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Kittyhawk : (Sep 14,2014 22:32) Happy Birthdays!
Sarawr : (Sep 14,2014 22:18) Happy birthday Kunio as well!!!
Mega Man : (Sep 14,2014 22:05) :birthday: Capu and Kunio!
Dark : (Sep 14,2014 20:04) Happy birthday Capu and Kunio :)
Sarawr : (Sep 14,2014 19:19) Happy birthday Capuuuu!!! :D
Kunio : (Sep 14,2014 16:57) Thanks Fluffy! :)
Doc : (Sep 14,2014 15:11) Moo
FluffyMcNugg : (Sep 14,2014 9:25) happy birthday to CapuDie and Kunio
Tri_Killer2 : (Sep 14,2014 6:12) BOOM I decided to go to the bank and get some change so I just made it rain 150k on everyone in battle
RoYALxBeARD : (Sep 14,2014 0:51) But it was yesterday not tonight lol
RoYALxBeARD : (Sep 14,2014 0:51) I got signet II in 7 kills...100% serious
Bob : (Sep 14,2014 0:11) Signet II in 7 kills GOML
RoYALxBeARD : (Sep 13,2014 23:58) ascension signet vi in 19 kills at sextus! 2/6 done
RoYALxBeARD : (Sep 13,2014 23:58) wave yo handz in tha air like ya just don't care!
Wampus Catt : (Sep 13,2014 23:02) thanks
Wampus Catt : (Sep 13,2014 20:40) plz look at my user page , just need 10 views http://runetrack.com...er=Da Wampuscat
Marzanna : (Sep 13,2014 18:44) ... Or just blame sliv...
Marzanna : (Sep 13,2014 18:30) I broke stuff at work I think... time to yell at my manger to fix it :D
Sliver : (Sep 13,2014 11:22) RuneHQ Ape Toll agility event starts in 1 hour 38m! World: 60 FC: Bertie
Bob : (Sep 13,2014 9:23) Marc pls...

Thirteen [F2P & P2P] (Ex-3x \ DDB \ Exodus)

clan combat pking thirteen exodus 3xtermination gwd #thirteen swiftirc runescape

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#1 Guest_Hotshot3242_*

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 01:38 PM

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I'm going to get straight to the point.

If you like hair on your chest and/or large quantities of beer, you should join this clan.

We don't play games. We're a group of friends who have known each other a long time, and will welcome you in as one of us. This is probably the only clan out there that isn't going to recruit you to have you die a million times to win a dumb fight that doesn't matter. This is a clan where brotherhood, and a good sense of humor is valued. If you decide to join, expect events of every nature. These include:

F2P and P2P Pking
F2P and P2P Warring
Drunken Fights on TS
...and strippers. Really.

Our Requirements:

103+ F2P Combat
A Good Sense of Humor
...that's about it...

If you're interested in joining, check us out at:

#Thirteen (on swiftIRC)



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