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senug : (Oct 31,2014 7:55) Guys, if you have started or are doing the Broken Home quest, I need your help to write the guide since I'm probably in the middle of the quest :)
Sumurai8 : (Oct 31,2014 7:34) This is your daily service announcement: Sliver is a nub.
senug : (Oct 31,2014 7:33) Bxp = 'I need to finish the quest quickly and train some skills' :P
Rednar : (Oct 31,2014 6:41) OMG
The Cardinal : (Oct 31,2014 6:29) Bxp is here!
Tri_Killer2 : (Oct 30,2014 21:23) And make sure you have the crest parts in your inv
Tri_Killer2 : (Oct 30,2014 21:23) Make sure each element is hitting and not splashing. if you splash even just one and don't rehit it later you won't get the drop
Hendricks : (Oct 30,2014 21:18) Wow Major glitch in family crest..... I've killed the demon three times alreadh and still have yet to recieve the third part of family crest......
Richard Rahl : (Oct 30,2014 16:20) RuneHQ Castle Wars event starts in 40 minuts! World: 60 FC: Bertie
Sliver : (Oct 30,2014 16:00) RuneHQ Castle Wars event starts in 1 hour! World: 60 FC: Bertie
senug : (Oct 30,2014 12:17) Lol as if the flu is going to pay up :P
Tri_Killer2 : (Oct 30,2014 12:15) From the flu
senug : (Oct 30,2014 11:07) Refund? For what? Or was you talking to someone else Tri? :D
Tri_Killer2 : (Oct 30,2014 11:02) Demand a refund
senug : (Oct 30,2014 10:29) Thx Nick :)
Nick : (Oct 30,2014 10:23) That's awful... I'm sorry. Get well soon.
senug : (Oct 30,2014 10:21) Yh just been there today after coughing for a week with feeling sick and stomachaches as well as sore throat
Nick : (Oct 30,2014 9:36) Have you seen the doctor, senug?
senug : (Oct 30,2014 8:48) This flu is going on for a long time :(
RoYALxBeARD : (Oct 30,2014 8:46) less than one day

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