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Alfawarlord : (Oct 23,2014 13:28) yes they are 2 different accounts with separate stats, though you use the same login details
RoseOfTheRaven : (Oct 23,2014 12:52) Are characters in old school runescape seperate from the current runescape?
RoseOfTheRaven : (Oct 23,2014 12:50) I did, was only replying to what he said
Bazzy : (Oct 23,2014 12:50) I think the addition showing them what topic, is making people think they can use the shoutbox to find help with partner quests.
Bazzy : (Oct 23,2014 12:49) Guys please, The shoutbox is NOT for partner requests. Please use the topic and await contact on there.
RoseOfTheRaven : (Oct 23,2014 12:37) drink i can do heroes with you when you get to it
Jigerkiller : (Oct 23,2014 12:28) NIck i just mesaged you
Nick : (Oct 23,2014 12:24) I have went ahead and created a new account under the alias SOAhelp1 and am currently training on cows to successfully join a gang to defeat the level 21 opponent. If this does not take too long, I will be sure to regularly make these accounts (Free of charge) if the certificates do not deplenish quickly.
drinksimp : (Oct 23,2014 12:19) Add me if you need a black arm partner. Drink Simp
senug : (Oct 23,2014 12:12) For partner requests, please click the link above the shoutbox. There is no need with spamming out the shoutbox with partner requests. If you posted on the topic already, then be patient. :)
Jigerkiller : (Oct 23,2014 11:41) right
RoseOfTheRaven : (Oct 23,2014 11:36) I wish I hadn't chosen pheonix gang lol so many needing black arms
Jigerkiller : (Oct 23,2014 11:35) so am i
RoseOfTheRaven : (Oct 23,2014 11:29) Still looking for a black arms gang member for heroes. Had to run out to store suddenly earlier.
Jigerkiller : (Oct 23,2014 11:02) you should
Nick : (Oct 23,2014 11:01) Almost tempted to make a new account just to help with all these shield of arrav requests.
Jigerkiller : (Oct 23,2014 10:43) any black arms gang member online who wants to finish the quest with me i already have the sheild just need the other half
FraryAVFC : (Oct 23,2014 10:11) sorry i found a partner
FraryAVFC : (Oct 23,2014 10:04) i have emailed you btw
FraryAVFC : (Oct 23,2014 10:04) Rose i can


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An elderly man sits by the crackling fireplace as his wisdom is shared with his grandchildren with optimism and excitement spewing from his wispy voice. The children gaze up at their wise old grandfather with such open minds to his stupendous tales of how exactly it was 26 came to be. This novel has been passed down many generations and is worth a novel to be placed upon your shelf... and not on the bottom shelf where you store your piggy bank and charger coords.. but the top shelf! The shelf where when your friends walk into your room they go like Hey, he/she is pretty dang cool after all.

Fortunately today, this story is yet to be finished as there are many pages yet to be written. Help 26 make new memories and fill in the blanks.

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