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RoYALxBeARD : (Apr 18,2014 12:04) that is robin when batman isn't around xD
Rednar : (Apr 18,2014 12:03) http://i.imgur.com/vfi7FD3.gif
RoYALxBeARD : (Apr 18,2014 11:32) I have never bossed so I would be of no help haha
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 11:31) Runs to Help & Advice section :banana:
RoYALxBeARD : (Apr 18,2014 11:30) Someone will respond, just give it some time
Lonewolf5764 : (Apr 18,2014 11:26) Good idea.. I just posted the topic, can someone help? Q.Q
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 11:17) Lonewolf, if you go to Help & Advice and post your request there, with your stats you will find better help ;)
Lonewolf5764 : (Apr 18,2014 11:15) Someone should tell me what setup I should use with my stats to do QBD >.>
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 10:07) :butcher:
Tatty613 : (Apr 18,2014 10:00) :bunny:
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 9:20) Hiya Lol
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 9:20) I see Purple People Bud
Senex Seni : (Apr 18,2014 9:18) Hey Ted, I can see Red. LOL
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 9:17) Good morning everyone!
Tatty613 : (Apr 18,2014 8:43) Exsqueezeme? Was Quisque talkin bout me?
Rednar : (Apr 18,2014 8:33) Why, Tatty?
Quisque : (Apr 18,2014 8:22) WTF is happening witht the chat?
Tatty613 : (Apr 18,2014 8:22) :P
Tatty613 attacked Toeby with a Mithril knife (1369 str) and took off 1160!
Toeby has 3380 HP left!
Toeby has no strength therefore cannot counter.
Mitorad : (Apr 18,2014 7:02) Nomnomnom
Spark : (Apr 18,2014 6:49) Click 'ColorWars ShoutBox'


Combat Rework Beta First Look on Melee w/ Full Bandos and Full Torva Rework

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#1 thetemplars


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Posted 26 June 2012 - 11:38 AM

Cody brings you his first video for the combat rework and its some pretty crazy #### guys. Most of the clips are very laggy but everyone that is in atm is laggy terribly bad. Pretty much guys i break down everything you need to know if your just tuning into the beta and i also show off the new full bandos and full torva armour.


#2 CapuDie


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Posted 26 June 2012 - 11:52 AM

Cb lvl: says so in the previous styles tab. You get opponent and under there your health bar. Top left of that is a number, that's your combat lvl.

Weapons are always on your back until you go into combat stance.