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Darkblitz : (Dec 18,2014 15:09) Woo! :D
JHewitt : (Dec 18,2014 14:34) Awesome! :D
Hitori : (Dec 18,2014 14:33) Good luck. I just got freed this morning :D
JHewitt : (Dec 18,2014 14:32) One more final and I'm free! :D
Tri_Killer2 : (Dec 18,2014 11:16) Done viper
Haxorze : (Dec 18,2014 6:32) I think he needs to be an established member to do so
DJ Phox : (Dec 18,2014 0:08) To change the display name click the little arrow next to your name in top right corner, then choose "my settings" then go to display name option. Choose a new display name and then enter current password.
DJ Phox : (Dec 18,2014 0:06) I assume you mean the display name... not the username you login with?
SnowSnake : (Dec 17,2014 22:00) Was wondering if I could change my screen name on here to SnowSnake and how to do it.
2003 Veteran : (Dec 17,2014 20:51) Having no motivation for RS sucks.
Sarawr : (Dec 17,2014 19:39) I used to have to work every day but Christmas day when I worked in customer service... Thankfully those days are over!
Haxorze : (Dec 17,2014 18:41) I just got 4 more days to work! However that can be over 60 hours -.-
senug : (Dec 17,2014 18:30) I leave working for my dad on the New Year, and getting prepared to look after my young brother for a few weeks :)
joemike30 : (Dec 17,2014 17:12) how do i fing out when i joined the runehq clan
joemike30 : (Dec 17,2014 17:05) hey bazzy
Bazzy : (Dec 17,2014 16:35) Know for a fact I don't get time off around New Years Eve, even if it is my birthday =/
Bazzy : (Dec 17,2014 16:35) I get the 23rd and Christmas day off, that's all I know so far
Haxorze : (Dec 17,2014 16:32) But then i believe i have 2 weeks off :D
Rednar : (Dec 17,2014 16:09) :(((((((((((((((((
Haxorze : (Dec 17,2014 15:54) I'm working till the 23rd :/

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