congrats, keep it up then! ;)
twiztedj : (Jul 31,2014 4:07) Just now signed up but have been using the quest guides. Just hit 43 prayer and can us full rune now!
Fading Rain : (Jul 30,2014 23:17) arma isnt that bad in both legacy or eoc... thought it was going to be much worse XD
Fading Rain : (Jul 30,2014 23:05) always worth a shot, and just got stream back up XD
2003 Veteran : (Jul 30,2014 22:50) Seriously tho, if I made an ironman account, blogged and made videos, would anyone watch it? Lol
Fading Rain : (Jul 30,2014 22:42) If people are bored, going to solo arma and stream to twitch. twitch.tv/fading_rain
McSwindler : (Jul 30,2014 20:21) Just finished ME1 on OS, looked at the guide for ME2 and began crying in feeble position.
2003 Veteran : (Jul 30,2014 20:03) Smarty pants aren't we Gator? I like you. Lol :)
DixR4Chixx : (Jul 30,2014 19:47) Ian W I'll do it with you later?
DixR4Chixx : (Jul 30,2014 19:47) Is anyone free to help me with The Shield of Arrav quest later?
The Gatorboy : (Jul 30,2014 19:34) Tony Stark would, he's an Iron Man superfan


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I can't wait for Arraxor. That's like... the third biggest thing of this year for me! Bertie and I gon' get rekt. Updated 27 Jul · 4 comments

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Sliver is bad, but yet I am rad. The name's Kunio. I've been gaming since the age of 2 1/2. My first video-game was Metroid on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I also enjoy other sorts of Media. I really like Sci-Fi movies. I love to try new games and get people into new ones. I own a variety of game systems. Ranging from Nintendo to Sega to Sony and many others! I'm part of the "Shut your trap and let people play what they want on what they want Master Race"!
I may come off as quiet or whatever at first, I don't like people, but let's be honest, who does? Once you get to know me, you'll know just how broken my mind is.

-I am an active member of the RuneHQ Events team. I help with hosting and contributing to various activities.
-I play RuneScape pretty much every day, but I usually keep my Private set off, so don't think for a second that I'm dead.
-Religion: Shrek
-Political views: Seriously? You care about that?
-Favorite Video-Game Character: Kunio-Kun
-Favorite Cartoon Character: Wakko Warner
-Favorite other fictional character: Shrek

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    Video Game Designing, Graphic Design, Gaming, Nintendo, Runescape, PlayStation, older Cartoons, Crab legs, Anime, Tennis, Creepypastas, mentioning how I use to play GTA V to PC elitists (Y'all can quit complaining, not that you'll actually play the PC version, you'll just mod it for your pony nonsense), watching movies, art related stuff, making people read the interests section, enraging bad fan-bases when necessary, Shrek, those honey pretzels... omg
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