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The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 11:26) WHOOOOOOOOOO 99 RANGED~~~~!!!~~~~!!!~~~
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:32) What is xp wastiiiiin, if you want to hop I'm with it
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:32) We're up all night to get Xp, we're up all night to get xp,
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:31) someone should do a get lucky parody in runescape Get Xp
3ter 1 : (Jul 25,2014 10:24) gotta gankem all, Pantheon!
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:08) I'm gonna fight them all. A seven nation waterfiend army can't hold me baaack.
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:01) oh oh ohh oh ohhhh oh ohhhhhhhhh
The Gatorboy : (Jul 25,2014 10:01) She dreamed of paraaa paraaaa paradise. Paraaa paraaa paradise, every time she clooosed her eyessss
The Cardinal : (Jul 25,2014 9:50) Nevermind found the fix
The Cardinal : (Jul 25,2014 9:34) Anyone else having trouble with Runescape? Mine hasn't been able to load since last night. Just gives me a blank screen
Bazzy : (Jul 24,2014 23:16) Nope Bazzy, don't reply in CC, you will only scare them off again.
Super Fly : (Jul 24,2014 23:07) Dat whip drop
Bazzy : (Jul 24,2014 22:54) OK, Streaming some Slayer. http://www.twitch.tv/RHQBazzy
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 21:29) yeah im still awake
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 21:28) whaaaaat??? You like HIS song but you dont like ANY of mine??? such disappoint. very offense.
2003 Veteran : (Jul 24,2014 21:04) Very nice Bazzy :D Love that song!
Bazzy : (Jul 24,2014 20:54) https://www.youtube....h?v=YdgGa7_6x_Q - Hearts Burst Into Fire Acoustic Karaoke, one use of profanity in this video. Sung by ME :D
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 20:19) goodnight everyone. I know, I'm sorry again, I have to sleep too. I wish I could sing for you guys all night long too.
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 20:00) wub wub wub wub wub
The Gatorboy : (Jul 24,2014 20:00) (such a contrast from the last song I used XD)

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