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senug : (Dec 17,2014 7:17) Aww thx :P
Sumurai8 : (Dec 17,2014 7:11) Cuuuuuuuuuute *points at everyone that dares to read this message*
2003 Veteran : (Dec 17,2014 0:55) Draven > Lucian.
Velocity : (Dec 17,2014 0:07) Draven is really clunky for me to play. ;_; Lucian. <3
ShadowWolf94 : (Dec 16,2014 23:45) I'm baaaaack!!!
2003 Veteran : (Dec 16,2014 15:50) League of Legends :P I main adc
senug : (Dec 16,2014 15:36) Wut?
2003 Veteran : (Dec 16,2014 12:56) You know you main Draven when you can continue to catch 2 axes at once and kite a 1v3 and win.. xD
Rednar : (Dec 16,2014 10:38) Use the gate near the bridges, that'll work
senug : (Dec 16,2014 7:43) might have to look at the Underground Pass quest guide for that then :)
H2odawg4life : (Dec 16,2014 7:36) I am trying to complete the tirannwn easy task
H2odawg4life : (Dec 16,2014 7:35) there are none on the map for me to know where there are located.
senug : (Dec 16,2014 7:34) Shortcuts generally have a green arrow kind of symbol on the minimap.
H2odawg4life : (Dec 16,2014 7:32) how do I know what the thieving shortcuts in the underground pass are or where they are located?
senug : (Dec 16,2014 7:28) Pfff I can't soul split either :D I doubt I can Anguish :)
The Cardinal : (Dec 16,2014 7:26) And Anguish is the range equivelant of Turmoil
The Cardinal : (Dec 16,2014 7:25) SS = Soul Split
senug : (Dec 16,2014 7:20) You can't melee Kree as far as I know, how is SS going to help? I don't have one anyway and I don't know if I have Anguish either :)
The Cardinal : (Dec 16,2014 7:19) It might be easier with SS/Anguish, but i think you could at least kill a few
senug : (Dec 16,2014 6:53) is full royal d hide armor with crystal bow good enough?

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