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Looking for Shield of Arrav or Heroes' Quest Partners? - Check out this topic.
senug : (Jan 28,2015 18:40) Thx Hax :D
Zyneste : (Jan 28,2015 16:20) Well you better make up your mind! :P
Haxorze : (Jan 28,2015 13:56) But I don't know what to wear! :o
Zyneste : (Jan 28,2015 13:39) Only two days left of the Costume Competition! Get your entries in quickly if you plan on taking part! :) http://www.runehq.co...runescape-gods/
Haxorze : (Jan 28,2015 12:40) Nice job Bob :)
Bob : (Jan 28,2015 12:40) Well, the partner quest request thread's been tidied up...looks like my big project when I get home later's to condense the 40-page 07 thread down to...under 10
Haxorze : (Jan 28,2015 12:01) Welcome back mate :)
senug : (Jan 28,2015 10:56) Yep Hax I'm back :D
2003 Veteran : (Jan 28,2015 3:22) 98/99 range.. x_x
Sumurai8 : (Jan 28,2015 1:31) Ugh; why did my topic disappear? :S
Sumurai8 : (Jan 28,2015 1:28) nice dj phox
Haxorze : (Jan 27,2015 17:30) Senug! you're back!
senug : (Jan 27,2015 17:27) Howdy
DJ Phox : (Jan 27,2015 16:39) *cracks knuckles* bout to add about 22 maps to the persons database, all for the Keldagrim area. With any luck every person that I can add a map to will have one by the end of feb. That's my goal at least.
Haxorze : (Jan 27,2015 15:58) hello
roflchaos : (Jan 27,2015 13:04) I haven't played in forever, legacy mode is making stuff easier for me haha
Keto : (Jan 27,2015 11:43) www.twitch.tv/rsketo
Keto : (Jan 27,2015 11:43) Okay so i'm gonna be doing my first proper stream ever in about 15 minutes
The Cardinal : (Jan 27,2015 5:22) Do combat through slayer. I got most of my levels there because I didnt notice the xp because the Slayer grind was real
2003 Veteran : (Jan 27,2015 2:23) 970k to 98 range.. yucky lol


200M All Skills

Matt258 200M Exp 200M All Skills

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#61 Matt258


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Posted 10 November 2014 - 11:01 AM

@RuneScape #Level120 #Dungeoneering 11-8-2014 http://youtu.be/esFWeJ7OxI8
Glad to have reached #Level120 It has been a pretty Good Skill to train. It was fun to team up with some Friends for a while. Had some pretty Fast Floors. I am really Glad that the Daily Challenge came out. I don't like rembering where all of the different doors are.

My YouTube accounts are: birdman258 200MCook ProfitCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

Going for 200M All Skills. It would be GREAT if you could Loan me Gp & I'll be paying you back with Interest! 40% Interest back to you.
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Posted 13 November 2014 - 01:19 AM

good luck man btw if you need  any of thepalm seeds i have some in my loot tab and i can camp gano creatures fora day or soa nd get you some





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