How do I use the calculator?

To change the character's equipment, simply click the area you want to equip, select the correct filters above the equipment list, and click the name of the equipment you want the stats for. To unequip an area, click its image again after it is selected. If there is equipment you wish to see in the calculator that is not present, please use the feedback link at the top of this page.

Please note that this calculator requires Flash Player 9 or higher. You can download Flash Player 9 by following this link.

Please also note that it is IMPOSSIBLE for this calculator to recreate the appearance of your character in RuneScape wearing the selected equipment. Please do not request this as all such requests will be ignored.

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This Calculator was written by Oblivion590. Thanks to Everyone on RuneHQ Staff. Special thanks to Alk12, Rohan, and Llanth for help with the equipment calculator; to Brenden, ZSoulReaverZ, Gregm, and Diskadia for help with the close combat calculator; and to Legend Z5 for his help with the ranged calculator. for corrections.
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