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Calignos : (Aug 23,2014 12:43) Cheers 2003 Veteran
2003 Veteran : (Aug 23,2014 12:40) Calignos, if it is a guide for Runescape, it can go in community guides. Rs pics and vids is more for pk vids, 99's, boss drops, etc.
Sliver : (Aug 23,2014 12:28) RuneHQ Pest Control event starts in 32m! World: 60 FC: Bertie
Calignos : (Aug 23,2014 12:26) Are video guides supposed to be posted in the Community Guides section (appears to contain only written) or the RS Pics and Vids section?
Kunio : (Aug 23,2014 12:00) RuneHQ Pest Control event starts in 1 hour! World: 60 FC: Bertie
Sliver : (Aug 23,2014 11:46) RuneHQ Pest Control event starts in 1 hour 14m! World: 60 FC: Bertie
Senex : (Aug 23,2014 11:31) Ouch!!
Sliver : (Aug 23,2014 10:54) RuneHQ Pest Control event starts in 2 hours 6m! World: 60 FC: Bertie
Sumurai8 : (Aug 23,2014 9:36) *prods Senex*
Senex : (Aug 23,2014 7:26) Good luck Bob!
Bob : (Aug 23,2014 7:11) Sittin' in my first college class waiting to begin...
Dr Robotnik : (Aug 23,2014 7:05) woot! http://puu.sh/b4sRS/0b920a8c2e.png
Rednar : (Aug 23,2014 5:37) Looking good Super Fly
Bazzy : (Aug 23,2014 4:12) Old Red ftw
Dr Robotnik : (Aug 23,2014 1:40) Wow.. moo made me cry..
Super Fly : (Aug 22,2014 23:33) Lol moo
Bazzy : (Aug 22,2014 22:23) 128k from 98 summon
Bazzy : (Aug 22,2014 22:23) hmm
Smexy Sarah : (Aug 22,2014 22:19) Millions of peaches, peaches for meeee
cowlover : (Aug 22,2014 22:09) GREEN...oh wait *cry*


Event Rules

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Posted 03 October 2011 - 09:43 PM

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The Event Guidelines

The Events at RuneHQ are very fun activity to participate in, and in maintaining that, we have a few short rules that everyone must follow to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and has a great time!
  • Make sure you know who the Events Team are, see Events Team member list.
  • Please listen to Staff instructions during events.
  • Do not impersonate staff.
  • Do not spam during events.
  • Do not flame others.
  • If you require help, PM a staff member
Remember, the Events Team staff are here to help you in-game, so if you have a question then don't hesitate to ask us, we love it! However, breaking some of the more serious rules such as impersonation and flaming may lead to removal from friend chats, which could be very bad especially if the event requires you be in it!

Take care, have fun, and we look forward to seeing you wherever our events may take us!
The Events Team