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senug : (Nov 28,2014 12:59) That means fighting the Dark Lord 3 more times :o
senug : (Nov 28,2014 12:58) No not yet. The Dark Lord is giving a tough fight. I think Amlodd was the last puzzle I done. 3 to go.
Haxorze : (Nov 28,2014 12:57) You done?
senug : (Nov 28,2014 12:56) Yeah so was "Plague's End" and look where that took me :D
Haxorze : (Nov 28,2014 12:54) But... but.. FotG is amzing :o
senug : (Nov 28,2014 12:53) Meh. Seeing these 2 quests being hard, I don't think I should rush into getting 75 Divination for Fate of The Gods. That will probably involve combat too :)
Graystar : (Nov 28,2014 12:52) Happy Birthday, Hope! :birthday:
FireHazard772 : (Nov 28,2014 12:51) Happy Birthday Hope! - Congrats Ryan, and gl senug :P
senug : (Nov 28,2014 12:49) 3 quests away for a quest cape, of which 2 I've started includes very tough combat. Gf Jagex :D
Katalex : (Nov 28,2014 11:40) Gratz!!
Haxorze : (Nov 28,2014 11:28) grats Ryan
RyanGetsNoDrops : (Nov 28,2014 11:10) gratz i just got 99 fming :D
Katalex : (Nov 28,2014 11:10) Congratulations Hax!
Haxorze : (Nov 28,2014 11:06) Just got 99 attack :D
Supremacy : (Nov 28,2014 10:05) HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY HOPE LOTS OF LOVE <3
@Zandahar : (Nov 28,2014 9:36) Happy Birthday Hope! :-)
kilvehk : (Nov 28,2014 8:46) happy birthday hope! :D :banana:
Hope : (Nov 28,2014 8:41) oh my, thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes, it really means a lot to me. :wub:
Super Fly : (Nov 28,2014 8:15) Grats on the birthday level Hope!
senug : (Nov 28,2014 7:26) Happy Birthday Hope :)

Staking from Scratch! Series :) [1B+ Goal]

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 01:05 PM

Hey guys, I just started my first series and uploaded the first episode already Posted Image
this episode wasn't very good to be honest, it's pretty long and I was very unlucky
however, it does get MUCH better in the next episodes, so look forward to that ;P uploading episode 2 now.

By the way, I started at 15m as I wanted to show everyone that you don't have to start with hundreds of mils to make bank, you could even start with 10m and go from there.
My first goal is to make 1B, then a PHat set probably.

If you don't like or support staking, I'd recommend that you don't watch it Posted Image


Hopefully you will enjoy, and subscribe if you do ^^