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Hurricane this weekend, Midterms next week already, AND NOW I have a sore throat. 10/10 would delay Max again. Updated 01 Oct · 3 comments

About Me

I'm just some weird guy who loves gains and games! My first game ever to play was Metroid on the NES. But you're probably here for the RuneScape stuff. Meh, fine.
I started RS in late April 2010 because I was constantly pestered by a friend to play it. I thought it would just be some generic, boring MMO, and around the start it really did feel like it. But I noticed things that make it different from others, the things that make it worth playing (and I'm not talking about that old tedious combat style where you click en enemy, run away to do the dishes, and come back.), which explains why I'm even here, and I don't have any current plans on quitting. My goal is get level 99 in every skill, and afterwards I'll dive straight into the road to the Completionists cape. Maybe then I'll save up for something purple... and spiky...

I got into RuneHQ thanks to an old neighbor of mine that some know as Raider, who got fed up with helping me (Not really he just wanted to make my life easier), so he told me about RuneHQ. And so I started using the quest guides which I honestly find better than the RSwiki guides. Could be a bit more up-to-date, but hey, so could the Smash fanbase.
- I'm currently an active member of the RuneHQ Events Team
- I'm a player Moderator. Although it's an honor, I don't see it as a big deal. Infact, alot of people treat you like a corrupt corporate executive rather than a player when all you did was say "What's the
- I'm very close to Max but dunno when it'll happen. Real life is a pain sometimes.
- I duo'd Yakamaru in this one dream. No idea who I killed it with.
- I killed Araxxi twice in one day. That's cool I guess.
- I play all sorts of games, so If you'd like to add me on Playstation Network, Nintendo Network, or Steam, just let me know!
- I play Tf2, RuneScape, and Smash religiously. I actually use to celebrate the anniversary of Brawl being released.
- I use to do a ton of Sliver jokes, but it got kinda boring after people beat it to death. "My homework is hard. I blame Sliver." Oh man my sides are hurting so much I think they stopped working.
- I played 07 once and thought "Oh wow!... people actually played this!". I then proceeded to play RS3 again.
- Because you asked.... My QBD record is 1:48
Yup! Took me less than two hours!
That's not funny.
You know what's funny?
... well go on. I asked you.
It was 2:00 am when I edited my about me. And I have to be somewhere at 8am. Here's me being smart with time as usual.

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